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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Walk in the Park

A WALK IN THE PARK Groton, CT. Saturday, October 10, 2009. Poquonnock Plains Park, that is. "What are all these peeeeople doing here? I just wanted to go for a walk in the paaaark. What if I see someone who I know who I don't want to know anymore? What do I saaay? What if I see someone I like? I don't know what to saaaay. How long should I stand there talking to him? Should I wait for him to say, 'I have to go now?' What if I seem too clingy? What if I were to reeeally be myself and he thinks I'm a total nutcase?COMING SOON: Photos of the Groton Fall Festival which took place at Poquonnock Plains Park today. A self employed business owner expo, of sorts. Featuring: Hart Woodcrafts custom pens and pencils out of Ledyard, CT at Pampered Chef Kathy Narciso at New London Ledge Light Health District gave away free flu kits. Aaaaand...most helpful of all to me or to you who want to start your own business: -- We are a group of dedicated business professionals providing spouses and families with resources to explore personalized business opportunities. The advice which Rick Jeffcoat Board Advisor supplied me with was very helpful and I offer it to you here: For a Federal Tax ID#, to to You'll never have to give out your social security number! For information on how to write a business plan, therefore enabling you to try to obtain a bank loan, go to: SECTOR: Southeastern CT Enterprise Region. The acoustics of the football size field around which a one mile track raps, were awesome as Gabrielle's Kickboxing Studio members gave an agggggressive presentation to today's popular music! as the band Nineteen played Steely Dan, as well! PHOTOS TO COME SOON. Not just another walk in the park, Groton Fall Festival at Poquonnock Plains Park, an annual event. There is only one thing left to do. Get busy! I must carry on! Land ho!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hold Down the Fort!

FORT TRUMBULL State Park, New London, CT. Sept. 23, 2009. "For the ramparts we watched...were so gallantly streaming..." Here we have: Fort Trumbull, the view from the entrance on Walbach Street, just past the visitor center. Next, rounding the corner, the view of the Fort as it overlooks the Thames River atop the hillside. Returning back to the visitor center, on the way out, the cannons are aimed at -- ? On the deserted side roads, taken over by the controversial Eminent Domain, here stands what I believe is an Art Deco style building, popular in the 1920s...a social club? And my "beautiful" car that always gets me to where I want to go. (Take care of your other body -- your car! I highly recommend Midas on Broad Street in New London as well as Valvoline on Colman Street.)

Ready to Take a Chance Again

("Oh, Gloria. You hide behind those glasses in the library all day. It's time you got out more.")...You remind me...I live in a shell...Safe from the past...And doin' OK but not very well...No jolts, no surprises...No crisis arises...My life goes along as it's all very nice but not very good...And I'm ready to take a chance again...Ready to put my love on the line with you...Been living with nothing to show for it...You get what you get when you go for it...And I'm ready to take a chance again with you...When he left me in all my despair...I just held on...My hopes were all gone...then I found you there...And I'm ready to take a chance again...Ready to take a chance again...with you.... (Goldie Hawn & Chevy Chase, FOUL PLAY, 1978.)...(I've got to see this movie. I've got to see it; I've got to see it. Are we going? We're going; aren't we? If we don't go, I'm going to be mad!!!...* * *:)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Be an SOB!

Be an S.O.B. -- New London, CT. "Port & Starboard" Ballroom, Ocean Beach Park, Saturday, Oct. 17, 2009. 6:30 - Buffet. 7:30 Live Music & Dancing to "Rock & Soul Revue." $25 in advance, payable to S.O.B. (SAVE OCEAN BEACH, Inc., New London, CT) $30 at the door. WHY? All proceeds to fund the continuing restoration of Ocean Beach Park, New London's greatest natural resource, in my opinion. Numerous flyers have been distributed all summer long in what I call "good aggressive marketing tactics." I always did admire good salesmanship, going back to the day when I worked as a sales department secretary at McGraw-Hill, Inc. in New York (1987-90). I enjoyed the benefits of Ocean Beach Park all summer long, thanks to the Season's Pass, which my mother bought for me this year. Broke all summer long because I went to Block Island on two separate occasions to launch my fledgling business venture, MAAP, I packed my lunch and enjoyed the beach. Now I would like to give back. Yes, it is a courageous thing to "go it alone." But I hope to see some of the many acquaintances I've made in the past few years, which includes members of Shoreline Swing who travel "the dance circuit" as I do and many others who I've met along the way. How else do you turn acquaintances into friends? Sumptuous buffet, live music & dancing, cash bar, ocean view, raffles, prizes, etc. Close to home -- don't have to worry about my car imploding in the middle of nowhere -- who can beat that??? Take care. Hope to see you there. Will there be food? (Denise...Denise Dances...2009.)...Seagulls all around...the beach by Long Island Sound......(THIIIIIIIINK SUNSHINE!)