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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Up Next

UP NEXT, I will have photos of my most recent artwork, Spring 2010, posted on This means another trip to the Groton Library and to see the rams at Burrows Farm and a hot fudge sundae at Dairy Queen as well! Coming to you next week, in midweek! BACKYARD SCENES 2009-10, on sale as notecards, and RENOIR STYLE SUMMER BEACH SCENES, on sale as paintings.


FORECAST Saturday: Partly Sunny and delightful. High 78. Low 64. Sunday. Partly sunny and pleasant. High 78. Low 67. (Well? Isn't it about time???...* * * :) (P.S. All good things come to those who wait!) All things work together for the good of those who love Him. No good thing will he withold from those who love Him. No weapon formed against me will prosper...Well? how the heck else do you think I made it this far? Not without the help from my Guardian Angels here on Earth and my One in Heaven!See you all at the Mystic Art Festival on Saturday, August 14, 10-6 and Sunday, August 15, 10-5. That means you!

August is for Beach Bums

AUGUST IS FOR BEACH BUMS "The month of June is for hard bodies," Paula said. "Until they get jobs." I said, "We have just as much right to be at the beach as THEY do." "July is for families," she said. "Yeah. And humidity. And screaming kids. And jellyfish. And stinky bathrooms." I added. "But August," she'd say. "August is for the true Beach Bums. The water is nice for swimming." The flower gardens outside the MBM Fun Center have matured, growing in a rich profusion of color, growing with abandon. (PHOTOS TO COME SOON, of the patch of Echinacea Purpurea, hillside.) The waves are calm. The ocean is cool, not cold. (Lost on me, hot flashes, you know.) The beach is so quiet, so quiet and calming. Cool summer breezes signal the coming of Fall. (Will I see you at the beeeach, honeey? You betcha!) As the music of the Carousel plays on, memories and Spirits abound. The month of May. It used to be my favorite time of the year. Days grow longer. Now it signals the advent of the summer beach season...without Paula. Six seasons in the sun...cut abruptly short at seven. In 2011, I would like to start a new endeavor: FLEA MARKET VENDOR, VIRTU ART FESTIVAL, WESTERLY RI, at Wilcox Park. Every year, the festival falls on Memorial Day Weekend. All I have to do is apply. And plan to file even more tax forms -- in another state -- on time. Concurrently with the State of CT. The month of June. June 14 was her birthday and June 17 on Father's Day is when the New London Police Department (NLPD) came to my rescue and gave me the news. In June 2011, I would like to take the Viking Ferry from New Montauk, Long Island...where awaits the Montauk Point Montauk Point State Park. "Oh, Denise. You never want to try anything new." In July 2011: A day trip to Block Island? And...Mystic Art Festival. August 2011. "Hey. A girl needs some stability. Especially if she's never had it. As well as a little hard-earned prestige. The Mystic Outdoor Art Festival is one of the top art festivals in the country and the oldest of its kind in the Northeast." And to re-visit Block Island, in both Fall 2010 and Fall 2011. The light is different in the Fall on Block Island. Great for artists. Seeing the Light. Walking into de Light...(Denise...Denise Dances...2010)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Good Follow

Anyone in the world of Ballroom Dance knows how important it is as a woman to be a good follow! But, in this instance, I am not asking you to dance, not just yet. Don't you wanna know what happens to Debbie? Go to: and click the FOLLOW widget button thing, already! Follow me on Twitter at -- You can also follow DENISE DANCES by clicking on the FOLLOW button. To see the photos which I plan to take at the Mystic Art Festival this weekend, please go to:
TAKE CARE, ALL! Hope to see you, there! And after that, honeeey, see you all at the beeeaaaach! (Soon, I hope.) THIIIIINK SUNSHINE!


HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? This is an up-to-the-minute, freestyle blog update on the progress, or lack of, I feel I have made in my raised garden bed, my first summer here at WILLIAMS PARK APARTMENTS. TOMATOES grow in profusion; green, about to turn red. I've just harvested a handful of small ones, which I plan to chop up and eat with dinner and a little balsamic vinegar and pepper. As soon as more TOMATOES ripen, I am looking forward to cooking up -- but you will soon find out, my Guardian Angels here on Earth -- when I come with my creation soon.All good things come to those who wait...Hot peppers dangle, still green from my one plant...all 9 green pepper plants have grown tall and little green peppers are starting to appear from the white blossoms...PEAS appear to be past; blossoms shrivelled...Bright orange cosmo flowers still stretch toward the sun; which I can see through the trees from my 8th floor apartment! PURPLE ZINNIA are blooming in profusion. Any more CUCUMBERS? CARROTS grow steadily underground, beneath green tassels. IN RETROSPECT: I feel gardening is hard work! RISKY BUSINESS, no reward is guaranteed for lots of effort. I am thankful for the help of my neighbors, natives of Puerto Rico, who watered all of the gardens diligently, morning and evening all throughout the growing season. In their homeland, this is what they do best and it shows! Shoveling soil in Spring is man's work, I hate to say. And I lacked the manpower I needed for this effort. I am disappointed with the amount of produce I received from the seeds I sowed in Spring: CUKES: 8 total, if lucky! Zucchini: almost zilch. One very small one before the yellow fuzzy bugs ate through the leaves and destroyed the entire plant. SQUASH: That plant was squashed, with only one small squash to show for it. PEAS: plentiful in late Spring for a short time. This month of August in LATE SUMMER I feel will reap the most reward: Bountiful harvest from TOMATOES from the plants I received from FRESH at the FIESTA Festival for local social service organizations which took place at Williams Memorial Park in late Spring; and the HOT PEPPER PLANT, which I bought at Stop & Shop in Waterford; and the GREEN PEPPER PLANTS, which I bought at TRUE VALUE in Groton, CT in early June. HOT PLANTS! (Next summer, I plan to keep it simple with a Windowsill Garden of Herbs and Hot Pepper Plants -- or will I try the FRESH Community Garden Center???

The Mystic Outdoor Art Festival

Celebrate art in historic downtown Mystic at the 53rd annual Mystic (Outdoor) Art Festival. The oldest of its kind in the Northeast, the festival attracts more than 250 artists and artisans showcasing more than 100,000 diverse pieces. Oils (that's me); watercolors (that's me, too); photographs; pastels (count me in!); sculpture; acrylics; and more abound through the heart of downtown. For more info, go to:
to learn about the top art festival in the country! (Nothing less than the best...)Hope to see you all there on Saturday, Aug. 14 from 10-6pm and/ or Sunday, Aug. 15, 10-5pm. Corner Jackson Avenue and East Main Street, off Exit 90. Go past Mystic Seaport and follow signs for downtown Mystic. For recent photos of artwork, coming next week, go to:

Monday, August 9, 2010

DANGEROUS: Final Voyage

DANGEROUS: Final Voyage -- I was kept from danger when the whole month of July was besieged with oppressive heat and humidity. I suffered hot flashes concurrently with the heat wave. My car refused to start on several occasions, advent of Fourth of July weekend and I was stuck at three different locales, temporarily: Williams Park Apts, Shop Rite parking lot, and Stop & Shop gas station in Waterford. I was disabled. My car was disabled. On a Monday morning, despite the threatening skies; I took my car on its final voyage. Yes, "voyage." I swam in the ocean at Ocean Beach Park, as if in a lake under the darkening sky. A few rumbles later, I dashed to my towel, hurried dry. Grabbed my bags, dodged a lightening bolt streaked down the boardwalk ahead of me. Rumbles, thunder, wind. Got in my car. The wind roared as the rain poured in torrents upon me inside of my car. Turned key frantically in ignition to no avail. Safest place in a storm is in your car because it has rubber tires. But I wanted desperately to get home, all alone in my parked car. To my reckless endangerment, the car ignition roared to life and I took off in the storm. Along Ocean Avenue, two bicyclists pedalled past me as I pumped my brakes. Crossed Route One onto Jefferson. Huge trucks roared past me in my midsize car. Blinding rain fell in torrents across my windshield. Pump, pump the brakes. Gentle stop at all stop signs. Across town, the city streets flooded as my car splashed through rising waters. For the last time. Please get me home. Please, please, please. Where are my rescuers? Where are my Guardian Angels? Couldn't get there in time. Got called to other emergencies in the city. Please, please, please, please, please. Take me home.