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Friday, September 18, 2009

Coming Soon!

COMING SOON...More photos: OASIS in June, Ocean Beach, flower gardens (location to be disclosed)...and meet Cider -- that elusive kitty cat I befriended last summer. He's become so independent, healthy, and friendly! I'd love for you to meet him the estate known as "Paula"...Forgotten but Not By Me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Outdoor Concert

US COAST GUARD CONCERT. Fort Trumbull. New London, CT. Labor Day Weekend. CDR Kenneth Megan and CWO Richard Wyman. Clarinet Solo with Drummer (sympatico). Trumpet Solo. Dixieland Jazz Band. Finale: Entire Band. Downriver. Fort on the hill.


OASIS -- New London, CT. Ocean Beach, Neptune & Ocean Avenues. OASIS-- Outdoor Art Studio -- isolated scene -- at the end of the Nature Walk, Observation Deck.

Oh, Denise, Shooby-Doo..

Denise...Summer 2009...Final Cruise Nite at Ocean Beach -- Dig my new haircut! Lost weight, feel great! Also, my summer hang-out! ("Oh, Denise" -- Randy & the Rainbows)THIIIIIIINK SUNSHINE!!!

Block Island in June

Block Island, RI. June 9-12, 2009. Wrote business plan for MAAP and Social Networking. Here we have me on my Trek bike (mostly a wash-out); the Rose Farm Inn (my home away from home) and the background is the inspiration for my painting, Dream House; the Manisses Animal Farm: LLamas, chickens, ducks, roosters, and the ZEDONK (hybrid of donkey mare/ zebra stallion). Enjoy!

Forgotten but Not By Me

The estate otherwise known as "Paula," (as in "Tara," the beloved plantation estate in the movie, "Gone with the Wind," MUSIC OVER...), 190 Vauxhall Street, NL, purchased by LL at 89 Vauxhall. Forgotten but not but me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Hook

Fool's Gold, by Denise Hickey (NYC, 1987-90): ...The Hook. "This card means the possibility of love. And this card means a disappointment in love." "Huh! Which will it be?" "We don't know. It could be either. But you will succeed, no matter what. Just cut through it! is what it's trying to say." Mari Anne cut through the air with an emphatic motion of her hand. "Lasting success," she continued. Debbie imagined a roomful of applause and a dinner party she was giving in her home. She imagined recognition through the years, best loved stories, continuing achievements, reknown...(the opera Carmen by Bizet...starts off slowly, softly, faintly...continues...builds momentum...resounding, climactic!) "Now, this row represents things you cannot change." Mari Anne pointed to three cards. "Catholicism. The belief that you have to suffer for every reward. You can succeed and have love, too. But you will succeed, no matter what." "I have always thought that. That I would be successful, but nothing else. You know when you just know you'll be really successful?" Debbie said. She imagined a banner with the word SUCCESS! Gee, she thought. This prediction really spells out Success in flying colors! "Total feminity. This is something you cannot change and you should always be proud of that," Mari Anne said. Well, she was. "Also, you're fortunate. You may not believe that, but you are." "You know, I am fortunate. But I never think I am," Debbie realized. "I'm that way, too," Mari Anne said. "Whenever something good happens, I try to find something negative. I say, 'Yeah, but...' ...FOOL'S GOLD by Denise Hickey. Never found love?

"Coming Up"

COMING UP: Oktoberfest at Ocean Beach, Friday, Oct. 2, 2009 and Rock & Soul Revue, at Port & Starboard, Ocean Beach, Saturday, Oct. 17th. Honeeeey, see you at the beeeeeeaach! THIIIIINK SUNSHINE! Denise...Denise Dances...2009.

"A Real Gem"

A REAL GEM. New London, CT. July 11, 2009. (Would have been my grandmother, Memere's birthday). A memento of Sailfest 2009 and a gift from my mother -- Christmas in July -- is the string of semiprecious stones I sport about my neck daily. Purchased from Flea Market Vendor, Joyce Densmore, Designer, Hot Flash Jewels at: Magma, the hot inner core of the earth is the source of all minerals. It comprises all of the basic elements found on earth. As it cools and rises to the surface, it forms new molecular combinations. Crystals form. Crystals composed of one basic material are "minerals." Crystals composed of more than one material are called "stones." The art of healing using gemstones is thousands of years old, occurring in every ancient, advanced civilization from the Sumerians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Arabs, India and China. The earliest reports, in the fourth millenium B.C. are found in Sumerian writings ("cuneiform") and Indian Vedic texts. Used by doctors in India to channel the force of the sun -- this long lost ancient practice is now included as part of the medical curriculum in Indian universities. The first Chinese medical book -- written 5000 years ago by Shen Nung, the Red Emperor -- detailed descriptions of gemstones and their healing properties. In the Bible, the twelve tribes of Israel are represented by 12 precious stones, possessing extaordinary powers. In the Book of Revelation, John's predictions of the New Jerusalem is fashioned by gemstones. "Liber lapidum seu de gemmis," the handbook by the Benedictine, Marbad, Bishop of Rennes -- wrote of the efficacy of gemstones. An overview of 60 gems and their healing properties, it became a bestseller, translated into four languages and 14 editions (1511-1799.)THE HEALER WITHIN. The most famous physician of the RENAISSANCE, Theophrastus Bornbastus von Hohenheim, "Paracelsus for short," wrote -- "On Minerals" (1493-1541). In his scientific writings, he said: "There is only one source of health -- the...wise, limitlessly powerful healer within us...the ability to cure all things. The only reason someone becomes sick is that the inner healer has been weakened and obstructed through careless habits of living...the only thing I attempt to do is to restore the healing power within."(Um...everything in moderation???)Of the gemstone cubes I sport about my neck on a daily basis: (1) ONYX: Known to heal wounds, infections, inflammation, sunburn. Wards off negativity. Good for stamina. Promotes confidence + responsibility = Success! Chemical composition: Si O2 + C, Fe. (2) Turquoise: Known to heal throat and lung infections, pain and inflammation. Lifts depression. Chemical composition: Cu A1 6 [(OH) 2 / PO 4 ) 4 - 4H 2 O + Fe. (3)Rose Quartz (plutonic rock): Known to be effective against radiation. Placed next to computer, can prevent headache and eye fatigue. Placed next to bed, effective against earth and water radiation, promoting sleep. (Natural radon gases occur in the earth beneath some buildings. I believe mine is one of them, but not sure. "National Radon Consulting Group," Scheduler, Winter-Spring 1995). Heals the heart. Chemical composition: Si O2 + A1, Fe, Na, Ti + (Ca, Ng, Mn). (4)Jasper (volcanic rock): Sexual energy, aphrodisiac. Kidneys, liver, gallbladder. Chemical composition: Si O2 + Fe, O, OH, Si. (5) Calcedony: Weather / disorders. Neck, tonsils, vocal cords, fever, inflammation. Promotes self-confidence and protection from nightmares. Calmness and composure. Chemical composition: Si O2 + (Fe, Mn, MnOx, Cu). (6) Freshwater pearls: (Derived from marine animals, oysters). Cures chronic headaches and migraines. Reduces allergies. Wisdom, contentment into old age. Warns sensitive people of imminent disaster. Chemical composition: CaCO3 + organic substances -- mother of pearl. (7) Silver (precious metal): Increases the power of weak stones; reduces power of strong. Promotes weight loss. Calm, inner peace. Wealth & prosperity! Pacifies those prone to outbursts of anger! Promotes self confidence. Removes inhibitions...(Worn about MY neck, this metal has its work cut out for it!!!) Chemical composition: Ag. SOURCE: Healing Crystals and Gemstones from Amethyst to Zircon, by Dr. Flora Peschek_Bohmer, with Gisela Schreiber, Copyright 2002. Konecky & Konecky, Old Saybrook, CT. (Purchased at the Book Barn used bookstore, Niantic, CT.)

Forbidden Fruit

"Forbidden Fruit" New London, CT -- I'd forgotten how to live. Sit on the bench. Don't stay in the sun too long. Don't sit in the sand. Avoid the jelly fish. Avoid the big waves. Avoid the flotsam and jetsom. Don't talk to strangers. Don't send inappropriate signals. Don't swim in the ocean in September! Forbidden. No lifeguards around to save me. Not that they would. Gently whispering waves. Cool breeze. Warm sun. Dew point dropped. Cold. Clean. Clear. New London Ledge Light. Up close. Race Rock Light. Gray in the distance. Cormorant Island. "On the rocks!" Boats. Tide curls back. Cold outdoor shower. Apres swim. "Whew!" Seagulls all around...the beach on Long Island Sound...Wake me up when September ends...Denise...Denise Dances...2009 -- at the Shoreline Swing Dance. Saturday, Sept. 19, at the East Lyme Community Center.

Monday, September 14, 2009

About Benioff

Author David Benioff, born in New York, 1970. Dartmouth College, University of CA Irvine Master's in Fiction program. Trinity College, Dublin. Novel turned screenplay, '25th Hour' (2002). Collection of short stories, "When the Nines Roll Over" (2004). Novel, "City of Thieves" (2008). ONE BOOK/ONE REGION selection. Pending projects include: screenplay of the late rocker, Kurt Cobain and an HBO series, "A Song of Fire and Ice." Up and coming! (Note: When I ran into an acquaintance, John, at the Groton Library (where intellects go who can't keep jobs), he said: "You could be a wealthy movie director and I don't know it." I quipped, "That could change tomorrow!") Fool's Gold...Coming a theater near you? I have to see this movie. I have to see it; I have to see it. Are we going? We're going, aren't we? If we don't go, I'm going to be mad!!!...* * * :)

"Up and Coming!"

New London, CT -- On the evening of Thursday, Sept. 10 at 7pm, the "1962 Room" at Connecticut College Crozier-Williams Hall as filled to near capacity with hundreds of book lovers from Southeastern Connnecticut. The ONE BOOK, ONE REGION program featured author and screenwriter David Benioff and his featured book, "City of Thieves" (2008). A WWII adventure and coming of age story during the Nazis' brutal siege of Leningrad, I have not yet read the book. It features "the colorful, creative language" Russians are somewhat known for, such as "I want to poop in your soup," one such quip which Benioff found "very un-American." Upon asked, he said he would eavesdrop on Russian conversations and ask others to tell him what they said. His research methods for his book took him to Russia, "not consecutively," over three years, with trips to St. Petersburg. He tried to learn Russian, but found the language very difficult. The recommended advice he took was to read a single book in order to research his topic, which was "900 Days" (English). Generous in his answers to questions from his intelligent audience, but soft-spoken, his sense of humor was often lost on me as everyone else laughed. But when he quipped something about "Russian wedding cake" and being cursed with "years of bad sex," I laughed, quite loudly, in fact. But I was the only one. My sense of humor most often goes against the grain as do I, and I find myself forced to fly under the radar, so to speak. But I will add here: "All good things come to those who wait!" Benioff himself seems to be a fine example of this adage as he is married to actress Amanda Peet, with one daugher, lives bicoastally in New York and Los Angeles, and is a successful novelist / screenwriter at age 39. As the smallest boy in his high school class, he often suffered rejection from high school girls. Ironically this rejection prepared him well for the future rejection slips he was to face, at first, for his works in progress. Once he was able to recover, he heeded the main thread of all their critiques: "Well-written. Good dialogue. Interesting characters. But the story is not well-organized enough." He tried spreading the chapters on the living room floor, he said, but he now finds that writing in sequence works best for him. Thus the latest success of "City of Thieves" (2008) which took seven years to write, "from the first sentence to the last sentence." When I got my courage to step up to the mike, I asked him: "How did you get your first novel published?" and "How did you get your screenplay sold and produced?" here is what he said. "I wrote two novels which were never published. I was 28 and I don't think they were that good. So I was glad they weren't published. '25th Hour' is the third novel I wrote {and his first ever published novel}. Finding an agent can be just as hard as finding a publisher." My literary agent sent my novel to 10 or 12 publishing companies before being accepted by a small company. '25th Hour' was sold to Hollywood as a screenplay, as well. He finds novel-writing to be more rewarding than being a screenwriter, as a novel is "your own," "your baby." A screenplay is a collaboration of writers, directors, actors, cinematographers, etc., "not the same sense of accomplishment as a novel." He admits: "I spent more time in my head with my characters than with my real-life friends." His best subjects in school were English and History, "but nothing else." He taught high school English in Brooklyn for three years but is admittedly "not gifted as at teacher." As a male writer, he had even more rejection to overcome as he feels writing is "not masculine enough" and getting boys and men to read is difficult in this country. He feels reading can be seen as "a sissy thing" where video games take its place instead. He found the college experience "wonderful." "I believe in your talent." A special person in college encouraged him and became his advisor. "You need some kind of outside reinforcement, no matter how strong you are," he said and feels he would not be where he is today without this person, calling it "the best academic experience of my life." Having supportive parents and sisters who are voracious readers doesn't hurt either. Wrapping it all up by saying how tough it can be as a male to write and be public about it, he said, "You learn by screwing up" -- to resounding applause.


"Making Art Affordable to the Public" (MAAP) -- New London, CT. On June 9,10 & 11, 2009, I wrote a business plan from my cozy room at the Rose Farm Inn, Block Island, RI. Could say the trip was a total wash-out, as I didn't accomplish much in the way of preliminary outdoor sketching for future oils, or to take the destined bike trips to Town Beach, the Southeast Light, and Rodman's Hollow for optimal outdoor sketching and that biking experience, due to the pelting rain, wind, fog and resultant humidity. (My father was a biker.) But as far as social networking goes, I did accomplish much and the thanx goes to Jamie Rose and Judith Rose, the innkeeper and her daughter who provided much insight on the artists who survive and thrive on Block Island. The subsequent trip out to The Block in August to meet the artists at the BI Arts & Crafts Fest turned out to be a social networking venture as well. SEE MY FILE PHOTO OF THE NARRAGANSETT INN ON PRIOR POST: BI Art Fest, Pt. II. The birthplace of MAAP was OASIS, "Outdoor Art Studio -- isolated scene," the observation deck at the end of the Nature Walk, Ocean Beach, New London, CT. Hope you enjoyed the pix on a prior post, OASIS, the views of the area surrounding it. I took the artist Janice Causey's advice and am now the proud owner of pastel crayons, very colorful but messy (there is no paper coating). My niece Julia and I were the first to christen my new pencils on Saturday night after dinner in the country. There is only one thing left to do. Get busy! I must carry on! Land ho! (Denise...Denise Dances...2009.)For more info, go to:

"That's the Hook!"

YEAH, THAT'S IT! "Never Found Love???" Fool's Gold...Coming a theater near you...(Denise...Denise Dances...2009 -- at the Shoreline Swing monthly dance, this Saturday, Sept. 19th,East Lyme Community Center, the first one of the season. Be there or be square!)