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Friday, July 2, 2010

Fool's Gold

FOOL'S GOLD Take it away! For more info, go to:

False Starts: The Next Great Artist

FALSE STARTS: THE NEXT GREAT ARTIST Bravo TV at 10pm Wednesdays. You've read my story by now (if you are reading this post today). As you can see, I've had many, many false starts and stops. Not the least of which have been in the past couple of months, since the advent of Memorial Day weekend. Why is my car so finicky these days? And why, I find myself asking Paula -- did my car get us to all of the movies she wanted to see with me in Niantic -- as well as to Walmart in Waterford once a month -- as well as to almost all of the swing dances we enjoyed together -- and the ECSO / Dinner at Bangkok City before we both became broke due to the high cost of living and our fixed incomes??? And yes, my car got us to SAILFEST on several occasions, duration of our friendship (Winter 2001-Spring 2007). I've been moving full speed ahead since the passing of Paula -- accomplishing much -- some of which you will never know. (Or would never believe me so why bother?)Since the advent of Memorial Day weekend, my car has been giving me trouble. Or has it been keeping me from trouble? That's how I chose to look at it. Spiritual guidance -- from Paula? I have chosen to stay off the roads for most of today -- but not tomorrow. Honeeeey, see you at the beeeeaaach! That is, if my car starts!!!...* * * :)P.S. My headache is gone! That wierd brain fog and mental fatigue I have had for so long. Couldn't even hardly enter a public place without picking up vibes from anyone who came within a few feet of me. What is happening to me? Does this mean I will have to act like a normal person -- and have relationships???

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fireworks at the Beach

OCEAN BEACH PARK. FRIDAY, JULY 2. Dick Campo Big Band at 8pm on the boardwalk. Fireworks at 9pm. MORE FIREWORKS coming on July 16, 30, and August 13. 98 Neptune Avenue (that's my ruling planet!); off Ocean Avenue, New London, CT. 860-447-3031. THINK FIRE -ER, AH, -- THIIIINK SUNSHINE!!!...* * * :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For Sale by Owner

FOR SALE BY OWNER 3-story 2-family house, 190 Vauxhall Street, corner of Konomoc in New London, CT. (860)-625-8846. Great location! Small backyard. Exterior: new paint job and new roof; windows. Safe neighborhood. Interiors gutted and in need of complete renovation. Have it your way! Near shopping and entrance to I-95 Highway. The first floor would make an excellent in-law apt -- or Community Outreach Office for the NLPD??? If I don't speak up, no one else will! Speaking on behalf of "Paula!" HAPPY HOLIDAY WEEKEND! DRIVE SAFELY, EVERYONE. HAVE A DESIGNATED DRIVER. OR DON'T DRIVE AT ALL.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? Williams Park Apts, New London, CT. (Photos soon?) A row of tall flowers...Followed by (5) strong, leafy tomato plants; yellow blossoms; exceeding their hoops...(1) hot pepper plant...(9) Green Pepper plants...(2) rows of flowering pea plants, winding their vines around the plastic tulip stands and the two plastic pink flamingoes' legs...giant cucumber plants, yellow squash-like blossoms...Parsley? or Carrots? or both?...Leafy, green lettuce; some with red tips, standing up straight...Nasty nasturtiums, I plucked and gave away to a neighbor (Earth Mother)...Two large Zinnia have sprouted...Mint (from last summer's flower & herb garden). Morning glories down below? From SEEDS to WEEDS! Incubator seedlings were given up for adoption by sis Kelley & B...HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW???...* * * :)...(Yes. I remember! I promised that the firstfruits will go to my Guardian Angels here on Earth -- without whom none of this would be possible!!!)

Monday, June 28, 2010


"It's good."..."The only thing I look for is visualization. What do their offices look like?"..."It read like a script. It had the director's directions. Which is very hard to do. It has everything a soap opera is superb. It has potential."..."I can't grasp it. What is she all about? How does she really feel about Corporate Life? She is scattered. The camera is running around, into other people's offices. What is the reason for writing this?"..."All I can do is ask, WHY?"..."But is it clear?"..."OH, yes! It's very clear!"..."What is there to like about the girl? Why is she a main character? She's not an underdog or anything. No compassion: people are jerks."..."But this is a small sliver of the book. We don't know the whole story. We need more..."..."I work in an office and this is the way people feel. It's just like this. A lot of people can read it and feel that way."..."How does she feel about Corporate Life?"...IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!..."But it makes sense to somebody."..."She didn't even have a doctor. You get the sense that there is nothing for her in New York."...0981D FOR MORE INFO, GO TO: