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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Dem Bones"

"Dem Bones" I been so lonely Since my buddy done gone away De good Lord done called her on home She done passed away. I know she be leavin' me heah soon To go on ahead o' me, an' walk into de Light. But don' you be goin' gent'l into dat good night. No, no, don' you be goin' too gent'l, my good buddy, into dat good night. My buddy, she soon be ready, to walk into de Light. She soon be leavin' me heah, to walk into de Eternal Light. Jesus is comin' To wipe all of de tears away There won' be no mo' pain After de judgement day. My buddy done said She won' be goin' nowhere Till de good Lord be takin' care o' me. She be stayin' on heah, till de good Lord be takin' care o' me. But I have de feelin' someday soon My buddy gone to be leavin' me heah to stay! She be headin' on home, but she won' ever be far away. She be leavin' me heah soon, until de judgement day. She be sayin' to me "Dem bones o' mine, dey got ole!" An' she be sayin' to me, just de other day -- "Dem bones o' mine, dey be so cole an' lonely!" But I be walkin' down the trail, At de ole Ocean Beach Just de other day And I heared my good buddy say: "De sun be feelin' so warm On my bones today! I ain' feelin' no mo' pain As I wait to see you all again on de judgement day!" And my good buddy, she be sayin' "Dem bones o' mine! Dey was so cole an' lonely! Dem bones o' mine! Dey ain't cole an' lonely no mo!" But somehow, sumptin' be tellin' me My good buddy, she will always be watchin' over me! Denise Hickey 10-21-08 Ocean Beach Nature Walk (into the Light) New London, CT