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Friday, June 20, 2008

What is "Success??" (If you find it, let me know....)

Hi! It's Friday afternoon. Friday is not usually my best day. I have heard from some college colleagues from my past in the 80s as a college newspaper reporter, who have achieved "success." Which (whom) have prompted me to ask the age old question: WHAT IS SUCCESS? Is success what your family and friends and society define for you as success? If you are a success in their eyes, does that make you a success? Do you have to "make a difference" in order to "feel good about yourself?" Is success financial? Is it health and well-being? Can it be one without the other? How do YOU define success? Do you allow your friends, family and society to define it for you? If you do, does that make you a success? If you are smarter and faster than everyone you work with, yet you can't get along with people and have difficulty earning a paycheck, how in God's name can that be success? Can you be successful as a person without being successful in a high finance career, so in keeping with this day and age? What if you have your health, your family and friends, and your own home? Can't that be enough? Is anything ever enough?

"Julia," Age 5

I am a "success" in my niece Julia's eyes and to me, that is more than "good enough."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Enjoy the Sunshine!!

Beloved Pet Parakeet, "Sunshine," Ascended Aug. 13, 2008 Hi! I'm back. Sorry it's been slow going, in my life in general, and in writing here more often! I am a late bloomer in more ways than one. Who in the universe gets better with age?? (I do!) :>) As an English Major and former college newspaper reporter, I feel it necessary for every story, whether fictional or newsworthy, to have a clear introduction, beginning, middle, and end. However, sequencing was never my strong point, as I learned while a student teacher at Tyl Middle School, in my hometown of Montville, CT in the fall of 1996. Lesson Plans. Sixth grade to be exact: an upper and lower level reading class and an upper and lower level English class. Teaching grammar also not my forte, whether to adults or kids!!) And SOCIAL STUDIES (ancient history), a mainstream class with mixed abilities, which I absolutely LOVED!!!! OK, so I am eager to tell my story. It's my life story, but it is really about my return to perfect health. I feel blogged, I mean, bogged down with the details of my life, much of which seems extraneous to include here. So, for today, I just want to enjoy the SUNSHINE! It is June 18, a year since my best friend of the subsequent past six years, Paula passed away. (English majors note: "alliteration.") She didn't like to reveal her actual age, so I won't mention it here. She passed away of natural causes (and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease). I wouldn't say it was untimely. As time passes, I realize just how clearly that it was her time. She lived a very full life, although very difficult. I learned a lot from her. She was older than I am ("please forgive me, Good Buddy"). OK, this may cause controversy, but she didn't believe in "running to doctors" all the time. This is a focal point of my story. I'm not trying to put down all doctors, just to tell it like it is, here in my own space, without mentioning any names of persons or organizations. So there it is. I'm not getting paid for this, but I consider a return to perfect health "payment enough." It is a beautiful day today, like it should be in June. The sun is shining brightly. Very low humidity. Trees and grass are green here in Groton. (Alliteration.) Lakes are sparkling crystal blue. That and good health. What more could you ask for?? Time spent with family and friends in peace and harmony, among nature, good food. Good food is essential. I have Diabetes. There!! I said it. A most startling revelation, which took most of my life to find and diagnose and receive treatment. Who said life begins at 40? "She" wasn't lying.

"Late Bloomer" (2008)

African Violets in my Room, NL, CT