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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A hit!

Thanx, all of you Readers out there! 49 anon hits to my blog yesterday (Wed, 9/8/10).  I have been passing out my new bizz cards to people I know.  I haven't thought of a name for my Collective Blog yet, can you? ("Denise Dances," "Making Art Affordable to the Public" and "Fool's Gold." Twitter and Facebook don't count!) OK, I know you're waiting; I know you're waiting! Back to "Fool's Gold" to see Debbie attend yet another Corporate Birthday Party! (Although other people's birthdays seem to be more important than my own -- Hint! if you're reading this; the only way I can get people to LISTEN to me.  HOW long ago was it??? SIX months ago???) Just go to:  You haven't heard the end of this.


Sept. 4, 2010, Saturday at Ocean Beach Park (by the Carousel)  One year ago on Saturday, August 23, a day very similar to today. The prevailing weather conditions: Bright sun. High winds. Wild waves. Blue sky. No clouds. No humidity. Fresh, cool, dry. Uncrowded. Unhurried. On such a day, one year ago, I was first inspired to create the "Mural of Long Island Sound (in 7 panels)." That morning, I took photographs from My Spot to the mouth of Alewife Cove. Inspired on such a day. They say fountains bring prosperity. A pool of water underneath a bridge with red lights. A giant blue whale spouts spray intermittently. Sprawling ivy vines spew a waterfall. Mini Golf Course. On such a day, I sketched the wildflowers -- "Echinacea Purpurea" -- upon which the notecards SOLD OUT at the Mystic Art Festival. And to think I almost didn't come that day. But my gas tank was on E and Ocean Beach was so close. So close. ("Rue," who operates the amusement park rides here commented that he sees all kinds of creative people here at the beach, where he has been employed for years.  Once, he saw actors filming a Slasher Movie along the boardwalk. Another time, he saw a Short Film Remake (under one hour) of GREASE. We both agreed that he is the one who you can hear before you see him! I guess I am in good company.)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Up and coming: Reflections on my first year as an Artist, "One year ago today."

There You Have It!

OK, there you have it!  I'm not touching it anymore.  Later, I would like to post the URLs of these talented artists and their work so you can see what I saw and enjoy it, as well. I hate to disappoint my readers and I received even more today.  That's what happens when you get the Word Out!

Art Webs

ART WEBS Here goes!

Meet the Artists Already!

Sunday, Sept. 5, 2010 -- Olde Mistick Village, Mystic, CT  On a windy day, post Tropical Storm Earl, the sun shone brightly on the white tents of the artists and crafts people (artisans) at the "Meet the Artists" Festival in OMV. Parking was difficult to find; however, I prevailed and forged ahead to find plenty of spaces in front of Go Fish.  The first display I happened upon was on an expanse of grass sandwiched between I-95 and the Steak Loft.  Against a backdrop of well spaced whimsical metallics of "all creatures great and small," (this is a foreshadowing to feed the animals this fall and winter...); there played a sequence of soothing sounds of the Symphony on a small laptop computer as images of the artwork flashed across the screen.
The second exhibit which caught my attention, I was fortunate to meet the Artist, Bruce Dumas and his wife Marie. A hardworking couple, he was self employed for many years in HVAC before taking his painting full time one year ago (as I have done). She takes care of all the business details of this aspect so he can concentrate on painting and she has recently obtained full time employment with benefits as well.  Dumas said, "Work hard. Make sure you're good." I surmise it wouldn't hurt to be good at other things as well.  He works in a studio which is a trailer outside his home in Meriden, CT. He has his own printer. He and his wife took off for South Central Florida recently, where they lived in a trailer and participated in several outdoor shows before selling a few paintings and having success.  As I viewed his paintings, his art struck a redolent chord.  (For more info, see future Blog Post where I will post said URL's, as this seems to be what is causing The Glitch.)  You won't be disappointed!
After our discussion, I was rewarded by the wind blowing through many chimes at the next display, Wind Echoes. I commented to the Artist that he was lucky to have a day like this to display his work but he said, "It's OK, but a little less of this would be fine."
After this, I was much surprised to spy the spouse of Brandy Hutchinson, Photographer around the bend.  They occupied the Booth to my right on the corner of Jackson and East Main at the Mystic Art Festival this past summer! He feels the Mystic Art Festival is a more promising venue than Olde Mistick Village as the cost for booth is actually less at the MAF and it draws more crowds. "You've got some good stuff," he said and encouraged me to keep doing it.  Congrats to his wife Brandy on the upcoming birth of their first child in April!
After this exchange, I admired the nautical work of Artist Philip J. Chagnon.  Marine maps serve as backdrop for local lighthouses, Giclee Prints.
The ubiquitous sound of Peruvian flute music brought me to the next exhibit.
The final display that creates a lasting impression is Painters Touch Art Gallery by Jackie Peterson out of Middletown, CT. Inspiring me, I plan to try and create "antique floral" paintings from my inspiration of the wildflower gardens on Block Island this upcoming fall weekend.  I DID IT!

Up Next

First, I want to thank my Readers once again, all 34 yesterday and 18 today (so far).  Please be patient as the glitch is ironed out, probably caused by Tropical Storm Earl.  FRI, 9/10: 11:30 Ferry to Block Island; Sunday, 4:35 back to NL.  I will re-visit my 2nd family at the Rose Farm Inn where I used to stay in the early 90s and have returned in the past year. Lots of down time, outdoor sketching and photography of familiar sites for future oil paintings.  Planned are "Antique Florals," inspired by the wildflower gardens, especially at the RFI, and Southeast Light, possibly Payne's Scenic Overlook of the Mohegan Bluffs, Manisses Animal Farm and Town Beach, where I plan to bike along Corn Neck Road.  "Back in the sadlle, I hope! On my horsey." I know that my next visit will be in June, when the rugosa roses will be in full bloom. (Noooo, my ringer isn't turned off.)

Blogger has a glitch!

I have tried to type and retype my latest post on the "Meet the Artists" Festival in Olde Mistick Village which I attended Sunday.  Great to get out of New London for the day! The librarian at the info desk here at Groton Library has just informed me the glitch is with the actual site, BLOGGER itself, not the computers, as I had trouble at New London Library last night.  Well.  I'm glad somebody knows something. You're just going to have to wait.  All good things come to those who wait (and who refuse to talk!)