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Friday, July 9, 2010


HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? (at Williams Park Apts, downtown New London, CT) (1) Peas: poppin' out of their pods! in a perfect package. (2) Cumbersome cucumbers: yellow blossoms appear off of green stems; fuzzy fruit starts to form. Vines, sprawl out; leave no room...crowd out delicate pea vines, tendrils tenderly entangled, trusting. Crowded out of their garden home, some drying up. Have to be plucked. (Similar to some people!!!...* * * :))...until I gently tug tendrils of the lucky ones and train them to spiral up the plastic tulips and flamingo legs (like someone did for me, once upon a time -- 7 pea plants in all!(3) Yes, I will have Squash and Zucchini this year! Confused the plants with cukes, but are actually squash blossoms -- smooth yellow and green fruit starts to form! (The firstfruits -- go to -- U know who -- but no baking!!!...* * * :) (4) Green tomatoes: small yet firm, appear on center stems from small yellow blossoms...(5) Orange and Yellow Cosmo flowers tower above the full grown tomato plants and two plastic flowers, spinning in the breeze...(6) Leafy green lettuce: some with red tips, others with zig zag leaves stand upright. (6) And...Carrots! (Not parsley!) Gently tugging the green tassles, a small orange carrot starts to take root! (7) Hot pepper plant sports white blossoms...(8) Green pepper plants begin to bud white flowers. (9) Two large Zinnia flowers have leafy, long stems, about to burst! LESSONS FROM THE GARDEN: It takes planning -- thanks again to Earth Mother who mapped a plan for my garden in April. And for her advice to read the seed packet instructions! SOW YOUR SEEDS at the right time for each plant. Some need more space than others. TAKE A RISK and hope for the best. CONSCIENTIOUS NURTURING, watering daily (twice); weeding every other day; maintenance...and above all -- PATIENCE! Waiting! Hoping! Expecting! Some seeds spring up readily (peas). Others are late bloomers (lettuce). Have faith! Take a risk! And hope for the best. And in due time, you shall reap, if you faint not.Finally, WHAT DO I THINK THE FIRSTFRUITS WILL BE? Peas (already had a few); zuchini and squash (maybe by the end of this week); and possibly, Cucumbers! (Tomatoes & Peppers, not until August.)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I Like

WHAT I LIKE about living in downtown New London. The wildflower gardens, roadside in front of St. Francis House and outside the Bean & Leaf Cafe...remind me very much of Block Island in the summertime. The Garde Arts Center is about five footsteps away! where the United States Coast Guard will hold its concerts for the 2010-11 Season! and the ECSO, of course! Bean & Leaf Cafe is a second home to me (also site of my sister's former workplace, United Electric!); City Pier of a summer breeze, watching all of my ships come in (I can do that from my apartment windows, too! :))...and Sailfest is coming to downtown New London this weekend, starting on Friday and ending on Sunday, July 11th. I can walk to see the fireworks and not have to worry about driving home which takes two hours in traffic! In the winter, I often walked to "Paula!" Williams Memorial Park also has a beautiful vibe of a bygone era in more peaceful Victorian times. My buddy June sensed the peace of my new location, too (well, for me, anyway! :)I also like sitting on the steps of the New London Public Library in the afternoon while eating lunch or in the early evening, while watching all of the cars and cruisers pass by! Downtown New London is where it's at! But, after this weekend, as well -- Honeeeey, see you at the beeeeaaach! (Don't forget to check out

What I Would Miss

WHAT I WOULD MISS (if / when) I sell my car! (for parts?) Driving to the Town of Groton, off of Exit 88 -- to the Groton Library and the beautiful outdoor grounds there...Burrows Farm and my friends, the rams & lambs (& ewe!); the chickens (maybe);...the easy stroll to DQ for a hot fudge sundae with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top -- no nuts!...the Poquonnock River Walk (just got back in touch with my old young friend June who likes this!)...Poquonnock Plains Park...Pequot Cafe has closed for good. Esker Point is just up the road. ALSO IN NEW LONDON: I would miss driving to Ocean Beach, during the day (but I can take the bus every day but Sunday); and especially driving to Ocean Beach of a summer evening, especially during the week when it is so quiet and beautiful (it reminds me of my childhood in the peaceful countryside of Montville).NIANTIC: Matinees and the Book Barns, uptown and downtown, Hole in the Wall Beach and McCook's Point Park. Grocery shopping? Not! when there is on-line shopping for Home Delivery! Yippee Yahoo! Please, Good Buddy -- send me some new friends soon! it's lonely without you here.

Car for Sale

CAR FOR SALE 1996 Buick Skylark CALL DENISE AT 860-447-0291. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself. You can't go anywhere on an empty tank of gas. And I'm supposed to survive and thrive -- HOW? Some days it starts, some days it "don't." Don't have the funds to dx it. Serious inquiries only. Think of the extra money I'll have by not keeping and maintaining it!!!... * * * :)