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Saturday, April 11, 2009


COMING SOON: "Adventureland:" The New Chastity (it's at home, still being written) "I'm Charmed!: Film Noir (also at home, complete) "Sunshine Sings!" (at home, complete) Take care, all! it's raining!! Denise

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"What a Way To Go!!"

"What a Way To Go!!"
The Music of Tom Briggs
U.S. Coast Guard Band Concert
Sunday, April 5, 2009
The Coast Guard Band commemorates the retirement of one of its most accomplished members, Senior Chief Musician Thomas Briggs.
The concert included an array of music composed by Briggs, in which he performed as well, featuring "Concerts for Drum Set and Wind Ensemble" as drum soloist,
- and -
"Viva Connecticut" as conductor.
The concert abruptly opens as it always does at 1400 hrs.
with Fanfare of the New Millenium, conducted by CDR Kenneth W. Megan.
Composed by MUCS Briggs, this song, with "dramatic undercurrents" and "wide sweeping scope" opened each concert of the band's 2007 tour.
As Briggs plans to be "on holiday" in Paris, France, the band chose to honor him with "Sonoran Desert Holiday" by Ron Nelson.
"On the brink of a new adventure," the song featured "the subtle notes in between" as well.
Reminiscent of adventure in the Wild West! And the opening theme song to television's Hawaii Five-O." Whoops! Now I'm really dating my age.
"Remembrance," also composed by MUCS Briggs featured MUC Joel Flunker of Neenah, Wisconsin on the trumpet. In 2002, he lost his best friend, Sam {Hasty} (I stand corrected at to Leukemia; and so this bold performance was a tribute to his best friend.
"...a sultry summer night in the city...Chicago...New Orleans..." I closed my eyes. Not so much so I could feel the music? Or so no one would see me cry out loud -- in public!
Overcome with emotion at Intermission, I quickly grabbed my stuff and walked into the bright sunlight. I walked clear across the campus and took the stairs by Smith Hall.
been around the block.
* * *
to Heaven.
Need I not leave out the three cabaret songs sung by Lisa Williamson, "Black Max," "Waitin,' " and "Amor." And composed by William Bolcom, arranged by MUC Ian Frenkel.
Ending in noisy rambunctious culmination -- just the way I like it!!
For "Black Max," she wore an elegant black topcoat, which she shed for "Amor," revealing a flirty black and white dot dress with a halter neckline, lovely and becoming as usual.
She sang with gusto the last, "Amor," and I will gladly include the words for you here:
(Lyrics by Arnold Weinstein)
It wasn't the policeman's fault, in all the traffic roar,
Instead of shouting halt when he saw me, he shouted "amor."
Even the ice cream man (free ice creams by the score)
Instead of shouting butter pecan one look at me, he shouted "amor."
All over town it went that way, ev'rybody took off the day,
Even philosophers understood how good was the god 'cuz I looked so good.
The poor stopped taking less, the rich stopped needing more.
Instead of shouting "no" and "yes," both looking at me shouted "amor."
My stay in town was cut short -- I was dragged to court.
The judge said I disturbed the peace and the jury gave him what for!
The judge raised his hand, and instead of desist and cease,
Judgie came to the stand, took my hand, and whispered "amor."
Night was turning into day, I walked alone away.
Never see that town again. But as I passed the church house door,
Instead of singing "amen," the choir was singing, "amor!"
In a dynamic drum solo for "Concerto for Drum Set and Wind Ensemble," Briggs "reminded" me of college days long since passed -- except "I don't remember!!"
After the Intermission, the show continued to pick up steam with "Selections by the U.S. C.G. Band Masters of Swing."
"Lady is a Tramp," gleefully sung by Lisa Williamson.
"Sing Sing Sing" with a caucaphonic climax,
"Don't Get Around Much Anymore,"
and "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy."
All dramatically played with enthusiasm by:
MUC Joel Flunker on the trumpet
MU1 Benjamin T. Griffin on the trombone
MUCS Andrew G. Sherwood on the clarinet
MU1 Greg Case on alto saxophone
MUC Ian Frenkel on the piano
MUC Mark E. McCormick, Bass
and MUCS Thomas E. Briggs, drums and leader.
The final selection, "Viva Connecticut" caught my intrigue.
Featuring six movements:
(1) Indian Ancestry (mournful sound of the picolo)
(2) I-95 North & South (honking horns, noise and traffic)
(3) Landscape (ordinary, agrarian, farmland, rivers: The Connecticut, The Shetucket, and The Thames, and trains)
(4) Downturn (somber beat -- story of my life -- the past eighteen years here -- 1991 - 2009)
(5) Heavy and Bombastic
and (6) Final Fanfare.
"Drowned" farmland??...
Slasher movie-esque...
Building...Bombastic changes
to The Landscape...
Because I found the music intriquing, I decided to stay for the last song.
Unaware of the final treat which awaited me, which awaits us all.
Closing words by CDR Megan, "we don't let anyone retire without conducting --
Here it goes ---
directed by Tom Briggs --
whimsically on the xylophone (just like "The Stars and Stripes Forever") and once more with gusto!
DA DA duh dah dah, DAH DAH DAH!
Da da, Da da, Da daaaaaaaah!
And without hesitation---
the audience kept pace, myself with extra-vert enthusiasm!
"Yeay! BRAVO!"
Unrestrained, from my SKYBOX, I think my shouts of pure joy could be heard clear across the pond. And I don't mean Groton!
Unabashed to care what the neighbors think!
In my turquoise blouse (Target). Befitted with a bow at the bodice. Sequins adorn the neckline. A little loose. A little revealing? (Yeah.)
Soft black sequinned sweater tied about my waist (Goodwill).
and a little silver and gold bling (Avon). and my Speed Dry Nail Enamel in "Feisty (Avon).
On Briggs:
For such a multi-talent, I found Briggs' persona to be quiet, soft-spoken, humble, and unassuming. Also, he looked too young to retire (there I go, flirting again!).
An award-winning composer/ arranger, the 1989 former of "The Masters of Swing," and local educational legacies, player of piano-drums-percussion, he graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a B.A. in jazz studies and music education.
Briggs recognized that "some of you" have been coming to these concerts for the past 30 years. Which made me realize:
If someone is in their 80s or 90s --
and they've lived in New London all of their lives --
well, that's almost a CENTURY!
(in the same place).
No wonder I don't stand a chance!
Final Notes:
The next concert will be held in Leamy Hall, New London, Ct
on Sunday, May 31, 2009
at 2 pm (that's 1400 hrs)
Arrive at the gates early.
Have your driver's license handy.
No tix required. Free Admission.
Drydock Cafe underneath Leamy Hall
Open 12:30 - 3:30 on Sundays
or go to:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"I left it at home!!!***"

Hi! I'm back. After a Spring sabbatical. Lots of rest and routine at home! I'm sorry. I forgot it. I left it at home. Isn't homework supposed to be done at home???*** Yes, after a week and a half, "away" at home. On Sunday, April 5, I went to the monthly Coast Guard Concert. And found it to be the most dynamic, emotion-filled one yet!! I took notes. Sat in my "skybox seat." Applauded enthusiastically. Took notes, using my program and a couple of notebook pages, and the announcement I received through the mail as well. Isn't that how writers are supposed to work? Yesterday, I "worked from home." Had lunch at my desk. Re-wrote from my notes all afternoon. And I forgot it at hoooooome!! Better luck next time. COMING SOON: "What a Way To Go!" On the retirement of accomplished multi-talent, Thomas Briggs.... SEMPER PARATUS!!!!!........................ Take care, Denise Struggling Writer Stuggling to get well in Southeastern CT