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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


RENASCENCE...Long had I lain thus, craving death,/ When quietly the earth beneath Gave way, and inch by inch, so great/ At last had grown the crushing weight, Into the earth I sank till I/ Full six feet underground did lie, And sank no more, there is no weight/ Can follow here, however great. From off my breast I felt it roll,/ And as it went my tortured soul Burst forth and fled in such a gust/ That all about me swirled the dust. Deep in the earth I rested now./ Cool is its hand upon the brow And soft its breath beneath the head/ Of one who is so gladly dead. And all at once, and over all/ The pitying rain began to fall; I lay and heard each pattering hoof/ Upon my lowly, thatched roof, And seemed to love the sound far more/ Than ever I had done before. For rain it hath a friendly sound/ To one who's six feet under ground; And scarce the friendly voice or face,/ A grave is such a quiet place. (* * *)

To All of You Old Poopyheads!!!

TO ALL OF YOU OLD POOPYHEADS: Don't leave the house! Stay home today! I heard these words in my head yesterday morning. But did I listen? No. Not to the words of warning or to my body. My bedroom. Beautiful in the morning sunlight. Cool with the a/c. Colors of green and pale yellow. I just wanted to crawl back into my bed, mid morning, in my "jammers." But I didn't listen. Brutal confrontation at the beach. But it was worth it. And now, I would like to address all of you old poopyheads, once and for all. ( which I said: I'm leaving.) I HAVE ISSUES. I DON'T NEED TO BE JUDGED FOR A SITUATION WHICH NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT, WHICH I DON'T OWE ANYONE AN EXPLANATION FOR. I DON'T NEED ANYONE TALKING AT ME! And furthermore...I still long for that day when...I find that special person I am meant to grow old with...that someone with whom I will be walking down the Ocean Beach Boardwalk...years from now...hand in hand...someone who will still love me, even when my boobies are sagging! Tonight, you're mine, completely. You give your love so deeply. But tell me now and I won't ask again...Will you still love me tomorrow? Will you still love me tomorrow?Take care. Think Sunshine! Denise...Denise Dances...2009.