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Thursday, June 18, 2009

More on M.A.A.P. / OASIS

Hi! Photos to come soon of my new workspace, OASIS (Outdoor Art Studio -- isolated scene)...Good "photop" yesterday afternoon at OASIS -- stormy skies -- wild winds -- make for vibrant colors at the beach -- slept very, very well last night due to the nice cool weather and invigorating outdoor excercise (am I living in the wrong climate??) -- unusual these days given my unique set of circumstances -- should be posted in about a month; I hope...summers at Ocean Beach, Paula and I would leave the hot beach, have an ice cream cone under the pavilion in the shade, take our afternoon walk to the WaterPark, now for kids only, and the Nature Walk, Observation became "our office" almost a year after she passed away (April 2008)...and now, my future workspace...a new website for a future intended venture, be created on google...a separate entity (intention: create and sell art at outdoor festivals, Arts & Crafts Flea Market Vendor)...More copy and photos..."Making Art Affordable to the Public," and Outdoor Art Studio (isolated scene), my new workspace, which I hope to utilize soon -- if this rain ever lets up...think raindrops would look pretty on my Impressionistic oils of Block Island? many, many raindrops...falling from the sky...falling from my eye...

Coming Soon: "It Was a Wonderful Life"

Again, this is a template so that I can crank out the excerpts of the article on the passing of Frank Capra in 1990 /91, who produced / directed the immortal movie, "It's A Wonderful Life," starring James Stewart...hey, all of you crybabies out there!! There's nothing like a good cry! Really. It's cleansing...too bad my eyes are starting to get fine lines from all of the crying I've done the past two years...! if it feels good, do it!!...* * * :)

More Millay: Renascence / Bio

MORE MILLAY: Stanzas from "Renascence," as well as more background biographical info! This is a "template" to remind me to write it! I promise, I will include more stanzas from Millay's pet poem, Renascence head gets "jammed up" what with having to cope with everyday life, TOO...also more "vocabulary" (once a teacher, always a teacher...) There is some sordid, juicy stuff from her past; stuff I haven't been able to provide for you from my own life!...she's a good girl, loves her Mama, loves Jesus, and Elvis, too...("Free Fallin," Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)...Until next time, Denise...Denise Dances...2009

One of the Last Great Places: "I'M BACK!"

Coming Soon..."One of the Last Great Places" to include: THE TRIP OUT FROM PT. JUDITH, Galilee, RI: In a word, BOOOOOOOOOORRRRRING!! Sorry to any friends from out that way. I find anything past Westerly, Rhode Island, not only far away, but vaguely unsettling. Damp. Flat. Nowhere. Bogs. Marshes. Burials? Not sure what it is, but my feelings are almost always right. Vibes. Loooooooong and boooooooorrring!! Sorry! Thought I would never get there. My bike didn't fall off of the bike rack mounted to the rear of my car once -- thanx to the boys at Wayfarer Bike Shop on Ocean Avenue in New London -- THANX GUYS!! Unexpected reunion on the traditional ferry from Pt. Judith in the yeah - quaint -- fishing village of Galilee...needless to say, I was already looking forward to taking the high speed ferry from New London, with all of its excitement, hustle and bustle; anticipating my next time to Block Island...I'M BACK (journal entry recalling last year at this time); A description of the unique animals of Manisses Farm; and "Rodman's Hollow / Black Rock: Block Island as it was and will be" article excerpts from the Block Island Summer Times, June 2009. Take care, all. Gotta go and re-type part of the manuscript for my novel, All That Glitters (title taken) or..."Fool's Gold??? -- certainly appropriate! :) A most tedious task, but something I must do. Retype the first 25 pages - no, 50! she wants to read it! she wants to read it! pray for me! (for submission to a literary agent; along with that query letter) Who ever said I don't work????? Show someone you care today. Until next time...Denise...Denise Dances...2009.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Please see "Wonderful Town," Wednesday, November 12, 2008...Today, I would like to publicly thank the members of the New London Police Dept. They came to my aid without hesitation on Sunday, June 17, 2007. When no one else would answer the door, they had to be the bearers of bad news. Body brought to State Medical Examiner's Office in Hartford. Next of kin searched but never found. Through distant relatives, her body was eventually claimed and cremated, as she had wished. Obit appeared in "The Day" on Wednesday, July 11, 2007. Memorial Service held at St. James Episcopal Church on Sunday, July 15, 2007. While the sounds of Sailfest celebration raged outside the humid church interiors!! During her last eight years, as a widow, the New London policemen and women always warned Paula of dangerous places and situations to be avoided. The warning to "stay off the roads" on certain holiday weekends was always well-heeded. They never close. They always answer the phone. They arrive promptly when called to the scene. On some holidays, I show my appreciation by baking cookies and bringing them, along with a hand-written card, to the precinct. Can't you do the same? Show support to your local police department. Today. Why don't YOU step out from that lens, my friend? And capsize, with all the lies, that YOU'VE been living in?... * * *...Denise...Denise Dances...2009

Monday, June 15, 2009


Hi! OK, I know my review of the Coast Guard Concert this month is rather long, but I have re-created the concert here, so that you can enjoy the music through mere words - enjoy it as much as I did. And a superbly fitting tribute to my best buddy, Paula. Paula Gillespie! I know you're out there. Out of This World!!! * * * :) Next, I will have for you in Future Posts: (1) Frank Capra: 1897-1991: It Was a Wonderful Life; (2) "Hot Commodity" and "Love in the Zerox Room," two poems about the NYC corporate lifestyle; (3) "Black Maxx," a cabaret song by William Bolcom; (4) "Keeping Well with Diabetes," novo nordisk series, and "Diabetes Denial," article excerpts; (5) Job 3; (6) Job 42; (7) more romantic fiction,"Some Enchanted Afternoon; and (8) "One of the Last Great Places: Block Island, Rhode Island," to include the land conservation effort; as well as my own impressions on this sojourn; and more on M.A.A.P., a new artistic venture I am trying to start. Always startin' somethin'! (Wanna be startin' somethin'? Michael Jackson...) COMING SOON! See ya at the beeeeeaaaach!!...* * * :)Denise...Denise Dances...2009.

"Out of This World!"

THE UNITED STATES COAST GUARD BAND...Out of This World...Sunday, June 14, 2009 -- 2:00 p.m....Leamy Hall Auditorium...U.S. Coast Guard Academy... was Sunday, June 17 -- Father's Day of that year that I, along with several members of the New London Police Dept. -- found her deceased in her home. Today would have been her 71st (sorry, Good Buddy!) birthday...Presumed time of death at about June 14, 2007, as it had been two to three days, they said...A busy morning spent planning my future, a future venue with some travel, M.A.A.P. -- "MAKING ART AFFORDABLE to the PUBLIC."Coming up Mansfield Avenue on this bright and blustery, vivid Sunday, "en route" "en mi caro," to the USCG Concert -- I did feel Paula's presence -- very strongly. Standing tall, like a mother who is proud of her daughter. Someone who loved me when no one else understood me. Loved me, with -- and even for -- my bad temper, constant complaints and powerful emotions! Wore the blouse she picked out for me -- aquamarine, not black! She didn't want me wearin' no black today! Bow at the bodice. Yeah, with the sequins. And realizing the gravity -- LOSS. They say she is sightseeing. That she won't "cross over" until I'm taken care of. Taken care of: Health. Money. Connections. Love. A new home. Friends & Family. Healed relationships. And success. Success.Often, at the Ocean Beach Observation Deck, "our office," and the site of my new workspace, "O.A.S.I.S.," I've asked her to tell me what she's been up to. Where she has been travelling! (But I never thought she would tell me!) * * * SLIDE SHOW, PRE-CONCERT * * * Unofficial. Hubblescope...the Sun in all its blazing glory, up close...purple and blue haze of a distant galaxy...the mystical, spinning Saturn with its gaseous rings...a view of the Moon from the red, geometric landscape of Mars...a UFO, a flying saucer, hovering above the trees of a familiar green landscape...Began promptly at 2:00 p.m., that's 1400 hours, with CDR Kenneth W. Megan, Director -- SEMPER PARATUS!! that low rumbling -- the feeling of anticipation -- and pure joy! And Victory. Triumph. Da dah, da-da-da, dah dah dah, da DA, da Da, da Da -- As always, CWO Richard E. Wyman, Assistant Director steps out and talks to us over the music, always with a smile on his face and joy in his heart, to welcome us to the Coast Guard band concerts at Leamy Hall. "Selections from the Planets" was an unexpected delight, as was the whole concert on this, my best friend's birthday! It wasn't on the published schedule. It was an unexpected announcement I received in the mail, prior to my Block Island departure. Coast Guard Concert? Sunday, June 14?? I've got to go! If I don't go, she's going to be mad!On >"Selections from the Planets," three movements were chosen for today's concert, from a total of seven movements, all describing the planets. As the concert M.C., CWO Wyman explained that the composer, Gustav Holst took an interest in astrology, upon vacationing with a friend. Learning that each planet is associated with a human emotion which affects our psyche, Holst learned how to cast horoscopes, personal charts. Personally, I feel that astrology is best when used to understand yourself and those you love -- NOT to predict the future! For more info, go to: TV Guide Weekly seems pretty fun and accurate, though. :)...First movement: Mars, the Bringer of War......Steady, ominous, determined. Impending. With undercurrents of the opera, "Carmen" by Bizet...softly...steady...beat...climactic! (Inevitable.) Slowly but surely! "This card means the possibility of love. And this card means a disappointment in love." "Huh! Which will it be?" "We don't know. It could be either. But you will succeed, no matter what. Just cut through it! is what it's trying to say." Mari Anne cut through the air with an emphatic motion of her hand. "Lasting success," she continued. Debbie imagined a roomful of applause and a dinner party she was giving in her home. She imagined recognition through the years, best loved stories, continuing achievements, reknown. Next movement, Uranus, the Magician...Mischief, cartoons...Triumph -- a Star! More determined than ever. Brazen. Ends on a low note. Next, Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity...Luck! Merry, triumph! Rebirth. New horizon. Brave, new world. Adventure, enticements. A Homecoming. God's Promise: "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard of the things which await those who love Him."Next, CDR Megan said it was "good to see that celestial body, the Sun" and thanked everyone for coming to this concert on such a beautiful afternoon. "The most persistent arguments," he said, "against the existence of UFOs, is the lack of physical evidence." In this next, Selections from U.F.O. by Michael Daugherty, two movements, Traveling Music and Objects -- directed by the young talent, CWO Wyman -- the stage is set for a scene from a 1930s crime drama...MU1 Christopher E. Smith stalks through the audience...a strange stringed thing clutched in his a knife, he wields it...along with a red "toy" with a hand-held crank...silence. Then -- Sirens!!...Then, he hits the drums, accompanied by the band, conforms. Plays with utmost confidence and gusto! With the theme of "Dragnet" style action-packed music! Sirens...more drums -- playing with a vengeance with the LIGHTS OUT! Spotlight on Smith. Being called back to the Ship...spine winding toy...strange stringed thing.... And played the drums for the finish with confidence and gusto!! The entire band, along with CWO Wyman and Percussion Soloist Chris Smith earned a well-deserved resounding standing ovation from all the members in the audience. MU1 Smith joined the USCG band in February 2005. He is from Danbury, CT and received a bachelor's degree from the Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford. He performs regularly in orchestral venues throughout Connecticut, including New Haven, Bridgeport, Waterbury and Ridgefield. If you have the chance to see him at one of these venues, go for it! Not to be forgotten, the lovely MU1 Lisa Williamson sang "Mesicku na nebi hlubokem" from "Rusalka:" Song to the Moon, by Antonin Dvorak, and beautifully arranged by CDR Megan. Poignantly pleading...otherworldy...she has a foothold in that other place...feeling what the nymph herself the story goes, according to CWO Wyman, Czechoslavakia celebrates the mystical wonders of nature in its opera, here the story of a nymph in fairyland who falls in love -- wants to become human. I am happy to quote her words wrought with passion for you here: "SONG TO THE MOON..." ...Dear little moon in the deep heavens,/ your light seems far away,/ Around the wide world you wander,/ you look into homes of people./ Dear little moon, stand still for a while,/ tell me, where is my beloved?/ Say to him, silvery dear little moon,/ that my arms embrace him,/ Let him, at least for a little while,/ think of me in dreams./ Though he is far away, shine your light on him/ and tell him who waits for him here!/ If the human soul dreams, let this dream awaken him!/ Dear little moon, do not disappear! Finally, after Intermission, the "piece de resistance"...STAR WARS - A NEW HOPE, the main title and six movements! "Star Wars," the movie was first released in 1977. The USCG has been playing its theme, which is a mirror image of the theme to "Born Free" ever since. Producer George Lucas collaborated with composer John Williams, whom Steven Spielberg recommended -- for a fantastic movie set grounded in well-known music. Although the music is set to the theme of an epic adventure tale, bold and brave, but interspersed with the piccolo, and pioneering spirit -- it was accompanied by a dream-like sequence which recalls the popular hit soulful song..."God made a masterpiece in you...a work of art, it's true...and I treasure you, my love...Then, a quick assembly by the Masters of Swing quintet, for "the Battle" movement, and finally, the last movement, "The Throne Room" had undercurrents of the song once again, which I call "God's Masterpiece," which swept through it like the fog rolling off the sea. Swirling...ocean mist...sea spray...dream-like...interspersed with the "tango-esque" rhythmic beat and staccato strokes. Once again, interwoven with the unmistakeable tune of "God's Masterpiece..." As a final surprise -- the last song, the theme from a hit 1960s TV series...hint from CDR Megan: "Danger, Will Robinson! Aliens approaching!" Kind of funky, a dynamic song; "LOST IN SPACE!!" How did I know that?? I was born in 1962! To which a fellow concert-goer said, "The show was in reruns by then..." a jazzy, uptempo danceable tune, and very familiar to me. At concert end, I will add here that I approached CWO Wyman and told him that today was my friend's birthday, that she loved this kind of thing. "It was a tribute to her," he said, and "we're glad you could come." As I admittedly was trying hard not to cry, I quickly walked away. (Oh, Denise. You're such a Drama Queen.) Was also able to approach CDR Megan in the lobby. I told him how the planets, the astrology and Star Wars were the exact things that Paula loved! That the concerts were one of my best buddy's most favorite things to do. That I found the music to be very healing. And that all the members of the USCG band are very talented. And you know, I didn't even get hungry. Not for a nano-second...! * * * :) The next concert will be on Sunday, July 5, beginning promptly at 1400 hours.