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Friday, July 24, 2009

Also Coming Soon!

...yet even more stanzas from my favorite poem, RENASCENCE! Oh, yes, class, you have to sit through it! (with notes from the underground, of course!) Have a good weekend! THINK SUNSHINE! Live band and fireworks at Ocean Beach tonite! Denise...Denise Dances...2009. See you at the beeeeeaaaach!

"Smokin' Hot!!"

Yeah, me. But not in the way that you mean. Meaning that I just took a walk, thinking it was going to stay nice and cool and breezy today. Got away from New London. Took a break from OASIS (who could justify going to the beach by saying it's work??) I took a break from one "job" to go to the other "job," here at the Groton Library -- my blog. Which you could say is a real job now, as it will start -- soon, I hope, earning some $$ from the google adsense ads. Who says I don't work? As an artist / writer and former teacher, everything is grist for the mill. In other words, you are always working. It's not so different than teaching except that being an artist / writer becomes me, as teaching was overwhelming. Teaching requires being an extrovert. I like to think of myself as the extroverted introvert. Growing more introverted by the day though. Going back to the girl I was in high school. (Quiet, shy, always had my nose in a book. Then I wonder why I don't make friends easily!) I took a break from work & play in New London, and being "stalked by the papparrazi," so to speak, to come to Groton, where few people know me. I took a walk on the Town of Groton "Poquonnock River Boardwalk," which is funded in part by the Long Island Sound license plate program and the ubiquitous CT-DEP! And I found the answer I needed at the end of the ramp: The only way out is through it, Denise.Which means I guess I will live through this, this situation at hand. And now, I am smokin' hot! But not in the way that YOU mean. The humidity. Sun. Traffic. Rollin' down the river! Take care. Until next time, Denise...Denise Dances...2009. P.S. Launched my new "business venture," today: Check it out!

Coming Soon...

COMING of Cider, the cat and me, from the estate called "Paula," , at 190 Vauxhall, forgotten, but not by me. (Note: If you have seen "Gone with the Wind," even once, you know that their beloved plantation home was known as "Tara.") (MUSIC OVER) If you remember, I introduced said kitty cat to you, last fall, and had to say goodbye to him for the winter, as he had to go indoors. He is all grown up now and very healthy and independent. Take care. THINK SUNSHINE. Denise...Denise Dances...2009.


RENASCENCE...I screamed, and - lo! - Infinity/Came down and settled over me; Forced back my scream into my chest;/ Bent back my arm upon my breast; And, pressing of the undefined/ The definition on my mind, Held up before my eyes a glass/ Through which my shrinking sight did pass Until it seemed I must behold/ Immensity made manifold; Whispered to me a word whose sound/ Deafened the air for worlds around And brought unmuffled to my ears/ The gossiping of friendly spheres, The creaking of the tented sky,/The ticking of Eternity. (Denise! Denise, you can come out now. We got 'em.)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

COMING SOON: Renascence

Please stay tuned (tomorrow) for more stanzas from "Renascence," my adopted pet poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay (about being buried alive!) "I'm reliable!" :) (a little nutty, maybe...) Take care, Denise...Denise Dances...2009. THINK SUNSHINE!

Monday, July 20, 2009

"It's a Wonderful Life"

Finally, here it is! After months of procrastinating..."It Was a Wonderful Life: Frank Capra (1897-1991)" by James Verniere, THE BOSTON HERALD, Wednesday, Sept. 4, 1991. Los Angeles. "Oscar winning director Frank Capra, whose romantic idealism defined the American dream...died yesterday. He was 94...Mr. Capra died of natural causes...A Sicilian immigrant, Mr. Capra lived and celebrated his new country's spirit of opportunity. He came of age as a filmmaker during the Depression and his populist work triumphed the little man over the system, hope over despair, and an optimistic vision of country and place...'The art of Frank Capra is very simple: It is the love of the people,' he remarked when he accepted a Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute in 1982. 'Frank Capra made old-fashioned American values and crying in the movies a national pastime. He celebrated the noblest impulses of man, showed all of us our dark side, and then pointed a flashlight at the way out,' said director-producer Steven Spielberg...Mr. Capra's most enduring post-war film, "It's a Wonderful Life," starring Jimmy Stewart, influenced Spielberg ad a new generation of filmmakers...'Frank Capra will always have a special place in my heart,' Stewart said yesterday. 'I think this is true for the motion picture industry and true for the millions of people who saw his pictures.' Throughout his 38 years as a director, Mr. Capra also battled for the artistic freedom of the filmmaker. 'I suppose, being a Sicilian, I took a dim view of authority of any kind,' he once remarked. 'I don't like anybody telling me what to do.' Frank Capra was born in a small village near Palermo, May 19, 1897, the youngest of a farmer's seven children. The family emigrated to America when Capra was 6 and settled in Los Angeles, where his father, Salvatore, worked in nearby vineyards...His first way out was education. He worked his way through the California Institute of Technology, graduating as a chemical engineer in 1918. After a stint in the Army, he also taught mathematics in San Francisco, then discovered 'the magic carpet of film - I vaulted to fame on its witchery.' When you think about the legacy of Frank Capra, you must also come to terms with the downside of this three-time Oscar winner's legendary success: Hollywood's commercialization of 'Capra-corn' and its current and often witless devotion to happy endings. But his work with actresses is often underestimated because of the good-wifey role Donna Reed played in "It's a Wonderful Life." The truth is, Capra was brilliant at directing women. (I have to see this movie. I have to see it; I have to see it. Are we going? We're going, aren't we? If we don't go, I'm going to be mad!!!!)... * * * :) P.S. Coming soon to a theater near you...Fool's Gold????

"A Star is Born"

A STAR IS BORN. ( Written on Saturday morning, July 11, 2009) It is fast approaching the two-year anniversary of my best friend Paula's Memorial Service, held at St. James Church in New London. In fact, Sailfest is happening, as it was that day, as I write today. Poised to enjoy the festivities with my mother today. Happy to hear the birdies singing outside my window, "my back yard." In the cool morning air. "I'm just happy to hear the birds singing." (as others complain the sun is fading their carpeting). While living here on Earth, Paula once said, after one of my "tirades," -- Why don't you write about it on the computer? I said: "I don't want to regurgitate all of the things that happened to me, these past few years. I don't know how to do it. What kind of format to use." To which she smiled, a secret smile. As if she knew what to do for me. As if she would do it. FFW: May 2007. On the computer. At the Groton Library. Googled my latest interest. Discovered his profile on LINKEDIN. Posted my profile on LINKEDIN, the professional networking website (which I prefer to Facebook -- too voyeuristic!) Fall 2007: Email message from a past "associate," Deb, a former colleague at the "Campus Lantern," the weekly rag at Eastern Connecticut State U. (1984-86) She saw my profile on LinkedIn, wanted to know how I was doing. But I was too physically sick, as well as disheartened by my life at that point, to answer her. May 2008: I decided to respond to Deb's email message from several months ago, after all. We chatted briefly via email. I offered her the encouragement she needed. She introduced me to her blog, "Antiquity Oaks," about her life as a homesteader in the Illinois countryside where she uprooted and transplanted her family from the life of a city reporter. And I thought: I can do this. Where do I start? I asked her how to start my own blog. She referred me to Blogger. It was easy. The easiest thing I've ever done. May 23, 2008: A star is born. ("No man is a failure who has friends." -- Clarence Oddbody, from "It's a Wonderful Life," 1939.)

P.S. "Did ya get the memo?"

"DID YA GET THE MEMO?" Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2009. Re: The two-year anniversary of the Memorial Service for my best friend, Paula. Eloquently held at St. James Church in New London. While Sailfest raged outside. Last Wednesday, a light and airy day, ripe with possibilities. Encouraged by her to use my talents in art, I began drawing; sketching in colored pencil, the flowers outside of the arcade, MBM Fun Center, bright and beautiful on the hillside. To begin again, even if for a short time each day to start, as with the outdoor excercise regime I began one year ago, shortly after my diet started to kick in. "Easy does it." If I could just take each individual flower, do a little sketching each day. If I could choose between working with all kinds of people or in all different types of know which one I would choose. Outdoor sketching in colored pencil, with some reference from a few photos for things which move, are transient...Sketch 'em...paint from the outdoor sketches and photos...mount 'em in frames...price 'em...and sell 'em. Making Art Affordable to the Public (MAAP). Website on google coming soon..."While Sailfest raged outside..." Walking along the miniature golf course after a full day of it...whimsy...succession of creative ideas...with a song in my head and joy in my heart...lightheaded (did you check your blood sugar?)...giddy...had to sit down...take it all in. (Please note: "Bones," all education. No social skills.) I chose to spend the day quietly on the Ocean Beach boardwalk, at a special place down at the end, where our commemorative board lies: "We'll Always Be Friends: Denise Hickey and Paula Gillespie." A full day of sun. Ripe with possibilities. I had to sit down in the shade. In a special place which she surely picked out for me. Down at the end. Adjacent to the miniature gold course. Which has three benches with graduated degrees of sun and shade. Where cool breezes always encircle you, where Fisher's Island Sound meets Long Island Sound before your eyes. Overlooked by the large, dark windows of the "Port & Starboard" banquet hall where I've attended many celebrations throughout the years. "Festival Italiano," which I attended with my friend and his family in high school. My 20th high school reunion in 2000. The annual Spring Flower & Garden Show used to be held here. "Connecticut Ballroom Theater", from the studio of "Let's Dance in Rhythm" out of Branford held a dinner theater here in late February 2007...I often wonder what would have happened to me if I hadn't extended a chance invitation to a friend at work, "Hey. Do ya wanna go to Ocean Pizza?" that early evening in Winter 2001. She was with me through my tunnel of darkness. SEMPER PARATUS: "Steadfastness. Courage (that'd be me). And always ready to help." Compassion. Old-fashioned values which don't seem to exist anymore. But they worked for me. I often wonder what would have happened if I didn't extend a chance invitation to a friend. ("Did ya get the memo?" a joke we once shared over the trivialities of corporate life.)