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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Smack Dab

Smack Dab Band, live at Ocean Beach, Friday, August 20th at 8pm. Honeeey, see you at the beeeeach! (THIIIIINK SUNSHINE!)


P.S. I also worked as a Substitute Teacher at Noank Elementary School just down the street from Poquonnock Bridge, and of course, how could I forget my student Anthony at Fitch Middle School (1997-98) -- one of the best tho' temporary jobs I've ever had!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


In a few minutes, and after months of hard work, you will be able to view my latest artwork. For more info, please go to:


In 1969, Celestial Seasonings began blending fresh herbs picked in the Rocky Mountains, transforming the best of nature into delicious and healthful teas. Today, our veteran team of tea experts source more than 100 varieties of the finest quality teas, herbs, spices and fruits from more than 35 different countries to craft our distinctive blends. Next up: THE RAIN FOREST? (The humidity of summer wouldn't be wasted on me!) "If I were to name the three most precious resources of life, I should say books, friends, and nature; and the greatest of these, at least the most constant and always at hand, is NATURE. -- John Burroughs (For the record, my favorite is Roast-a-Roma, available at the Niantic Natural Foods Store. And I am currently reading a novel by Luanne Rice. And I am happy to see that the New London Public Library is well-stocked with my favorite authors, all on adjacent shelves: Luanne Rice, Nora Roberts and Danielle Steele; and I hope to try others of this ilk. By the way, I like Kathy Reichs, too.)

Groton Family Farm

GROTON FAMILY FARM Pasture raised eggs...fresh fruits and vegetables (Hey! Why are my tomatoes so late?)...Shetland Sheep...(to you, Ladies of the Bean & Leaf Sat. morning Knitting Group!)...Warren Burrows, Farmer and part time Surgeon at Pequot Health Center...For more info, go to: -- The lambs have grown larger; there is a tall brown goat...there is a brown horse...plenty of chickens in the coop...and of course -- THE RAMS! The farm, a step back in time, is located just around the corner from the Groton Library on Route 117, off I-95, Exit 88. And directly across from the Groton Town Hall on Route One. (Did you know that I have held temporary jobs in this very location on about five separate occasions? Sub teacher: Claude Chester Elementary School (Music) and Sub teacher: Grasso Tech (1997)...Temp secretary: Groton Town Hall (Spring 1995)...Temp Receptionist: Q-105 (1993 or 1994)...and that I took a course in Medical Terminology at Pequot Health Center while working at the Town Hall (Spring 1995) and earned a Certificate in Medical Terminology with Straight A's?

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Lot of Hair

Did you know...A Lot of Hair...signals intelligence? A study at Chester Mental Health Center in IL found members of MENSA, an organization for people with high IQs, tend to be much hairier than other folks? Another study found students with more body hair even rank better academically. Scientists aren't sure why, but think certain hormones associated with hair growth are also linked to mental functions. (See you all soon, Ladies at the Bean & Leaf Knitting Group on Saturday mornings!) Speaking of; I decided that if I sold any of my artwork at the Mystic Art Festival -- that the first thing I would do is get my hair cut at The Gallery in New London. And that's about all I will be able to do with my earnings from the MAF this year! (Which brings to us the bold conclusion: If you're so smart, why ain't you rich???...* * * :)

Impressions, Mystic Art Fest 2010

IMPRESSIONS, MYSTIC ART FESTIVAL Coming soon, photos of course. "Try painting the Nubble Lighthouse, in York, Maine." I wrote a book, THE CAT WHO LOST ITS MEOW, which takes place at Ocean Beach (available at Bank Square Books, Mystic.) "You picked right up and did good." ...I operate the Marlborough Art Center. We're looking for new artists. "I hope you sell out." (Not quite!) You should check with the Bulkeley House and restaurants on Bank Street to see if they would buy and hang your mural. Seek it out. "Humidity is the only thing that kills me. I'm glad you came. People are nice." ...Do you know what we call Seagulls? Garbage Chickens! (from 2-year-old Charlie and his parents!) "New London Pizza Place is new on Bank Street and looking for business." Encouraged a man from Branford who enjoys sketching scenes from life -- for his wife. "She likes the way I captured the boats. She hasn't seen anything like that here." ...Pretty. I can tell what your favorite color is. "They're pretty." "They're beautiful." ..."You did great work." "This is a good outlet for you."...Be sure to walk along Hempstead Street and visit the graveyard there (as I discussed the history of New London and the wrecking ball of the 1970s with a former resident). And...did you know...they are planning on making a Bed & Breakfast out of the New London Ledge Lighthouse?

Mystic Art Festival 2010

MYSTIC ART FESTIVAL 2010 -- First, I would like to thank my Guardian Angel Paula for encouraging me to sell my paintings in Mystic and for conjuring up the best weather possible for my first art festival ever, the Mystic Art Festival on the weekend of August 14 & 15, 2010. It was bright, sunny and cool on Saturday, Aug. 14 to start. On Sunday, although the day dawned slightly overcast, that was fine with me as the sun shone through the clouds and the slight humidity remained at bay. My location on the corner of Jackson Avenue and East Main Street was awesome and I will request the same the next time I apply to the MAF. To be determined at a future date. I couldn't have done it without the ready and able-bodied help of my sister Kelley and her partner, Brian. Thanks again, Kelley for your acute and untiring attention to detail and the fun we had in planning, booth set-up and new bizz card creation. Thanks to Brian for his help in the physical task of setting up my booth and providing material to hang my paintings and for transportation, etc. Thanks to Mom for booth sitting with me on both Saturday and Sunday (and admiring my work). Thank you to sisters Karen and Kim for coming to spend time, and for buying some of my notecards and prints. I thank all of my friends who came: Monique, Bob & Ester, Jen & Justin, and to my surprise, an unexpected guest: longtime friend Lynne from college days in the early 80s (although we each went to a different college). THANKS TO ALL FOR MAKING THE MYSTIC ART FESTIVAL A SUCCESS! It can only get better.