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Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Healing the Heart:" Atherosclerosis

HEALING THE HEART: ATHEROSCLEROSIS VS. "HER NUMBER WAS UP" She wanted to sip from the cup of life. Ate much. Drank much. Loved much. Gave birth out of wedlock in her 20s. Gave her newborn child up for adoption several months later, while under the care of Catholic nuns in Boston. Partied and waitressed with her friends in Boston for the next decade or two. Had the college education of a Junior at Harvard. Worked in the theater, both on stage and behind the scenes in costume and set design. Behind the scenes as a psychic with the Groton police department. Worked as a tall, blond model. Born in Hartford on June 14, 1969. Lived in Key West, Florida. California. Massachusetts. Groton. And finally, New London. She didn't marry until she was 47. She lost the love of her life in January 1999 to lung cancer. Bagged groceries to pay the bills. Worked as a volunteer in patient transport at the hospital. She was found deceased in her home on Father's Day, June 17, 2007 by her best friend and four members of the New London Police Department. Of "atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease" and natural causes. (athero: "arteries." sclera: "hardening." osis: "condition of." cardio: heart. vascular: veins.) For more info, go to: ("Mending Broken Hearts" by Jennifer Kahn, with photographs by Robert Clark; Feb. 2007 issue, pp. 40-65)

"See you at the beeeeeaaaaaach!!"

"Honeeeee, see you at the Beeeeeeaaaach!" (Does this sound familiar, Lynne? -- Summer '81) More on Ocean Beach later, which will open for the season on Saturday, May 23, for the season, I believe. Summer Preview: Ocean Beach, New London, CT, Summer 2009. Coming soon to my back yard. Is it any coincidence that I was driving by the construction site of a new home where my sister, Kelley, an interior designer is working? And that she happened to just be standing there alongside my mother, who just paid a visit to her work site? And that I just happened to be on my way home from Groton and then, Fred's Shanty when "I saw them standing there?" And that my mother invited me to "go walking" with her on the newly finished Ocean Beach boardwalk? And that I said yes? And that I decided to check the gift shop to see if the Ocean Beach season's passes were on sale yet? And that they were?? And that this was the first day that said Ocean Beach passes went on sale? And that my mother said she would buy said pass for me this summer? Coincidence? Coincidence! I know better. Paula! Paula.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Much Too Nice"

Hi! It's much. Much too nice. Much too nice of a day to stay inside. So what am I doing here?? Time to hang it up for today. I'm taking a walk outdoors. More on screenwriting, tomorrow. Isn't it obvious by now, that 20 years later, I still hope to sell my screenplay of my life in NYC in the 80s and make the Big Time????? Denise Dances 20 Years Later

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
My analyst told me (what?)
That I was right out of my head
The way he described it (how?)
He said I'd be better dead than live
I didn't listen to his jive
I knew all along
he was all wrong
And I knew that he thought (what?)
I was crazy but I'm not
Oh no (oh no?) (oh no?)
My anyalyst told me (what?)
That I was right out of my head
He said I'd need treatment (yeah?)
But I'm not that easily led
He said I was the type
That was most inclined
When out of his sight
To be out of my mind
And he thought I was nuts (nuts?)
No more ifs or ands or buts
oh no (oh no?) (oh no?)
They say as a child
I appeared a little bit wild
With all my crazy ideas
But I knew what was happening
I knew I was a genius....
What's so strange when you know
That you're a wizard at three
I knew that this was meant to be
They all laugh at angry young men
They all laugh at Edison
And also at Einstein
So why should I feel sorry
If they just couldn't understand
The reasoning and the logic
That went on in my head
I had a brain
It was insane
Oh they used to laugh at me
When I refused to ride
On all those double decker buses
All because there was no driver on the top
(no driver on the top? this chick is twisted. what's the matter with her?)
(she must be out of her head)
My analyst told me (what?)
That I was right out of my head
the way he described it (how?)
he said I'd be better dead than live
I didn't listen to his jive
I knew all along
he was all wrong
and I knew that he thought (what?)
I was crazy
but I'm not.
oh no (oh no?) (oh no?)
my analyst told me (what?)
that I was right out of my head
But I said, Dear Doctor (yeah?)
I think that it's you instead.
Cause I
have got a thing
that's unique and new.
it proves that I'll have
the last laugh on you,
Cause instead of one head (one head?)
I got two
and you know....Two Heads....are better than -- ONE!
denise hickey
paula gillespie
(please forgive me, Good Buddy!)
(You do forgive me, don't you?)
(I said I was sorry...)

Monday, May 11, 2009

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Garde Arts Center
Citizen's Bank Broadway Series
The 25th Annual
Putnam County Spelling Bee
Friday May 08, 2009 8:00 pm
Balco GG 114 $5 OFF 39.00
He makes his own clothes.
He spells with his foot.
She champions gay and lesbian rights at the elementary school.
She knows seven different languages, but only sleeps three hours -- isn't allowed to cry.
Her mother is in India. Her father has to work late.
He is doing Community Service. Knows how to show love and caring to others; keeps reality in check.
The opening song reflects the exuberance of youth -- with excellent vocal projection.
Similar to the elementary school kids who sang with confidence at:
A - Z Does It
By Grades K and 1
at Salem School
my niece Julia's spring concert in Gadbois Gymnasium
on Tues., May 6, 2009
(My personal favorite: "I Need U")
"Have you ever been to a gymnasium that looks like an Arabian marketplace?"
impromptu remark from a "student" on the decor of the Garde Theater, the restoration of a few years ago (more later).
Well, how often do YOU get to act like a middle school-aged kid??
An adult themed commodity, replete with politically incorrect idiosyncracies and social inappropriateness! (Of course, you know, -- LOVED IT!)
Such as...and I quote:
"My uniform erection is destroying my recollection." (Well, this IS middle school...trying to write for a wide audience here...)
From the "highly fanciful" and "unrealistic" Olive Ostrovsky, Speller No. 11 --
"Did you know that if you switch the first two vowels of "Olive," you get I LOVE?"
"And did you know that if you switch the last two vowels of your name, William, you get WILL AIM?"
And so she sang, "My Friend the Dictionary" is a very reliable friend.
The Spelling Bee featured aracane words such as strabismus and "boanthropy."
Could you give me the definition please?
"the delusion that one has become an ox"
Could you use it in a sentence, please?
Before each performance, people from the show station themselves in the lobby to solicit volunteer spellers from the audience. As for me, NOT! I won almost every spelling bee in fourth grade, except one: "r-o-d-i-o" for rodeo!
Some of us work best behind the scenes, I've learned. Except on the dance floor. Broadway?
A prominent figure, City Councilman Mike Buscetto was the evening's celebrity speller, "the only participant with a five o'clock shadow." Proudly, he spelled the word "apoop" with aplomb.
A stellar speller, the M.C.'s had to oust him! But, boy, did the cast sing a rousing, soulful goodbye, the best performance of the evening, in my opinion. The Community Service dude's performance akin to Stevie Wonder himself!!
A 2005 smash hit!
By William Finn and Rachel Sheinkin, it has won a couple of Tony awards.
"It's funny how I keep getting South American rodents."
With her father on one side giving her "directions" and the community service guy on the other side, giving her "encouragement" -- and reference made to her low blood sugar -- I lost it!! I laughed so hard that tears came to my eyes. Not only that, but I had to pee! (Can you please spell "cystitis?" Can you use it in a sentence, please?)
There was no Intermission, to my chagrin. So I had to have my drink before the show. Along with an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts and a chocolate glazed donut. (Stress burns calories.) And so, forcing myself to sit for the hour and 45 minutes duration, MY blood sugar felt low after the show -- you know, that familiar feeling of disorientation and confusion which has caused quite an illlusion -- that of being labelled -- the past decade -- mentally ill with depression (one-way ticket to nowhere fast).
But it was worth it.
Music & Lyrics by William Finn
Book by Rachel Sheinkin
Directed & Choreographed by Darren Katz
exclusive tour direction by The Road Company, New York
Produced by Phoenix Entertainment
Conceived by Rebecca Feldman in a two week workshop at The Farm,
a playwrights collective, founded in 2000.
Based on the play C-R-E-P-U-S-C-L-E

Art Shows: Past & Future

"Bringing Art to the Research Environment"
Pfizer Employee & Family Art Exhibit
Spring 1999
"Spring Freshet"
Oil on Canvas
(Montville Adult Ed - 1992)
"National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression"
Traveling Art Exhibit
ArtSpace, New London
Spring 2000
"Third Crossing" Annual Juried Exhibit
The Hygienic Art Gallery
New London, CT
Spring 2008
"Academia" (1993)
Oil on Canvas
Teacher: Alexander, Russia, Griffis Art Center (NL)
"A Celebration!"
Student Art Show
Granite Street Gallery
New London, CT
Opening Reception: Sunday, May 24, 2009
5-7 p.m.
Hope to see ya there!!