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Friday, March 20, 2009

"All That Glitters:" ACT VIII

All That Glitters
Scene I:
Penthouse Fourteen: "Some Political Scandal"
I wonder what's going on. I'd love to know!"
"I don't know, but it's definitely more than what we think," Debbie said cryptically.
Lori was willing to settle for the mundanely obvious reasons. Nicole probably needed the spending money every month for her fabulous wardrobe. Black boots up to the knees, did you see that? A short, shoort mini skirt, she said to Debbie one night after Nicole had left with Juan.
"No, they don't need the money for that," Debbie said. They were the new owners of a painting they bought at auction last week which cost over $200,000, Juan had made perfectly clear. No, it wasn't that. But what could it be? Some big political scandal that was probably over her head anyway. Meetings and such with his Uncle ******, Former Prime Minister of the *********.
Scene II: "Christmas Party"
"How many roomates do you have?" Scott asked in amazement.
They sat among their comrades from the office at the department's Christmas party, just an informal shindig at a Mexican bar after work Thursday afternoon.
"I live with ******' nephew," Debbie replied with a wry smile.
Scott looked up suddenly. He had spilled the entire contents of his drink into his lap. Now it was his turn to smirk in embarrassment as Debbie lifted a towel up to him. But the towel did not cloak his embarrassment.
"Thanks," he said, unable to meet her gaze. A look of dread crossed his youthful face.
"Scott, you said you wanted to go out for coffee with us!" A horrible shriek intruded upon their polite conversation.
Debbie turned in her chair and gave her female co-worker one dirty look of hatred, scrunching up her face and narrowing her blue eyes.
"I've been pulled," he said. He stood up. He slipped his hand loosely through hers in an open gesture. But she squeezed it tightly, then let go.
"We'll have to go out sometime," he said.
"Definitely," she nodded. Go out, sometime?? She wanted to marry him.
Scene III
She arrived home from the office Christmas party to hear accusing shouts rising from the back bedroom.
Oh, no, she thought, now we'll be kicked out for sure.
"Don't you believe in God? You don't believe you're a child of God?!" Liza boldly sat on Juan's bed.
"Yes. But God agrees that I should have power."
This guy is warped, thought Debbie. She walked into the living room where the sword lay, under glass, on a red bandana emblazoned with the symbolic "symbol" {sic}. Just trying to be obnoxious, she had thought.
"The Phillipines are against them," Lori had told her.
"Are they?" Debbie naively asked. Lori became suddenly vague.
Debbie admired how Liza could march in there and sit on their bed. She was obviously winning the argument to Juan's frustration and rage.
"Let's torture you, Liza, and see how long you believe in your God," he countered. He stalked into the pantry.
"Hey! You can do anything you want. I'm going to Heaven!" Liza exclaimed, growing excited.
"Debbie, don't you believe that some races are superior to others?"
"No," she said.
He flung his hands in the air, jerked them around and stomped away from her.
So, that's it, Debbie thought. A woman could not disagree with him.
"I'm a Child of God!" Liza insisted from the back bedroom. "He is my Lord!"
"I care about you!" she went on.
"Well, I care about you, too," Juan replied uncomfortably.
"Well, hey. We all love each other! Praise the Lord!" she shouted feverishly.
"Liza, you are going to have to get out. I need my privacy."
She knocked on the door.
"You know, no matter what happened, I want you to know I still like you, even if we don't agree." She lingered in the bedroom doorway. "I just want you to know I still care about you."
"OK, Liza. OK."
"I really still like you even though we don't agree. OK, I just wanted you to know that." She showed no sign of leaving.
Denise Hickey
# 0521D
Scene IV: "Reserved"
She sat at the table marked "RESERVED." The exclusive sign should have been pinned to her chest, over the fitted elegant black dress she wore. She looked around the bar. Nicole sat
with H. Maxine walked over, smiling, dressed casually in black jeans and a brown pullover sweater. She held the hand of her new friend.
Olivia stood before her. She leaned against the railing that roped the reserved tables with umbrellas, separating the arena from the bar. She gazed earnestly into her lover's eyes. He was just a stranger at the Surf Club a week ago. Her dark eyes sparkled intensely. Her reddish brown hair shone richly, had been brushed seductively back from her face. She was beautiful.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"The BEAR There!"

O.K. So I keep telling myself I'm going to stop. This Blog "thang." But I just can't get enough!! And so, after a few days rest, at home, I'm back. To stay? In one way or another!...:) * * * "Marcia! Marche! Marsch!" featuring marches from around the World! Conducted and played with a wintry mix of pride, humility and fun! Lookin' good! From the "March, Opus 99" of Russia -- how can it NOT be good -- by Prokofiev -- to the avante garde "March to the Scaffold" from Symphonie Fantastique of France...always a delight! During Intermission, I exited Leamy Hall Auditorium to a balmy pre-Spring afternoon. All to get better acquainted with the BEAR there. The BEAR -- A Coast Guard symbol. "...the Bear...the best known ship in the service...a symbol for all the service represents...steadfastness...courage...and for constant readiness to help men and ships in distress." " her crews, three awardees of a special congressional honor medal for heroism, the first officer of African American ancestry to attain the rank of Captain -- the composer of the Service's march, "Semper Paratus,"...service in three wars...more than half a century served in Arctic and Antarctic waters, two of the harshest environments on earth. The Corps of Cadets unanimously agreed that a bear was a fitting mascot, representative of the tenacity and timely aggressiveness of the service. SEMPER PARATUS - "Always ready!" Although a live mascot no longer is part of Academy life, the legacy of the Cutter BEAR continues to be a focus of the Corps as cadets prepare themselves for service. Now, of course, my opinionated review of the monthly Coast Guard concerts wouldn't be complete without a fitting tribute to my Good Buddy, Paula! Being able to attend these free monthly live performances is almost like having Paula back -- almost! Paula felt a peculiar fondness for this heroic figure, the BEAR and now I see why. I see certain qualities of the Bear embodied in Paula herself, the essence of her presence! Steadfastness....courage (that would be me!:) )...and constant readiness to help. Semper Paratus: (adj.) Always Ready!!! And let's not forget all of our heroes whose qualities this embodies: the members of the Coast Guard and all of the military branches...the police force...the doctors...the laborers on the Ocean Beach boardwalk.... and so I didn't cry when I heard "Semper Paratus" today. Rather, I felt joy in my heart once again; a well-spring of it! In a bold little aside, I would like to add (always complaining!), that the Coast Guard cutter Bear served in three wars, as well as more than half a century in Arctic and Antarctic waters, two of the harshest environments on earth. Personally, I can't imagine a more harsh environment than New London!! Save for Ocean Beach in the summer and the Coast Guard concerts in the winter! on the outskirts! this town is getting smaller every day! a pinch to grow an inch. Finally, my review wouldn't be complete without these two songs, sung with gusto in German by the talented and beautiful MU1 Lisa Williamson, soprano.
Ballade vom angehehman Leben
Ballade of the Easy Life
(Tribute to Kurt Weill, 100th Birthday)
Lyrics by Bertold Brecht
They tell you that the best in life is mental
Just to starve yourself and do a lot of reading
Up in some garret where the rats are breeding
Should you survive it's purely accidental.
If that's your pleasure, go on, and live that way!
But since I've had up to here I'm through
There's not a dog from here to Timbuktu
Would care to live that life a single day
So listen closely, to Mack the Knife,
The bulging pocket makes the easy life.
Now once I used to think it might be worthy
To be a brave and sacrificing person
I soon found out it wasn't reimbursin'
Decided to continue being earthy.
The noble poor are nobly underfed
And being brave will bring an empty fame
You're all alone with no one else to blame
You're mingling with the great but you are dead
Where's the percentage? Ask Mack the Knife
The bulging pocket makes the easy life.
(Translation by Marc Blitzstein)
From the 1954 off-Broadway production
wie lange noch?
How much longer?
Lyrics by Walter Mehring
I will confess there was a night
When I willingly gave myself to you
You drove me out of my senses
I believed that I could not live without you.
You promised me the blue of the heavens
And I cared for you like my own father
Yo have tortured me, you have broken me
I would have laid the world at your feet
Look at me! Look at me!
When will the day come that I can say to you:
It is over!
When does that day come that I dread?
How much longer? How much longer? How long?
I believed you. I was in a daze
From all of your talk and your promises
Whatever you wanted, that I did for you
Wherever you wanted to go
There I let myself be led.
You promised me the blue of the heavens
And I cared for you like my own father
You have tortured me, you have broken me
I would have laid the world at your feet
Look at me! Look at me!
When will the day come that I can say to you:
It is over!
When does the day come that I dread?
How much longer? How much longer? How long!
Translation by Kim H. Kowalke