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Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Up and Coming!"

MYSTIC ART FESTIVAL August 14 and 15, 2010. Downtown Mystic, CT. 10-6 / 10-5. Be there or be square! Yes, I received my letter of acceptance recently and will have my works of art on display and for sale this summer at the M.A.F.! Hope to see you there! THE HYGIENIC FIFTH CROSSING JURIED EXHIBIT Opening Reception, Sat., April 24, 7-10pm. (Wish me luck!) The ECSO Concert is Saturday April 10, at 8pm. I have decided to reward myself for completing the Mural of Long Island Sound in 7 panels. Hope to see you there! Once again, I would like to remind everyone that I will be walking in support of my father at the Walk for MS on Sunday, April 18. Registration begins promptly at 8am on the beautiful campus of Mitchell College overlooking the Thames River in New London, CT. I plan to do the walk and I need YOUR support. (If you have been following this blog, log on to my web page at dhickey4225, password: Sunshine1 to see photos.) Take care and as always, THIIIIINK SUNSHINE! (Denise...Denise Dances...2010)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Say Ah!

SAY AH! His family told him he was gonna get an in-heri-tance!...But being what he was was unacceptable!...So he had to go and find himself a girlfriend!...And make her think he only wanted to be friends!...He took ten years of her life. But he never planned to make her his wife --! ...Say ahhh! Everybody say ah! ...Her next door neighbors knew ever-y-thing! But not one of them ever said anything!...To her! Anything to her!...She couldn't ever give her heart to an-y man! All she knew was how to be a good friend. ... Say ah! Everybody say ah!...When the time came for compensation! Her heart became broken! Because of all the an-gry words he'd spoken! To her! ... Everybody say ah!...Now ten years of her life have come and gone. And no child to her has ever been born!...Her heart has healed -- But her body remains broken....Say ah! Everybody say ah!...There's no fine for doing something immoral. But her neighbors were into something illegal! -- She couldn't turn to her family or any of her friends!...She had to turn to the local policemen! Now she has Witness Protection! (Composed by Denise Hickey, Outside of Groton Library, on Tuesday, April 6. 2010.

Heavy Metal!

(1) meddle: vi. meddled; meddling. [Me medlen, fr. OF mesler, medler, fr. (assumed) VL misculare, fr. L miscere to mix - more at MIX]: to interest oneself in what is not one's concern: interfere without right or propriety - meddler n. syn MEDDLE, INTERFERE, INTERMEDDLE, TAPER Shared meaning element: to concern oneself with officiously, impertinently or indiscreetly. (2) mettle: n. 1: quality of temperament or disposition. 2a: vigor and strength of spirit or temperament: ARDOR b: staying quality, STAMINA syn see COURAGE (3) medal: n. [MF medaille, fr. OIt medaglia coin worth half a denarias, medal, fr. (assumed) VL medalis half, fr. LL medialis middle fr. L. medius -more at MID] 1: a metal disk bearing a religious emblem or picture 2: a piece of metal often resembling a coin and having a stamped design that is issued to commemorate a person or event or awarded for excellence or achievement. (4) witness: n. [Me witnesse, fr. OE witnes knowledge, testimony, witness, - wit.] 1: attestation of a fact or event: TESTIMONY 2: one that gives evidence; specif.: one who testifies in a cause or before a judicial tribunal 4: one who has personal knowledge of something 5a: something serving as evidence or proof: SIGN (5) protect: vt [L. protectus pp. of protegere, fr. pro - in front + legere to cover...] 1a: to cover or shield from injury or destruction: GUARD protective - protectivity - protectiveness. (6) protection: n 1: the act of protecting, :P the state of being protected 2a: one that protects b: supervision or support of someone that is smaller and weaker (7) protector: n 1A: one that protects: GUARDIAN (8) custody: n [ME custodie, fr. L. custodia guarding, fr. custod-, custos, guardian.]: immediate charge and control excercised by a person or authority (as over a ward or suspect): SAFEKEEPING. (Once again, I couldn't have done it without all of you, my Guardian Angels here on Earth and my One in Heaven.) -- Denise!...Denise Dances!...2010.

Seeing the Light!

SEEING THE LIGHT: A COOL DESTINATION Seeing the Light (Mural of Long Island Sound in 7 Panels) features Montauk Light at Montauk Point, on the eastern tip of Long Island, New York. Montauk Point Lighthouse ...The story of the lighthouse began more than two centuries ago, when the Second Continental Congress, under President George Washington, authorized its construction. Building was begun in spring of 1796, and completed by November of that same year. Today, it is the fourth operating lighthouse in America, and has been designated a National Historic Landmark. For more info, go to: Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum, (631)668-2544. Montauk Point State Park. Open year round. Hours vary according to the season. $8 - adults, $7 - seniors, $4 - children, and children under 41" admitted free. Must be at least 41" to climb tower. DIRECTIONS If you drive east along the South Fork of Long Island, as far east as you can go -- you will come to one of Long Island's most romantic and recognizable landmarks. The Viking Fleet Interstate Hi Speed Ferry departs New London from Memorial Day to Labor Day. From Montauk Point, take your bike or take a bus to Montauk Point, about five miles away from ferry dock. Town is approximately two miles in the other direction. For more info, call (631)668-5700 or go to: If you prefer to take your car, the Cross Sound Ferry makes frequent departures daily from New London to Orient Point on the North Fork of Long Island. For more info, go to: or call (631)323-2525 or (860)443-5281. Drive along the North Fork of Long Island's wine country, over to the South Fork of Long Island and head to Montauk Point!

Walk for MS, Sun. 4/18

On Sunday, April 18, the Walk for Multiple Sclerosis will take place, in New London, CT. Promptly at 8:00am, registration begins on the beautiful campus of Mitchell College, overlooking the Thames River. I'm walking for MS this year in support of my father, Norman who has suffered with the devastating symptoms of MS since I was in college in the early 80s. I'm walking because I can walk. With two options of 2.5 miles and 5 miles, refreshments along the way, lunch and passenger pick-up for weary walkers, we can only win! I am happy to be able to walk and I need YOUR support! For more info, go to my personal web page at To donate, please write a check to the National MS Society for the amount you wish. I can take checks in person on walk day or you can mail them to me at my new home address.