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Saturday, February 7, 2009


"Thames Club Membership Drive" Letter to the Editor "The Day" February 7, 2009 Dear Editor: I highly recommend all of the New London Police Force and their families for membership in "the oldest private social club in Connecticut," the Thames Club on 290 State Street in New London, as they are upstanding members of our community. "In an effort to be more inclusive," I feel the social club should "open its doors" to "various groups," and who is more deserving than the policemen and women who uphold the law and protect our lives every day? Years ago, in 1993, I worked for the Norwich Police Department, typing reports and I saw what these people see every day: accidents, fatalities, broken limbs, murders, domestic violence, drownings, larceny, arson, and minor disturbances as well. They often get the short shrift while keeping a brave face in places of danger. They never close. They always answer the phone. They respond promptly to all calls. They remain objective whether you are a young woman in distress or a senior citizen. In June 2007, four members of the New London Police Force came to my rescue when I feared my best friend Paula Gillespie, a widow with no family to speak of, had passed away in her home. While she was alive, the policemen kept her informed of dangerous situations. I've always treated the members of the New London Police Force with respect. We should all do the same. Reducing the initial fee and the annual dues in half would would increase the membership needed by this prominent club. Sincerely, Denise Hickey New London, CT

Friday, February 6, 2009

"Act II"

ACT II "Oh, Ashley! I've got a present for you, too." Why, Scarlet, it's beautiful. Tie it on me, my dear. "While Mellie was making your tunic, I made this to go with it." You made it yourself. Well, then, I shall value it all the more. "You know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you." There's something you can do for me. "What is it?" Will you look after Melanie for me? She's so frail and gentle and she loves you so much. See, if I were killed and she -- "Oh, you musn't say that. It's bad luck. Say a prayer quickly." You say one for me. We shall say all our prayers, now the end is coming. "The end?" The end of the war. The end of our world, Scarlet. "But Ashley, you don't think the Yankees are beating us?" Oh, Scarlet, my men are bare-footed now. The snow in Virginia is deep. When I see them and I see the Yankees coming and coming, always more and more...when the end does come, I shall be far away. It'll be a comfort to me to know that she has you. You will promise, won't you? " that all, Ashley?" All except...goodbye... "Oh, Ashley, I can't let you go!" You must be brave. You must... ("No! No!") How else can I dare to? Oh, Scarlet, you're so (brave) [sic] and strong and beautiful. Not just your sweet face my dear, but you. "Ashley, kiss me. Kiss me goodbye." No, Scarlet. "Oh, Ashley, I love you. I've always loved you. I've never loved anyone else -- Ashley, tell me you love me. I'll live on it the rest of my life." Goodbye.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Frankly, Scarlet....!"

"FRANKLY, SCARLET...!" "Ashley!" Scarlet! Who are you hiding from in here? What are you up to? Well, why aren't you upstairs resting with the other girls? What is this, Scarlet, a secret? "Oh, Ashley, Ashley! I love you!" Scarlet! "I love you, I do!" Well, isn't it enough that you've gathered every other man's heart today? You've always had mine. You can cut your teeth on it. "Don't tease me now. Have I your heart, my darling? I love you, I love you." You musn't say such things. You'll hate me for hearing them. "Oh, I could never hate you. And I know you must care about me...oh, you do care, don't you?" Yes, I care. (Kiss) Oh, can't we go away and forget we ever said these things? "But how can we do that? Don't you want to marry me?" I'm going to marry Melanie. "But you can't, not if you care for me." Oh, my dear, why must yuo make me say things that will hurt you? How can I make you understand? You're so young and unthinking. You don't know what marriage means. "I know I love you and I want to be your wife. You don't love Melanie." She's like me, Scarlet. She's part of my blood. We understand each other. "But you love me!" How could I help loving you? You have all the passion for life that I lack. But that kind of love isn't enough to make a successful marriage for two people who are as different as we are. "Why don't you just state you are a coward? You're afraid to marry me. You'd rather live with that silly little fool who can't open her mouth except to say, 'Yes, No,' and raise a family of mealy-mouth brats just like you!" You musn't say things like that about Melanie! "Who are you to tell me I musn't? You led me on! You made me believe you wanted to marry me!" Now, Scarlet, be fair. I never at any time -- "You did! It's true, you did. I'll hate you until I die! I can't think of anything bad enough to call you!" SLAP! (Sob...) CRASH! (Huh!) "Has the war started?"