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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hi! OK, so here it is.... "WONDERFUL TOWN" In January 2007, a cruel kind of fate began to befall a widow. During a random storm, a tree fell on her house, on the oil tank that keeps the house warm. By a stroke of luck, it wasn't turned on. She called City Hall but they were away; The widow had to wait all day. She had to rely on the neighbors To help clear away the trees and debris In exchange for future favors. The tree created a hole in her roof which needed repair. The widow didn't have the funds But no one seemed to care. In February 2007, the widow's house taxes became due. She went outside in the rain and caught the flu. But she didn't want the taxes to be overdue. Her best friend was home recuperating From surgery -- But would have been glad to help make the remuneration. She didn't seem to have a prayer But no one seemed to care. In March 2007, the widow fell ill. She promised to take me out on my birthday but couldn't Which brought about in our friendship, ill will. In April 2007, a hurricane came. I was up all night, hearing the wind and the rain. I worried about the widow but I neglected to call. It seems the hurricane caused another tree to fall First toward her house, then the other way; At 4 AM, it seemed something was telling her to go away!! Upon the telephone wires, There was a terrible explosion Which caused a lot of commotion! That night on the telephone, I heard my best friend say: "Denise, I'm cold and I'm lonely!" I drove across town to come and get her right away! I tried to rescue her from her terrible fate But refused to call her on her birthday until it was much too late. I had gotten into a terrible fight with her because I didn't understand How next door neighbors didn't help a troubled widow In this prosperous land. I tried to rescue her From her trials and tribulations! But it was much too late To have a birthday celebration! She was a member of an elite church for one year But felt she could trust no one To help her fix her house in a state of disrepair. She didn't seem to have a prayer But no one seemed to care. Oh yeah! This story heah Speaks of a widow fair! Oh yeah! This place heah is such a wonderful town!! Denise Hickey Tribute to Paula Gillespie New London, CT (June 14, 1938 - June 14, 2007)

Monday, November 10, 2008

"Time to Get Back in the Water!"

Hi! Sorry, but I've been raking the leaves in the back yard of my best friend's house for the past two days. Here is a recent photo of me, taken at Cruise Night, Ocean Beach, Summer 2008.
It's time to go back into the water, I say! I would like to lose a little more weight, but it is hard to balance diet and excercise, especially when summer was so hot and I love ice cream!!

This is a photo of a cottage on Pequot Avenue in New London, CT, across the street from Fred's Shanty. I was eyeing its compact size and raised garden beds and dreaming of my future.