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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"April Flowers"

THE NEW YORK TIMES, SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2009/EVENING HOURS/Bill Cunningham/April Flowers...April 23: The Brooklyn Museum's annual gala in the renovated Beaux-Arts Court was attended by 415 guests. The event honored the architect James S. Polshek... April 28: The awards dinner of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City was at the Waldorf-Astoria. The event honored Edward J. Gardner, Soledad O'Brien, and Justin Tuck. The 1,000 guests raised nearly $2 million for the agency, a pioneer in the mentoring movement...April 29: Many guests wore pink to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation's gala at the Waldorf. Elton John and Liza Minelli entertained. Attended by 750 guests, the event raised more than $3.7 million...April 28: Women in Need, which serves homeless and disadvantaged women and their children, gave an awards dinner at the Pierre... April 27: Marymount Manhattan College gave a party at the Boathouse Cafe...April 27: The New York Pops held a concert at Carnegie Hall, followed by a dinner for 300 guests at the Pierre...April 27: Artists Space gave an awards dinner at the Prince George Ballroom... April 27: The Film Society of Lincoln Center presented the actor Tom Hanks with the Chaplin award at its 36th annual tribute dinner. The event took place in Alice Tully Hall...27. a centerpiece made of an archaic object, once useful in making films. April 28: Elaborate centerpieces graced the tables at the annual dinner of the Horticultural Society of New York. The event took place at 583 Park Avenue.

"A Tease"

THE NEW YORK TIMES, SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2009 On The Street/Bill Cunningham/A TEASE..."At a five-day preview of August in April, the fashion hits were long dresses, Panama hats and parasols. The leaves had not yet come out, so people sought the picturesque shade of flowering crab apple and cherry trees. A young entrepreneur set up a lemonade stand on upper Fifth Avenue. Hula-Hoop enthusiasts jockeyed for space in Bryant Park, and a dog sported sunglasses. ONLINE: ANTICIPATION: Bill Cunningham narrates a slide show of his photographs:

"Plug for Pequot!!"

originally appeared on Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2008 (but with the rising cost of food, I felt it paramount to post as a plug today) -- "SWEET TREATMENT!" HI! "At this moment, I would like to thank each and very staff member at Pequot Health Center. Without all of your support and contributions, throughout the years, I would be dead. You've all played a part. I couldn't have done it without each and every one of you." ("Miss Hickey, the music is playing!") ("Where are the flowers?") From the Receptionists at the Front Desk to Triage, to the Doctors, Nurses, and Physician Assistants, to the Blood Lab and the Occupational Health Dept.; and everyone else, for all your help with my illnesses and injuries, including expert diagnoses, listening, concern, care and's the plug... There is a sweet little place, undiscovered by most, within PHC. It's the Pequot Cafe, Exit 88 off I-95, Groton, CT -- where I have been having lunch and dinner often since September 2007. Not only have I lost a lot of weight and maintained a healthy diabetic diet, at great prices (amidst the ever soaring grocery prices), but I have enjoyed much conversation over coffee. I would like to thank "R" and "J" (who would make a great "caregiver") for their "lovingkindness" and support, laughs, great food and great service. High on the hilltop, overlooking the Great Lakes! As I start my life over, I promise to return again and again! (I owe you, Ron!) As always, Denise

"How was your weekend?"

Hi! Back from Memorial Day Weekend holiday! A GREAT weekend! Mostly rested up for the Celebration: Student & Teacher Art Show at the GSG and for my first day of the 2009 Season at the Beeeeeeaaach! (Lynne, you are welcome to come with me anytime.) The Opening Reception featured a large but comfortable turn-out. I want to thank Lynne very much for coming to the opening reception and special thanks to my family, who came to see the exhibit yesterday. Thank you all for your emotional support of my work!! First day at the beach was beautiful. Weather was awesome, a miracle. Clear, pristine air. Slight breeze. Cool and refreshing but the sun was warm. Cruise Night was fun; meeting up with new, old friends! A plug: CRUISE NITE, OCEAN BEACH, MONDAYS, 6-8 p.m., all summer long. Kool 101 Oldies, Boardwalk refreshments, kiddie rides, water park, Classic Car Show....see ya at the beeeeeaaaach!!***---