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Friday, July 16, 2010


HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? It seems the rain has brought not just peas poppin' out of their pods but small, yellow pod-like BUGGGGGGSSSS! Eeeeeeee! Eeeeewwww! Gross! Scattered over the leaves of the zuchini plants, most of the leaves chewed to transparency. Vegetables are forming more slowly than I thought. Still, I promise to bring the firstfruits to my Guardian Angels here on Earth -- as soon as they mature and multiply! I expect a great harvest soon!

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Follow me on Twitter at -- and follow Debbie's misadventures in New York at -- and hope to join the Bean & Leaf Writer's Group which meets one Saturday a month. Now that I have camera film, coming soon to -- Backyard Scenes 2009-10: "Wildflowers," "Robin in Red Maple," "Star of the Sea," "O'Denise," and "Portrait of Paula." As well as Renoir style summer beach scenes: "Four Seagulls on a Rock" and "New London Ledge Light Up Close." In August, OASIS resumes with "Carousel Scenes."Plans for Fall 2010 include: Oils of Block Island Scenes. Winter-Spring 2011 will be a trip down memory lane in Westerly, Rhode Island.

House For Sale

HOUSE FOR SALE 190 Vauxhall Street & Corner of Konomoc. For Sale by owner. 860-625-8846. Newly renovated exterior: windows, roof, paint. Interior gutted and in need of complete renovations. Have it your way! Close to downtown but far enough away to call it home. Suburban neighborhood close to shopping and entrance ramp to I-95 Hwy. Small back yard on slope. Friendly neighborhood cats! Sunroof is cat friendly. Ample trees for shade. On busline. "Serious inquiries only." Three story house. First floor makes great in-law apt or community outreach office. Stairs to second and third floors. STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN; STAIRWAY TO PAULA.


THE YOUNG SEAGULL roams around, looking for love. Little does she know, the Seagull stands at a distance, watching her every move. The Elder Seagull swoops overhead as the Young Seagull walks toward her lost love. The Young Seagull soars on high into the sky, knowing the joy in being loved.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


TWO SEAGULLS MEET atop the Mohican Hotel building in downtown New London, on an overcast day in July. They sit and admire the view. One Seagull says to the Other: "So, what's it like out there?" The Other Seagull says: "It's not bad. I'm doing OK." The Young Seagull says: "But can't you tell me anything? Where you been? What's it like?" The Elder Seagull says: "I can't tell you anything. YOu can't come where I'm going. It's not your time yet." And flies off, leaving the Young Seagull to wait on the railing of the eleventh floor balcony. Until the Right One comes along. Seagulls swoop and circle around the Young Seagull as the Elder Seagull watches her charge from a place in the sky, just above the clouds. Cloud cover momentarily parts, revealing an inkling of blue sky. Today, July 15 marks the three year anniversary of the Memorial Service for my best friend Paula. Today, the Humidity broke. Today, after a ten-day heat wave, I drove my car to Ocean Beach for the first time since the Fourth of July. Today, I cried for the loss of my best friend at OASIS. Today, Iprayed to my Guardian Angel to ease the pain and suffering of my family members and my neighbors. Today, I swam in the Ocean, among undulating waves. Today, I prayed for a new beginning. (THEY SAY THAT SALT WATER CAN HEAL A BROKEN HEART.)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


UPDATES Follow me on Twitter! -- Follow Debbie on -- Be sure to click on the FOLLOW widget gadget thing -- and be sure to check out for my latest artistic ventures (not autistic) and my latest artwork which I hope to post within the next few weeks! There you will finally see: Backyard Scenes 2009 and 2010 (4-5 drawings) and my Renoir Style Summer Beach Scenes (painted al fresco at Ocean Beach! Finally, honeeey, see you at the beeeeaaach!


Vegetable Count -- ZUCCHINI: 1 on the vine; 10 blossoms; multiple buds. CARROTS: 20 Clusters. LETTUCE: 10 Heads. SQUASH: 2 on the vine, forming. 10 buds. CUCUMBERS: 3 on the vine, forming. 25 blossoms. PEAS: Flowering tips on half of seven plants. ZINNIA FLOWERS: Two. One has purple petals with yellow center; and several more flower buds! Number two is still growing, a late bloomer. GREEN & HOT PEPPER PLANTS: 1 Hot has several blossoms. 9 Green have multiple blossoms and buds. TOMATOES: Clusters of 4 green tomatoes are growing on five healthy plants! at Williams Park Apts; downtown New London. The raised bed with the yellow and orange cosmo flowers. Yeah, and the two pink flamingoes and several plastic tulips! (Follow me on Twitter!)

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Monday, July 12, 2010


MYSTIC OUTDOOR ART FESTIVAL August 14 (10-6) and August 15 (10-5) / Corner of East Main Street & Jackson next to "I'd Rather Be Beading" and up the street from St. Patrick's Church which sells the Spanish Luncheon for $5 bucks! For more info, go to: CELEBRATE ART in historic downtown Mystic at the 53rd annual Mystic Outdoor Art Festival. The oldest of its kind in the Northeast, the festival attracts more than 250 artists and artisans showcasing more than 100,000 diverse pieces. Oils (that's me); watercolors (that's me, too); photographs, pastels (me, also); sculpture, acrylics (next to try in late August for Carousel Scenes); and more abound through the heart of town. Take care and hope to see you there! Yeah, you!

UP NEXT: Seeds of Giving