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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Higher Purpose

A HIGHER PURPOSE in New London, CT. Summer of 2010. I have been all but car-less for most of the month of July. Along with the car refusing to start on the first, second, third...10th try -- my mother and I have located a "garaje" which utilizes TLC. It seems to be taking longer than it should. Concurrently, July has been shrouded in a massive heat wave, which made me feel unable to move much in the miserable heat wave. Much less to deal with a car that won't always start in the extreme heat. I was relieved to hear from Toxic Daughter (of the Mother-Daughter Duo) that last week was humid, the water was dirty and filled with jellyfish. Hopefully, I didn't miss much this month. On three consecutive days this week, I took the bus with ease and enjoyed blissful weather! I plan to take the bus tomorrow. As I look at the calendar date, and realize the "garaje" has a few glitches to iron out, I realize something supernatural may be going on. Namely, Paula. I feel I am being prevented from something -- dangerous. A bad car accident from summer travelers? Nosy neighbors of my past residence stalking me at the beach? With that said, I expect to have my car -- PRONTO -- by Monday morning, August 2nd! By then, families will have returned home to get their kids ready for back to school. Thus, accidents less likely. Ex next-door neighbors, back off! Everyone else: Honeeeey, see you all at the beeeaaach! (And the Mystic Art Festival on Aug. 14 & 15. As always, THIIIIIINK SUNSHINE!)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Am I Here?

WHY AM I HERE? you ask today as I don't have as much to say these days, being pretty busy with my veggie & flower garden at Williams Park Apts and my upcoming booth display (#205, Corner Jackson & East Main, downtown Mystic, across the street from St. Patrick's Church and near I'D RATHER BE BEADING)at the MYSTIC ART FESTIVAL on Aug. 14 & 15, 2010 (10-5/10-6). I should be shopping, right? Grocery shopping, that is. has an awesome ordering on line service. However, there are so many pop-ups and moving screens on this website; interfering concurrently with my brain fog -- just as the Humidity appeared concurrently with my hot flashes - ugh! If that's not disabled, please tell me what is. Along with my fears of taking the elevator, also on the fritz in the humidity -- and my car refusing to start lately. Joel Osteen, the televangelist himself confessed to having many unforeseen obstacles coming against him -- before he achieved great victory, in being a world reknowned pastor of Lakewood Church in Texas. Please! I want my car back! No more humidity! No more hot flashes/ brain fog! No more pop-ups, moving images! No more elevator fears! and no more hives from something in the garden for which I have allergies! MYSTIC ART FESTIVAL, OCEAN BEACH -- Hold on! I'm comin'!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Women Key

WOMEN KEY TO FEEDING WORLD The number of people suffering from hunger has now topped 1 billion globally -- the highest since 1970, according to the United Nations. U.S. foreign-aid director Rajiv Shah, 37, recently presented the Obama administration's strategy to tackle the food crisis. "Feed the Future" will focus on improving the agricultural systems of at least 20 countries. It's part of an international effort that could benefit 40 million poor people over a decade, officials say. Targeting women will be a key part of the strategy. "Women play a tremendous role in both producing food and making sure it gets to children and vulnerable populations. Women account for more than 70 per cent of all farm labor in sub Saharan Africa. We know that when a dollar of income goes to a woman, its far more likely to generate improvements in the health and welfare of families than if the dollar goes to a man." (according to Shah) Here I would like to add that I take pride and joy in gardening, which I hosed down the floral gardens at Westridge for the past three summers -- and now, I have a raised garden bed at Williams Park Apts. The very first went to baby Kataila -- a few pea pods and lettuce leaves. There were three cukes which I shared among myself and my sister Karen and niece Julia last Thursday. The Zuchini plant is -- ZILCH! obliterated by the yellow fuzzy bugs, I guess. Squash has also been -- squashed. Looks like there will be plenty of TOMATOES, HOT PEPPERS, GREEN PEPPERS, PEAS AND MORE CUKES! the firstfruits of which I have promised to my Guardian Angels here on Earth! (All good things come to those who wait!)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winds of Change

WINDS OF CHANGE Coming up on August 2010, I feel relief. Relief that my car will be repaired and returned to me soon. Relief that the breadth of the humidity of July is all but over. One year ago, Summer of 2009, I recall the beautiful, sunny breezy weather around the first two weeks of July. June 2009 was a rainy wash-out. June 2010 was fun in the sun and swimming in the Sound. July 2010 has been "pure hell." Fond farewell to humidity and I hear the beach wasn't too good last week with the big H, dirty water and so many jellyfish, it was too painful to swim. The past two days at Ocean Beach to me have been pure heaven. I hope it continues into August as I get "mi caro" back and prepare for more sunny days at OB and the Mystic Art Fest on Aug. 14 & 15. I am sorry I took you for granted, my 96 Buick Skylark! Don't forget to follow me on and FOLLOW Debbie on as she moves to the Upper East Side. Check out for my most recent artwork. Take care. See you all at the beeeeeach!