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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Up Next

UP NEXT "Dangerous," the last voyage of my beloved Buick Skylark before that "Junkyard in the Sky." A bit more on the HISTORY OF NEW LONDON, in the fashionable, historic and progressive Hempstead District.HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW: Leafy tomato plants are bowled over with green tomatoes and I have plucked a small red, the first of the season. In time for the Mystic Art Festival, I am yearning to cook up a special dish for my Guardian Angels here on Earth, who I haven't forgotten! What is on tap after the Mystic Art Festival? "Carousel Scenes," inspired by the carousel at Ocean Beach ("you are such a kid!"), which I think will be perfect for children's bedrooms. Possibly a gig at the New London Armory Christmas Bizarre in the Fall! A weekend jaunt to Block Island just after Labor Day will inspire more outdoor sketches and photos for Oils of Block Island. Winter 2011 brings hopes of Portrayals of Westerly, Watch Hill & North Stonington wanderings of the 1990s. My trip through the 1980s with "Fool's Gold" is about halfway to three quarters finished. What I have realized with my production of the "Fool's Gold" book blog is that -- my manuscript has a beginning, middle -- but it doesn't have an ending! Which ending would YOU choose for Debbie? Happy or sad? comic or tragic? (Honeeey, see you all at the Bean & Leaf! Writer's Group! Every 2nd Saturday. Oh, yeah, and....honeeey, see you all at the beeeeach! (avec mi caro nuevo!) Good luck, Lynne! You have my blessing.)

Bird of Paradise

"Didn't it ever occur to you that maybe that was only his opinion? that maybe he was wrong? You know, sometimes without even knowing it, people are jealous. We all lead boring, ordinary, mundane existences, and now and then a bird of paradise comes along, and we all get scared. It scares us because we're not like that, our feathers aren't brilliantly hued in red and green, we're brown and gray,and seeing that bird of paradise makes us feel ugly, or as though in some way,we've failed. Some of us love to watch that bird, and we dream that one day we might be birds of paradise too...others of us have to shoot at the bird...or at least frighten it away."LOVING by Danielle Steele, Copyright 1980, Dell Publishing Co; New York, NY. (Note: A tattered copy of this book was given to me by Paula before she passed away.)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


MYSTIC ART FESTIVAL: Countdown to the weekend of August 14 & 15, 2010: 10-6/ 10-5pm. Take I-95 North to Exit 90. Go past Mystic Seaport. Follow signs to downtown Mystic. My booth is #205, Corner of Jackson Avenue & East Main Street, across the street from St. Patrick's Church. (Dig the Spanish luncheon, which includes chicken, rice, etc. for about $5!) And adjacent to "I'd Rather Be Beading." I hope to see you there! Yeah, you!Photos of my latest artwork coming to next week! (Gold Ford Taurus, 2000, 4-door will be mine on Wednesday, August 11th. Honeeey, see you at the beeeeaach! (Hey. I was there the whole month of June and I swam every day in the ocean. I enjoyed four days during the last week of July. Where were you?)

Tonight on PBS

On PBS TV tonight, Wednesday, August 4: GREAT PERFORMANCES AT THE MET - A production of Bizet's "Carmen," starring Elina Garanca in the title role of a Gypsy girl; and Roberto Alagna as the soldier who becomes obsessed with her. Host: Renee Fleming. (8-11pm) A night at the opera!

Monday, August 2, 2010


WILLIAMS MEMORIAL PARK New London was a wealthy city in the mid 1800s, largely due to its success in whaling and maritime ventures. Leading families displayed their wealth in opulent houses but many sought to bestow a more public LEGACY. Parks were an imminent outlet. The urban park movement gained momentum, inspired by reknowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, who designed Central Park in New York and several others in Brookline, MA and other American cities as well. Olmsted captured the attention of progressive New London mayor, Charles Augustus Williams. Williams' idea of creating a park was a bold one, for the area was then occupied by the SECOND BURIAL GROUND, est. 1793. Williams consulted Olmsted, who drew up plans for a park. Bodies were exhumed and moved to CEDAR GROVE CEMETARY in 1886. MORE ON WILLIAMS MEMORIAL PARK LATER...THE ELEGANCE OF A BYGONE ERA. PHOTOS, too. Charles Augustus Williams, son of T.W. Williams, founder of Whaling ventures in New London and prominent in Second Congregational Church, lived in the vicinity. The park had immediate beneficial results, as residents built impressive new houses. In conjunction with the fashionable Second Congregational Church, Williams Memorial Park made the district an attractive place for wealthy New Londoners to live. Today, the area displays many fine examples of the favored architectural styles of the mid 19th to early 20th centuries: ITALIANATE (150); COLONIAL REVIVAL (164); and QUEEN ANNE, as well as TUDOR REVIVAL (160); and GOTHIC REVIVAL. (To you, Kelley!) The park still forms the Centerpiece of an attractive streetscape. Even today, on a redolent Sunday afternoon, as I walk along its borders, I sense the elegance of a bygone era, amidst the peace of a former burial ground.


(at Williams Park Apts., downtown New London, CT) KEY: Stick with what grows best in your area. Plug in your zip code at for a FREE "Gardening Mentor." Heading the Garden, we have tall orange yellow COSMO FLOWERS, reaching into the sky, towering above lush TOMATO PLANTS, bulging with green tomatoes. Just underneath, HOT PEPPER PLANT sprouts several green chiles. We have 2 rows of GREEN PEPPER PLANTS, 9 in all. A lone NASTY NASTURTIUM blooms with three orange flowers nearby. The ZINNIA PLANT sprouts 4 purple flowers! PEA VINES are entangled around plastic flamingo legs and plastic tulips, flowers about to bud into fruit. The CUMBERSOME CUCUMBER vines have snaked across the garden, encircling the pea vines, so that a couple of my pea vines have withered, dried up and died. (Unfortunately, this is how some people act -- far too often! as they consume others in their path with their overwhelming needs and demands.) Four or five cukes lay on the ground beneath the leafy vines, still growing. The yellow blossoms of the SQUASH PLANT gave me hope...The zucchini is no more. The GOURMET LETTUCE MIX heads are growing abundantly. There are 2 maroon COSMO FLOWERS growing from fennel-like stems with more buds ready to blossom. NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: (No, not The Residence! that was last year. Beneath bushy green tassels, orange roots are growing in the soil -- CARROTS! Silly wabbit! (When I am coming with the Firstfruit Surplus? When the TOMATOES and HOT PEPPERS turn red; when the CUCUMBERS become too cumbersome; when the LETTUCE leaves; when the CARROTS grow a little longer; when I get more PEAS if you please; ...and -- sometime around mid-August, the last of the firstfruits, GREEN PEPPERS! How does YOUR garden grow???...* * * :) HINT: I am in the mood to cook again, using fresh ingredients from my garden.All good things come to those who wait...