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Monday, December 15, 2008

"Something Wicked This Way Came -- and Went?" "YES, DENISE. IT WENT!!"

Hi! NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND Apparently, there has been an "underground control system" at work in the building where I have lived for the past eight years, "Westridge Gardens." Of which I was unaware until the past year. Of course, no one believed me. "Oh yeah. Psych patient. She's got it going on. This place is NICE." CAN LIGHT EXIST IN THE DARKNESS? Indeed, when I viewed my living quarters via satellite on the web, I saw "extreme blackness." Black pitch rooftop in a neighborhood where all the other rooftops are white. The old man's garage by my (former) carport. A huge black blob of a shadow, beneath the pines. I have always felt "boxed in" and the need to "get out" ever since I have lived there!! Boxed in. Isolated. Shrouded by pines. SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES! When I first moved in, my landlord warned, "Watch what you say to those people!" Of course, I've never been very good with social skills. But I do have six years experience as a teacher in some of the worst situations possible. You wouldn't think adults would be the worst students but they are. As a teacher in a business school for one summer, I had mostly women, most of which had been the ones who were always in trouble in school, always sent to the principals office, swearing when they didn't get things, questioning everything, caring only about, "What's going to be on the test??" The textbooks were confusing, seemed to have contradictory information. HOT TEACHER! I also taught high school English at a tech school in Danielson, Connecticut. Take all the troublesome kids you have ever met in high school. Put them all in a classroom together. You got it!! I lasted three months there, longer than most new teachers, who would usually quit after two weeks, leaving their keys on the desk, never to return. I laugh to tell of it now, some of the crazy antics of those kids!! LYNCH MOB SCENE "Lynch law: the punishment of presumed crimes or offenses usu. by death without due process of law." "Lynch: to put to death by mob action without legal sanction." "Harass: to set a dog on, to worry and impede by repeated raids, exhaust, fatigue, to annoy persistently, syn, see worry." I first became aware of this "neighborhood watch group" while wining and dining alone at the pizza place one Saturday night. Three "barracudas" from my apartment building entered the restaurant. All of a sudden, there was a flurry of excitement in "the chicken coop." One such barracuda glared at me from her table across the restaurant, although I had presumed she was legally blind! "B--ch, b--ch, b--ch, SPOILED BRAT!" she shouted. I tried to smile over my glass of wine, but unnerved, I quickly left the restaurant, the hangout I often escaped to, in order to be left alone! Where I live, I am a renter among owners, mostly elderly, with a "questionable" relationship with my landlord. Once I became very sick and unable to work, I felt I had to go into hiding. Listening at my door, staring through the peephole, flush the toilet, count to 20, GO!! I am thinking now is the time to join them, seeing that I can't beat 'em!! I'm waiting to be assigned a post. The post at the front entrance is taken, by a wispy 60-something chain smoker. The side entrance, by a "stately," scary old man who pretends to be working on his classic car all day long, but leering at young girls instead. Young girls who haven't had much luck, who are trying to survive the best way they can, being stalked by the residents in the "nice" apartment building. The janitor, a "deaf mute" who never-the-less, seems to know everyone's business. Once called the police on him for stalking and harassing me; appears to be in awe of me since then. Little old lady who sits in the chair all day in the front lobby where the mailboxes are and asks: "What are you doing?" They say that Darkness cannot exist in the Light. FIREPOWER!! I've been toting my fire extinguisher as I walk through the quiet hallways and the laundry room, where the neighbors pretend not to know anything. A girl has to protect herself if she doesn't have a big strong man around to protect her! And until I do, I will have to put out my own fires! POST I believe the only post not taken is the one by the pool. Where I plan to be next summer. Where I will be "Head Barracuda" and sit by the entrance so I can ask, "What are you doing?" and such other personal questions to the residents of Westridge Gardens who dare to enter.