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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello Sunshine!!!!

Hi! I'm back again today, before preparing for Labor Day Weekend (just planning on sandwiches and the beach!!) Yesterday evening, I saw a sure sign that my pet parakeet Sunshine is alive and well, hovering in the ether -- the appearance of a bright yellow hummingbird in the thicket below the Observation Deck at the end of the Nature Trail which follows Alewife Cove at Ocean Beach. Where I "meet" with my buddy Paula often to "talk" in our "office." When I need someone to talk to about the problems I face each day (am I the only one having problems? No?) I am convinced that my buddy Paula "called" me over to "our office" on the Observation Deck to see our fine feathered friend who so resembled my Sunshine, except for the elongated "snout" a hummingbird has. I've never seen a hummingbird before either!! Strangely enough, I had been crying in my apartment over Sunshine's untimely passing when I felt "called out" of my apartment (and where to go but to take a walk on the Ocean Beach Boardwalk of a beautiful summer evening, albeit "alone.") I spied some people in "our office, " so I left to sit on the benches under the Pavilion facing the ocean. When the crowd got too loud, I felt called back to the Observation Deck. I often find comfort in nature, reminscent of "Walden" by Henry David Thoreau,who philosphizes that we humans spend our lives working so hard for things we don't really need. And if we realized all of the things we could do without, we wouldn't have to work so hard, often at jobs that are unsatisfying and rob us of our health. I often find comfort in nature. But never so much as in this moment!! Hello Sunshine! I am glad you are alive and well!

"Just Something..." (to break the summer doldrums!)

Hi! Just something to break the summer doldrums! If you can call the recent (recent?? always!) melodrama in my life -- doldrums?? "Tipi," Erected in Summer 1995 North Stonington, CT Ode to a Tipi Summer Born in a meadow on top of a hill Stick by stick, carved with skill! Your spires reached into the sky, Creating camaraderie in July! Tan old canvas, wrapped and worn, Reaching out on a summer morn. Gathering summer wildflowers For a picnic feast which lasted hours. Distant drumbeat wove a spell Where forest whistlers dared to dwell. Autumn The field is flecked with goldenrod and dry lace flowers cling to sod. Smoke escapes your tall spire As I lay beside the fire. The scent of sweet sage fills the air While I rest without a care. Burning wood evokes the names Of songs of summer and Indian games. Denise Hickey 1995 "Hot Babes on Block Island" Payne's Overlook Mohegan Bluffs Summer 1995 Denise, Kelley & Ester OK, so what does this have to do with anything? For one thing, I haven't written this much since I left NYC in 1991!! I hope The Muse is here to stay for a while. This is all in continuing on the vein of Health & Wellness, which I started on the right path years ago. And it is also, that sometimes I get sick of me, too!! This poem I wrote years ago came back to me while vacationing on Block Island this past July.
*** Flashback!! ***
"Oops!" Faking a spill on Snake Hollow Road, Block Island, RI, 1996 (Denise)
"The scene is real!!"
Rodman's Hollow, Block Island, RI Bike Trip (1996)
Bennett, Denise & Ethan at Rodman's Hollow, Block Island, RI (1996)
Road Map
for our Mountain Bike "road trips!":
Block Island, RI
It was fourteen years ago, in August 1994 that I was hit, rear-ended by a driver behind me in Stonington, CT. I was going to try to see a therapist for the very first time. I didn't want to go. I was on my way. Fate intervened, this time. The resulting back injury and frightful ride, strapped to a stretcher in an ambulance, unable to move my arms or legs and having to trust in the care of the attendant EMTs from Mystic (who were awesome and yes, I did send thank you notes to them and the Stonington Police!) spurred me into my sister and her boyfriend's rural backyard where an informal T'ai Chi class was going on. This is where I began my journey to better health, but it was interrupted in the pursuit of a career and money, namely teaching.
"The Dojo"
Yang's Martial Arts Association
Westerly, RI
Center: Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
L-R: Brian, Jim, Kelley, Denise
So I got involved with this T'ai Chi group in late summer 1994, taught by Ramel Rones, after the auto accident. (Which totalled the best car I've ever had!!) And so began my journey to better health, over ten years ago. My back injury was mostly healed from taking T'ai Chi about twice weekly for a year and practicing in my parents' backyard as well. As well as my soul. I was also introduced to foot reflexology and therapeutic back massage from this group. It gave me a social life. I got to see my sister Kelley and her boyfriend Brian often, not just for group T'ai Chi class but for backyard barbecues and in the summer of 1995, I began mountain biking on Block Island with them and his family. After doing T'ai Chi on the front lawn of the Spring House in the early morning. For more information on Yang's Martial Arts Association and the healing arts, check out
Then I got into teaching. I began a one-year Master's Degree program in Education in the Fall of 1995, just when I was starting to get on the right "track" with my health and well-being. I suppose it was fate. My father fell asleep on the newspaper one afternoon and when he awoke, he saw an ad for the Master's Degree program in teaching, one year at a Connecticut university. Alternately, I was scared to death as well as, "yeah, I can do it." I lasted six years in the field of education, but with it came stress and the eventual downfall of my health, physically, emotionally, etc., etc. I never found a full-time permanent position but I did almost everything from working in daycare to teaching adults at a business school (don't ask me which one was more difficult!!) I think I liked teaching elementary music the best of all. My father meant well, but Paula said that people saw me as a teacher from a past life when I starved for my children as a Missionary in China (which she said explains my "hunger problem" in my present incarnation.) That teaching isn't the right thing for me in this lifetime. I am so very glad that I got to work with kids for as long as I did. It was "love at first sight." And now I am thankful for my beautiful niece Julia. But I really do enjoy the landscape gardening I do at my residence now. It is my family background, but it was never apparent until now that "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."