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Thursday, October 30, 2008

"My Inspiration"

My Inspiration for "Dem Bones" I got my inspiration for my "dirge" while chatting with a new friend, Debbie, at the Shoreline Swing monthly dance in October. We recalled the Blues Dance Weekend which was held last May, where we became friendly. The blues dance I attended was held at the Italian American Citizens Club in Groton, CT. A very nice ambience, small, but not too small. Plenty of space for dancing, and it was RAINING! Clear white Christmas lights were strung along the walls, where windows looked out on the rain on three sides. Perfect for a blues dance weekend! Debbie told me that she liked blues dancing and wanted to try more of it. I just said that I enjoyed the blues dance, that it was fun to try something different. But that I am basically a Ballroom Dancer; I love the drama, romance, and intrigue of it. That my friend Paula (who she reminds me of!) preferred the Swing Dances; she was just into having a good, fun time!! So this got me thinking about the BLUES. A few days later, walking along the Nature Trail at Ocean Beach, the sun was so warm! It was big and round in the sky, low, but cloudy so that you could look into it. And I thought of how Paula used to say how much she needed the sun in the late Spring. How it felt good on her bones. That she had arthritis. And I suddenly realized that she was almost ready to "walk into the light," to "cross over." That things were going to work out for me soon, so that she could go. That she wouldn't leave until I was "taken care of." And that she needed to feel the warmth of the Sun on her bones soon! Stay tuned for "Wonderful Town," coming soon, I hope.... Denise