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Friday, September 3, 2010


Happy Labor Day Weekend, Everyone!  Remember to STAY SAFE!  Don't drink and drive.  Have a desig driver or stay home!  Batten down the hatches for Tropical Storm Earl which is expected to arrive in Southeastern CT by 12 Noon.  The eye of the storm is predicted for 3pm, lasting until 3am.  Hope to see you all at the beeeaach on Sat., Sept. 4th for a breezy, sunny day. And back to OB for The Reducers live in concert at 7pmSunday, I have plans to Meet the (Other) Artists at Olde Mistick Village in the afternoon with high hopes of making it to Ocean Beach for a late afternoon walk. On Monday, I hope to see you all at the beeeach once again!  and listen to the Carousel.  Next weekend, I will voyage to Block Island at the Rose Farm Inn for some much needed down time as well as photography and outdoor sketching. (Leaving Fri, 9/10 and returning Sunday, 9/12.  No, I don't have the ringer turned off on my phone.) Have a beautiful Fall Season everyone and always remember to watch your step!!!...* * * :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Live at Ocean Beach

For more info, go to:

Here you will see the Carousel which is inspiring my latest: CAROUSEL SCENES...and the boardwalk where the 2011 Mile Long Tag & Craft Sale, sponsored by Save Ocean Beach (SOB) will take place.  Saturday, May 14, 2011, 9am - 3pm.  Mark your 2011 calendars now!  I am.  (Paula taught me this time management skill, planning things way in advance!) $30.00, $10 refundable.  Support a great cause by giving back to Ocean Beach!  Last year, at the Ocean Beach Celebration at Port & Starboard Ballroom, I gave generously in support of SOB -- which funded -- ironically -- repairs to the Portico above My Spot at the beach!  Oppressive heat and humidity has kept me away most of the summer, including the first three weeks in July and for many days in August (not to mention prep for the Mystic Art Festival).  I have enjoyed Ocean Beach since the winter weather broke in March and spanning the entire month of June 2010 -- for which I am extremely grateful.  Honeeeey, see you at the beeeaaach -- this LABOR DAY Weekend and all throughout AUTUMN.  We deserve a beautiful, cool one this year! For more info and to save Ocean Beach yourself, go to:
(I stand corrected).

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Film Rights

Atlanta newswoman Margaret Mitchell sold the film rights to Gone with the Wind in 1936, for $50,000, one month after the novel's publication.  Mitchell reportedly suggested that either the Groucho Marx or Basil Rathbone play Rhett Butler! She was ignored, and after Gary Cooper turned the part down, it went to Clark Gable. For more info, go to:

Don't Go Away

DON'T GO AWAY!  I'll be right back.  I'm just breaking for lunch.  Gosh!  Chewy snack bar kept me going at the computer.  Got up with my alarm for once.  Back on track.  Drowsy from actual sleep. Had breakfast about 7:30 and by 10:30 -- ugggh -- woozy, irate. Sucks to be me.  (Don't hate me because I'm beautiful??? Me?) It's amazing how much better I felt after eating chewy, gooey Quaker Granola Bar, Peanutbutter, Choco Chip.  Yes, at computer. But I think I should eat now.  Hey, Sisters!  It's not psychological.  Would it be easier if it was?  Do I even believe in Psychology? Does it work for me? (No.) Paula used to say that in a past life, I starved as a Missionary in China for my children who I taught, orphans. And so, she said, I would need a Past Life Regression Therapy session in order to ease the pain of hunger. Know anyone? (God, I'd be rich!)


The Paula ferry passed quietly and surely by My Spot at Ocean Beach.  Circling the harbor, I thought. "She won't leave until you're taken care of." Mother Ship. Slowly revolving antenna. Sparkles in the sun. Later that night. On the five o-clock news. Fresh from an hour and a half nap.  Fell asleep! The City of New London web cam reveals Mother Ship. Cruising slowly into Home Port.

LATER THAT EVENING Lots of jammin-innuendo for "I Need a Lover That Won't Drive Me Crazy." I waited for the words to start and lip-synched all of the words before getting out of my new to me Gold Ford Taurus. Packed. Summer heat. I spied Wendy W and her boyfriend outside the Olympic size pool.

"How did you make out?" she asked.

"Not very well," I admitted. As we discussed the Mystic Art Festival and the high cost of my booth, she suggested paying twenty dollars for a booth on the Ocean Beach boardwalk next May! "At least you'd make back the twenty by selling your notecards," she said of the annual Save Ocean Beach (SOB) Tag & Craft Boardwalk Sale.  I gave her my new bizz card, encouraging her to check out my website.

Even still, with the aftermath of the Mystic Art Festival and all it entails -- Money. Time. Planning. Manpower. Supplies. The chance to get out of New London for the whole weekend! To be part of something bigger than you and your small world! The chance to excel.

Walking toward My Spot and seeing strangers, I quickly reversed my steps and who did I see? Tall and gaunt, walking toward me.  Baseball cap over white hair.  Buddy! I called to him.  He apologized for the way he looked. He was sick, the whole month of July.  He had trouble breathing.  He couldn't take the humidity either. He needed to sit in the shadows, but I said I came to walk because I have trouble sleeping.  He admitted he was able to stand up to his landlady and her moods and called me "tougher" than he is.  Well, at least he doesn't have a relationship with her!

I saw former friends I chose to ignore who haven't been there for me in the past when I needed them. I saw another friend and admitted how life changes and we all need to grow up.  That a normal life cannot co-exist with the world of dance these days.  "One can only hope," he said but I know better.  I have experience.  Stay tuned for "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC TV on Monday, September 20th!  Dancing has many outlets and it's something you never lose touch with.  But dancing can wait.  Health first! (to you, Mom!) Didja ever consider swimming???...* * * :)


HOME SAFE The incredible lightness of being.  Embraced by the sun. No more pain.  Undulating ocean waves. "Swim. It makes a good day." Cold, slippery things slither against my arms. Cool, cold water. Not warm. Large white buoys ahead.  Don't swim out too far. Cut across the water. Diagonal to the shore. Not parallel. Not straight on. Mounting waves. Head first into oncoming wave. Leap the surf! Roll over. Backstroke. Light, bright sun feels my entire being. Warmth, peace. Joy. Lightness.  (No overhead.) Cross Sound Ferry is crossing over. The Great Divide. Laughter. Joy.  Big ferry. Up close. Slowly moving. Crossing over. HOME SAFE, PAULA! Home Safe. Joy. Laughter. (from Private Private Journal, decided to share.)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Keep Readin'!

Thanx for reading, everyone.  Got more hits than usual last week, 63 on one day and 37 or so on the next.  Debbie returns to FOOL'S GOLD to spar with Amanda for Corporate Mike's attention -- For more info, go to:  Maybe not tonight because I am long overdue for Cruise Nite at Ocean Beach tonight!  Latest works of art: "Lady in Blue" (CAROUSEL SCENES) and DOWNTOWN RAINFOREST (my view from my office at the Bean & Leaf Cafe).  Forthcoming will be inspiration for familiar scenes of Block Island in OILS OF BLOCK ISLAND IN THE FALL.  (Be on the Block 9/10-9/12/10.)  CU all soon!  Keep readin'!