Denise Dances: A Return to Perfect Health - Body, Mind & Spirit!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE" (Featuring Paula Oddbody, Angel, First Class)

Hi! Often these days, when I stay at home alone, long enough, I sense Paula's presence, here with me. Glimpsing sudden shadows out of the corner of my eyes. Jumping suddenly. Used to be just shadows, aspects now giving way to glimmering white imagery. Of late, I sense a more shimmering white image of her. Yesterday afternoon, during a snowstorm, I beheld the strongest image of her yet. Standing at the kitchen sink, I "saw" her, just for a moment. Suddenly startled by shadows, I glanced toward my front hallway. And glimpsed Paula in "angelic array." Just for a second or two. The familiar long, ash blond hair is what I "saw" first. In a shimmering white gown, flecked with hints of blue, her flowing form glided across the floor. Slimmer than her earthbound body, the one I felt was "my pillar of strength." A side view of her heavenly form floated toward my front door, exiting to the hallway. Probably to go f--- with my neighbors!! :) When upon whom divers calamaties suddenly beFALL....Beware!...Don't you dare gloat! Merry Christmas, Denise! THE GHOST WHISPERER Last week, as I drove by Paula's house, I saw a familiar white van parked on the street in front, with the blue words inscribed: "Clear Plumbing Systems" ("Don't sleep with a drip tonight.") Yes, this is a plug. (Jimmie Bletsch, out of Norwich, CT) Eagerly parking my car across the street, like I used to, when I would pick Paula up, I climbed up Konomoc Street, entering her backyard via sidewalk, and knocked on her back door, to chat with the new co-owner of 190 Vauxhall Street. And found Jimmie the plumber, tearing up the bathroom. He just removed the tub, which had housed four baby possums, all deceased. He said the cold probably "freeze dried" them, what I think would have happened to me if I had stayed alone in my apartment with my health conditions too much longer!! Spiky black and white fur, their teeth bared, they all lay on the ground in the back yard now. "Probably starved," he said. "Maybe it was her way of taking care of them," I said. Jimmie the plumber "moonlights" as a ghost whisperer, but doesn't charge for those services. He says the spirits come to him and talk to him inside his head. He said the spirit doesn't die. Rather, the spirit "dumps" the body. Once they leave their earthly bodies, the spirits hold no grudges. The spirit is an "entity" which cannot by sensed by most. Powerful, limitless, they can go anywhere, even choosing to follow a loved one for a while. They can stay here on earth for as long as they want. "Last I heard, she was sightseeing," he said. Seems my buddy has been trying to tell me to, "Let go of the controls, Denise." That we are not always in control. When we have done all we can do, we have to -- LET GO AND LET GOD. This is a message which was imprinted on a photo card of Paula, taken on her last trip, which was to Brooklyn, NY, I believe with New London Adult Ed in April 2007. These cards were given out at Paula's memorial service in July 2007, all of which was beautifully handled by the members and her friends at St. James Episcopal Church in New London. Since I've had some trouble, throughout my life, with the idea of a man being in charge, it seems God sent me Paula to be my appointed angel, an idea far easier for me to grasp. Moments before my friend picked me up for Paula's memorial service, a charm fell off of my Avon bracelet. Upon a closer look, the gold charm is in the shape of a heart. Inside the heart, the face of an angel cups its chin, pensively, two large wings spanning outwards. "Paula just earned her wings!" I shout in triumph. Merry Christmas, Denise! (Denise....Bailey??) (Circa "It's a Wonderful Life," Frank Capra, 1946) CONCERT FOR THE HOLIDAYS "On Sunday, December 21st, the United States Coast Guard Band presents two concerts for the holidays at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. The matinee, designed to be family friendly, is one hour in length." Did I go? You bet I did! The winter storm caused quite a fury. I wasn't sure if the Coast Guard would have its two free concerts or postpone them. I called several times and left a message. Around 1:00, on a whim, I decided to call one more time. Although it was already "decided" that I would stay home. The sweet, feminine voice of Lisa Williamson answered the phone. Yes, they were having the 2:00 concert, but probably not the seven o'clock. "We'd love to have you come. But please drive carefully if you do," she said politely. I told her gladly that I enjoy hearing her sing! So I shovelled my car out of the melting snow as it now rained. With great trepidation, I drove the slushy streets of New London, across town to the Coast Guard Academy. I walked into a less than full auditorium as MU1 Lisa Williamson, soprano, sang in a beautiful long red gown, a series of holiday carols from around the world. Finally, she sang "Go Tell It On the Mountain," to which the band rambuntiously played! (Later, in the car, I sang it in a high voice on my way home, "laughing all the way.") Nearby, the Christmas tree glistened elegantly, adorned in white lights among cranberry and gold ornaments. Next, the little ladies from the Imperial Academy of Dance performed in brightly colored, eclectic costumes, to a melange of Christmas melodies. Jill Holt was the proud director of the little dancers and the ever "young and hot," in my opinion, Richard Wyman, conducted the Coast Guard Band Jazz Combo. "The Night Before Christmas" was narrated by CDR Kenneth W. Megan, who is quite handsome up close, as I saw while shaking his hand as the audience exited the auditorium to go back into the storm. During "Sleigh Ride," which I love anyway, I keenly felt Paula's joyful presence within the music -- Her mischievous, merry, joyful, light and airy, everywhere -- Christmas "presents!" Always joyful and rambunctious during these concerts in life, now her joy was palpable. I felt ready, at last, to grab some o' that joy for myself!! Denise 12/23/08