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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


(Airs on BRAVO TV, Wed. at 10pm) As an Education major, class of 1996, I want to encourage adults who know children who are *** ASPIRING ARTISTS ***...PERFORMANCE ART: Acting in Live theater & Dance - Ballroom or theatrical. FINE ART: Drawing, painting, photography, etc. POSSIBLE CAREERS IN ART: Art Therapist, Art Teacher - Public School; Art Gallery Owner; Art Teacher - private lessons; Children's Book Illustrator; Medical Illustrator; Commercial Artist; Graphic Designer; Computer Design; Entrepreneur. As a Flea Market Vendor, I have to practice self-discipline in all areas of my life and to create my own daily, weekly and monthly schedules. This also includes the daily grind of budgeting for groceries and monthly bills. As a Fine Artist, a painter; the artist Edultraud Huller advised to live modestly. As a Flea Market Vendor with only one festival coming up, I am obviously not a high earner. But I am well aware I have to live within my means. It is also good to find a local tax advisor who you trust and for this I have a long time person I have come to trust, who knows me well. (In Groton, of course!) Attend local festivals: Virtu in Westerly (Memorial Day Weekend); the Hygienic Bizarre Bazaar during SAILFEST WEEKEND IN NEW LONDON (July); the MYSTIC ART FESTIVAL (August); and the Christmas bazaars in local churches and armories in the fall. I think it is important to learn how to be a good cook as well. Eating out in restaurants is costly -- not only to your wallet, but to your health. Allot time for art-work, but remember, "All work and no play makes me a dull girl." On Tuesdays, The Day lists all of the local art gallery opening exhibits. On Sundays, The Day always carries coupons for the local arts & crafts stores, A.C. Moore and Michael's. As a Fine Artist who doesn't earn much, I advise adults who work with kids or have children of their own to help the kids in their lives to find the vocation that best suits them as an artist -- or a job that jives with that. (On the eve of seeing my niece Julia at Ocean Beach with sis Karen, I am hopeful that she will have a great future -- and a much easier life than I have had!!!...* * * :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't (you) Forget About me

I am glad to be "back in business" after a bout with depression from mid May until around July 15, 2010 -- Why? because my car has been hesitant to start up on the first try since the advent of the beach season? or because I don't feel I get the respect I deserve as a 3x college grad, self made? because I don't get no respect as a victim of the system forced to eke out a living on SSD and therefore seen as a Nobody by most? because I feel so alone and I've had a hard time making close friends since the death of my best friend Paula in 2007? OK, now we're getting somewhere. Everyone processes emotional pain differently. Some feel the need to join the living ASAP. No, since beginning of beach season, May 2010, used to be a happy time of year for me now marks the anniversary of my best friend's birthday and subsequent passing (believed to be the same day, June 14) and with the NLPD's help (which I will never forget) -- discovering her body in her home. Then, there is July 15 -- which marks the anniversary of her Memorial Service. FOR ME: I need to get alone so I can feel what I'm feeling. Otherwise I get whacked out; out of touch with my emotions, anger coming out of nowhere, faint, dizzy, breathless...! So that's what it is. It isn't car trouble or lack of respect at all. It's GRIEF. Meant to feel.

Thanx, Readers!

21 hits to my blog(s) yesterday! Thanx, Readers! Now that I have you back after the July hiatus, FOLLOW me on Twitter at http://www.twittercom/dancingdenise52 -- and check out for new copy re: BACKYARD SCENES and RENOIR STYLE SUMMER BEACH SCENES. All have just been photographed; to be dev;and ready to be posted on website, as well as reproduced into PRINTS & NOTECARDS for Mystic Art Festival! What more will befall Debbie? Find out! Get caught up! Go to: for more of her misadventures and trying to find success in love in Corporate Manhattan in the late 80s! UP NEXT: Hope to be back in business soon with "mi caro!"

Monday, July 19, 2010


Sunday, July 18, Williams Park Apts., Downtown NL (Now I like this place. I like the fact that I can hoof it downtown and smell the flowers instead of driving in traffic to get out of the house. I also like the fact that I can take the bus to Ocean Beach if I have to.)The yellow fuzzy bugs are all gone, along with last week's rainstorms. "Leafing" transparent plants in their wake! (1) Green tomatoes on five healthy plants!...(2) Hot Pepper & Green Pepper plants grow taller...(3) Zinnia in full blossom with purple petals and yellow center...more buds ready to burst into flowers on same plant...(4) Maroon Cosmo flower blooms with feathery stalks, like fennel...(5) HARVESTED a yellow-green squash, first of the season, and steamed for dinner...(6) One small zucchini not growing fast enough...(7) Three cukes are growing small new one sprouting from yellow blossom...(8) Flowering pea plants turn into pods soon...(9) Gourmet mix lettuce continues to grow as I pluck leaves for tuna sandwiches...(10) Small carrots grow beneath bushy tassels (Still waters run deep.)(P.S. I AM hoping for a bountiful harvest by either next weekend or the following weekend. "All good things come to those who wait." Aside to my Guardian Angels here on Earth.)