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Saturday, August 15, 2009


RENASCENCE -- The rain, I said, is kind to come And speak to me in my new home./ I would I were alive again To kiss the fingers of the rain,/ To drink into my eyes the shine Of every slanting silver line,/ To catch the freshened, fragrant breeze From drenched and dripping apple-trees/ For soon the shower will be done. And then the broad face of the sun/ Will laugh above the rain-soaked earth Until the world with answering mirth/ Shakes joyously, and each round drop Rolls, twinkling, from its grass-blad top./ How can I bear it, buried here, While overhead the sky grows clear/ And blue again after the storm? O, multi-colored, multi-form,/ Beloved beauty over me, That I shall never, never see/ Again! Spring-silver, autumn-gold, That I shall never more behold! --/ Sleeping your myriad magics through, Close-sepulchred away from you!/ O God, I cried, give me new birth, And put me back upon the earth!/ Upset each cloud's gigantic gourd And let the heavy rain, down-poured/ In one big torrent, set me free, Washing my grave away from me!...VOCABULARY (Once a teacher, always a teacher! Especially at The Residence.) (1) bribe: n. [ME, something stolen, fr. MF, bread given to a beggar] 1: money or favor given or promised to a person in a position of trust to influence his judgement or conduct. (2) covert: n. la: hiding place, SHELTER. (3) covert: adj. [OF, couvrir, to cover] 1: not openly shown, engaged in or avowed: VEILED. (4) scrutiny: [L, scrutinium, fr. scrutari, to search, examine] 3: close watch: SURVEILLANCE (5) launder: vb 1: to wash (as clothes) in water 2: to make ready for use by washing and ironing, vi: to wash or wash and iron clothing or househld linens -- launderer. (6) bravo: n. [It, fr. bravo, adj.]: VILLAIN, DESPERADO, esp.: a hired assasin. (7)"bravo!:" {sic} n. a shout of approval -- often used interjectionally in applauding a performance. (Why don't YOU step out from that lens, my friend??? And capsize, with all the lies, that YOU'VE been living in???) "I don't know anything." (OK, EVERYBODY! COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!!!)...Denise...Denise Dances...2009.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

16th Annual Block Island Arts & Crafts Festival

16th Annual Block Island Arts & Crafts Festival...August 8 & 9, 2009...10am - 6pm..."On the beautiful grounds of the Narragansett Inn, New Harbor"...The reason for my sojourn to Block Island for my second trip this year! For a "future career" as a Flea Market Arts & Crafts Vendor, and to sell on-line at Rose Farm Inn. More like a family, a second home away from home. An independent spirit of local business owners, Block Island is the place for me. Not feeling so hot after a late afternoon of Pinot Grigio sipped on my bedroom floor at the Inn, on Saturday while writing my first blog post on Block Island ("On Being a Work-a-holic"), and immediately following that -- Afternoon Dessert Hour! Not! When you have Diabetes. (Don't ask me what the numbers are! did you check your blood sugar??) (Also, please note: Save your back (pack!). BYOB on the island, at the store, for five bucks more! The next morning, I decided to forego church, take it easy in the morning, especially as I've decided I don't believe in organized religion anymore. so, I had the complimentary continental breakfast, served in the lovely round room of the farmhouse, overlooking the meandering wildflower gardens which "Rasta Ron" tends with care. Coffee, lots of coffee. Lite yogurt, cherry (PROTEIN). One for the room. A banana (FRUIT-Carb). Chopped melon and canteloupe (FRUIT-Carb). Cereal with milk, granola (CARB-PROTEIN). I walked down the gently sloping hills to visit the animals at morning feeding time at the Manisses Farm. Bout four or five llamas chewed their cud, mostly white llamas. One had brown spots. I backed away from the fence, as llamas are known to spit and I didn't want my nose bitten off! Several mallard ducks waddled outside the barnyard fence, brown-spotted, obviously female, as they had the dull coloring. Not baby chicks anymore and not yet full-grown chickens, several small fowl, some white and some black, chirped softly as they ate grain on the ground. "Tweet, tweet!" ("Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman," Britney Spears) The "zedonk" took part in the morning feeding, too. If you remember from an earlier post, last June, I defined most of the animals at Manisses Farm. "Rasta Ron" and I discussed the oddity of it this morning as he diligently weeded the garden out back. The "Zedonk" is a hybrid of a donkey and stallion mare. He didn't approve. "Messing with Mother Nature," I agreed. "How would you like it if someone tried to make you mate with someone you didn't feel comfortable with?" I laughed and concurred, but insisted I thought the "Zedonk" was cute. "With his striped legs!" (If I ever get that film developed from last June, I will post photos.)MORE, MUCH MORE TO COME, ON THE BLOCK ISLAND ART FESTIVAL...LATER! PART II...and ON BEING A WORK-A-HOLIC (portrait of the residents of BI...) Take care. THINK SUNSHINE. Denise...Denise Dances...2009. Comments?

"Art on Block Island"

Artist Show 2009...The Spring Street Gallery...Sunday, August 9th...Opening Reception 5-7pm...Show runs through August 15th...John Fuller Photography "New Work"...with pottery from gallery artist Betsy Barker. (For more info, go to: Down to earth, handsome and clean-cut; he talked to me about the Block Island Arts & Crafts Festival, the reason for my being there on the weekend of August 8 and 9, 2009. He said that he got his start there. He lives on the island. But he does weddings now. Walking my bike up Spring Street after meeting some of the artists at the Block Island Arts and Crafts Festival, I spied the sign. I bounded into the Spring Street Gallery and met John Fuller, the photographer. I asked if tonight's reception was casual dress. If it cost anything to attend the show. If there would be refreshments. Happy that I noticed the sign, he invited me to come...Her husband and daughter served up the wine at the front door. She's been making pottery for ten years. Her work sells. Most of the pieces, she made in the last two months because demand for her work was so high, her daughter said. Simple, utilitarian creations. Basic colors, soothing, elegant. "Inspired by the sand, sea, and sky of Block Island." Prices ranged from $25 for a large ceramic bowl to $108 for a tray with four tall ceramic glasses. "Lemonade set inspired by the stands on Block Island." (SOURCE: BLOCK ISLAND TIMES, page 17, or go to: Her young daugher, a finance major, was very encouraging. Glowing, apple cheeks, glossy hair short and dark...mother and daughter, out of Stamford, CT. In 1982, "The Barn" was established to help local artisans market their work. Now known as "The Spring Street Gallery," and operating as a cooperative, our members are year-round and summer residents producing fine arts, crafts and jewelry. Operating under the Block Island Economic Development (BIED).

"Did You Know...?"

"Did You Know?...interesting facts about Block Island. "Did you know?"...that the North Lighthouse, the first bit of Block Island you see, was built in 1867? "Did you know?"...that the Manissean Indians were the first inhabitants of Block Island, seen in 1527 by Italian explorer Verrazzano as he sailed past the Island? "Did you know?"...that Old Harbor is a designated National Historic District? "Did you know?"...that the tourism industry began on Block Island one hundred and thirty years ago? "Did you know?"...that Block Island was plundered by French pirates four times in the late 1600s and early 1700s? "Did you know?"...that during the American Revolution, General George Washington ordered the Yankee inhabitants of Block Island to move their cattle and sheep to the mainland to keep them from the British soldiers? "Did you know?"...that during the War of 1812, Block Island chose neutrality and British soldiers refilled water kegs and purchased supplies there? "Did you know?"...that the 150 foot high Mohegan Bluffs are named after a band of invading Mohegan Indians who were pinned at the base by the local Manisses? "Did you know?"...that "Island Cemetery" features gravestones dating back to the late 1600s? "Did you know?"...that the Block Island Historical Society museum is an 1872 structure with a mansard roof? "Did you know?"...that Rodman's Hollow is a glacial outwash basin that was the first piece of property purchased in the island's 35-year tradition of land conservation? "Did you know?"...that I've defied the odds of a patient diagnosed with depression and treated in the public healthcare system of dying 25 years earlier? (rapidly hand-written as the Block Island Express pulls into Port.) Take care. THINK SUNSHINE! Denise...Denise Dances...2009.NOTE: Please see earlier post, dated Monday, Sept. 8, 2008: NEWSWORTHY, A CLIP SHOW.

"On Fool's Gold"

Hi! Working in reverse chronological order today, from the time in which I got back from Block Island for the second time this summer! The first post I proudly present to you today is...ON FOOL'S GOLD -- I moved to New York in late May 1987, with dreams of becoming a writer, tender age of 25. I did find "the story" and rapidly penned it in my yellow legal-size notepads after working in a corporate office all day, when I would get home from work. On the weekends, I would go into the office and type my story on the WANG word processor, filing it off onto floppy diskettes. Don't have the diskettes anymore (think they would be worth something today?) but do have the typed manuscript, originally named "All That Glitters," but recently changed to "Fool's Gold." With dreams of writing "The Great American Novel," I avidly wrote based on actual experiences in the late 1980s (Truth is Stranger than Fiction). In December of 2008, Literary Agent Jan Kardys held a publishing workshop at the Groton Library. She held another workshop in early June 2009. Jan was good enough to read my email submission of the first 25 pages of FOOL'S GOLD recently. Here is her candid response. My story didn't "hook" her and that my characters need more development, visually. She suggested that I put my novel, FOOL'S GOLD onto to share with other writers and exchange comments about our works in progress. Check it out. (this Fall) My hopes and dreams that my novel FOOL'S GOLD would vault me into literary stardom haven't happened yet. But Dear Reader, you ARE reading this, aren't you??? FOOL'S GOLD, the book, the movie...Just a pipe dream? Or should I mean what I say...when I say...that I would consider my return to perfect health payment enough???...* * * :)...Denise...Denise Dances...2009.