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Friday, March 12, 2010

Still Goin' Strong!

THANX READERS! Fifteen (15) hits to my blog yesterday. Keep readin' and I promise to keep writin'! Just in time to coincide with the annual Academy Awards on TV, live at the Kodak Theater in L.A. this year, I promise to put my novel, "Fool's Gold" on line; hopefully this year; most likely on There is also a Writer's Group which meets the first Saturday of each month at 12 Noon, Bean & Leaf Cafe, on Washington Street, just off of State Street in downtown New London. Bring your "rags," everyone! Don't be afraid to walk the talk! Speak it back to me when you see me walkin' down the streets of New London! C'mon! Don't be afraid, now! (Denise...Denise Dances...2010)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hygienic: Call for Artists!

HYGIENIC ART GALLERIES: is pleased to announce A Call for Artists! ...Please pass along and encourage fellow artists to participate. Become familiar with the Hygienic's "crossing the bridge" juried exhibition. (Hmmmmm...I should do well there, seeing as Groton is the place of my blessing! Wish me luck!!!... * * * :)... THE FIFTH CROSSING ANNUAL JURIED EXHIBITION...Guest Juror: Sharon L. Butler...Opening Reception: Saturday, April 24, 7-10pm. Show runs thru Sat., May 22. Wine & Hors d'oevres...small cash donations...Current Work for Sale. 30 % commission and sales tax. RECEIVING DATES: Thurs. April 15: 11-3pm. Fri. 4/16: 11-6pm. Sat. 4/17: 11-6pm. Cost for one entry: $15.00 TWO: $20.00 and THREE: $25.00...UNSELECTED PICK-UP: Thurs. 4/22: 11-3pm. Sun., 4/25: 12-3pm. SELECTED PICK-UP: Sun., May 23, 2-5pm. For more info, go to: and go to: Good Luck! (bon chance!)

Thanx, Readers!

According to the advanced reports in my Google Adsense account, this blog receives anywhere from about 4 to 30 hits per day; meaning, you the viewers who read my "stuff." Once again, I want to say, "Thanx, Readers!" On Tuesday, March 9th, it appeared that I had 30 hits but I am not sure how many were actual readers and how many hits were due to the fact that we were scanning and mounting photos of Winterscene and for MAAP, here at the Groton Library. Once again, thanx! Keep reading!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


WINTERSCENE 2010 Here we have: the view outside of my bedroom window at WP Apts, New London at Sunrise...the Poquonnock Riverwalk in Groton...Poquonnock Plains Park...and the grounds of the Groton Library. For the latest on my artistic ventures, go to:


FRIENDS UNTIL THE END Groton CT. Wheeler, the Great Pyrenees dog who lived at the Groton Family Farm and became a local celebrity because of his friendship with a duck, has died. Farm owner Warren Burrows said Wheeler was found Sunday morning next to the chicken coop at the farm. He had died, at the age of 17, during the night. His best friend, the duck named Buster, was still by his side. Burrows rescued Wheeler in 2006 after the dog was found living alone on an abandoned farm. Last year, a duck that had been brought to the farm to live was lonely, so he adopted Wheeler as his buddy. They quickly became inseparable. Burrows said Buster is somewhat lost without his companion. In the short term, Burrows will likely get another duck to keep Buster company, and in the long term will look for another homeless dog to adopt. The dog must like ducks, he said. -- Elissa Bass, "The Day," New London, CT. Winter 2010. (During the Summer of 2008, when my blog was first born, I spent many hot afternoons walking past the Burrows Farm on my way to D.Q. Wheeler, may you rest in peace. I am sorry that I thought of you as "the asthmatic dog," with that great wheezing bark that frightend me away. You did a good job, shepherding all of those chickens and the rams as well. May you rest in peace.) Denise...Denise Dances...2010.For more info, go to:

HUGS not drugs!

Hugs not drugs!...D.A.R.E. to be different...Drugs aren't the all of your prayers...sometimes it just takes somebody who cares!...D.A.R.E. to make a difference!...Take the be with your family and friends...and to be kind!...Stop giving me what-for!...Drugs are not a cure-all -- a panacea -- the answer to e-ve-ry prayer!...D.A.R.E. to be different...If you do the crime; you gotta do the time!...If you do the time; do you still gotta do the crime?...Take care...take time to say a prayer...for the ones you love...don't be afraid to show you care! Hugs, not drugs!...D.A.R.E. to be dif-fer-rent!...Stop giving me what-for! Not a cure-all!...a Panacea!...Overall. Health and well-being...How were you before? all the drugs you took? to get your life back on track? Try to give back. Sometimes...some kind of prescription drugs may be part of the cure...Or not the cure at all. (by Denise Hickey on Tuesday, March 9, 2010. Poquonnock River Walkway/ Town of Groton/ Funded in part by the Long Island Sound License Plate Program and the CT-DEP! (Together, we can all help someone find Sunshine from Darkness.)...Denise...Denise Dances...2010...with niece Julia...Salem, CT. Sunday, March 7, 2010.