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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Forgotten Photo

"Denise Stands Alone at Crusise Nite" photo (2008) somehow got omitted from a prior blog post.  I will be back at the Groton Library next week, probably Tuesday, in order to re-post it.  I may also re-post a photo of me at Cruise Night, end of summer 2009.  You can see the difference in weight loss from one summer to the next.  But stressful circumstances can create wildly fluctuating weight. In an end of summer photo 2010, I'm not sure if I would like what I see, although I seem to get admiring looks from the men more often than night, and I feel dirty looks from the women, which I do not enjoy. (And still I wonder, what in the world is all the fuss about???) Remember, next week is Banned Books Week, so come on in and check out some banned books?  ("Catcher in the Rye," anyone?) Also, I want to apologize for all the ink on some of my most recent photo posts.  Late nite, went through old photos, rewrote captions, that's what I get!

B****en Babe!

There were 32 hits to my blog on Tuesday, September 21st on a beautiful and cool pre autumn day.  Fall has officially arrived, as of 11pm last night.  I am trying to take advantage of my "June in September" weather, great for walking on the Ocean Beach boardwalk!  What I have to learn, I realized late yesterday afternoon, is to be thankful for this great gift, the beautiful autumnal weather and my opportunities to be outside!  Rather than b****en about things I can't control which make me feel angry inside (and you know, anger turned inward turns to depression.)  I had the chance to put myself in someone else's shoes, yesterday around 1:30 pm as I was suddenly "knocked off my block" on the path at Ocean Beach which parallels Alewife Cove, and the summer picnic area.  So suddenly, I was walkin and b****en, feeling hot from the sun, and tired from a sleepless night.  Suddenly, I was down on the ground, my left ankle twisted in pain, my kneecap burning, scraped and bleeding! My Poland Springs bottle of tap water popped out of my hand and bounced along the ground as I cried out in pain, rubbing my ankle.  Two passersby saw me and gave me a helping hand. A couple, walking behind me at a short distance, saw my foot go into a break in the tar and watched me go down! The woman asked if I were all right and extended her hand to lift me up, then held my hand as I gingerly walked.  I refused their request for an ambulance and thanked them.  I walked freely, but limping to My Spot at the end of the boardwalk.  I bathed my bruises and swollen ankle in the salt water.  I lay on the beach sand for a while in the now cool, blowing breeze on one of the most beautiful days of the year.  And I learned the hard way to finally accept this reward of end of summer beautiful weather and the ability to walk, which God has given me. No more b****en!  Really! (Denise...Denise Dances...2010)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shoplifting, Possession

On August 29 aat 1 pm, police arrived at a location behind St. Andrew Church on Chapel Street where a group of citizens were holding a suspected shoplifter. According to police, management at the Island Sports Shop noticed Thomas Dolan, 63, of North Kingstown, apparently leaving tghe store without paying for an item. A store manager and others gave chase, catching up with Dolan on Chapel Street. Police say Dolan's backpack contained items from a host of downtown stores as well as marijuana. When asked where his wallet was, police report Dolan said he dropped it in the church when he hurriedly stopped in to pray.  Police charged Dolan with shoplifting and possession of marijuana; he was issued a summons to appear in Fourth Division District Court.


A picture is worth 1000 words.

PHOTOS to come

PHOTOS TO COME this afternoon, after 1:30pm.

MEET THE FAMILY: "Lite the Nite"

Auntie Denise hugs Julia at "Lite the Nite" Walk for Lymphoma  at Harkness State Park in Waterford, CT in honor of Lee Marquardt (March 5, 1935-September 16, 2007.) Fall 2008.

MEET THE FAMILY: Cruise Nite 2008

L-R: Brian, Kelley, Mom, Dad and Kim...Kelley and Brian, Julia in middle...Julia is pooped out at Fred's Shanty....and Denise Stands Alone at Cruise Nite, Summer's End, 2008.


Best friends hang out at Ocean Beach, one early autumn day. HOT CAT: I wish they'd stop fighting and make up.  COOL CAT: But then you wouldn't see Julia.


BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION AT OCEAN BEACH After lunch at Ocean Pizza. Julia, age 4 on March 3 and Auntie Denise (45). With sis Karen. At day's end, I felt like "the luckiest girl in the world."

3 Paper Cranes!

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE Groton Library...The folding of 1000 paper cranes (considered an auspicious bird in Japan) represents patience.  Legend has it that if one can do this activity, he or she will receive his or her heart's desire.  I believe legend has it that if a couple wishes to marry and they are able to complete the folding of 1000 paper cranes, they will have a happy marriage.  You see, the folding of 1000 of these do-hickeys, let alone three does require patience -- the patience necessary to make a good marriage.  So...what is your heart's desire? And how did I do today?....I entered the Groton Library on this most sunny, beautiful day, desiring to be outside, instead. Of course.  I met the acquaintance of a very nice woman, Marie and her friend at the craft table.  With abundance of patience, she showed me, as well as any others who happened to walk by the craft table and sit with us, the ancient art of Origami.  My first effort rewarded me with an awkward bright yellow crane.  After which, I felt very distracted by the female chatter around me, while trying to listen to Marie.  I booked for lunch outdoors.  Under a shady tree in the cool almost fall air, I practiced my craft over and over again.  To my consternation, I got confused within a certain sequence of steps.  Venturing back inside, I found Marie alone.  But not for long.  "You have to have patience with yourself," she said.  In exchange, I was rewarded with the creation of not one, but two more paper cranes, one bright pink, and one blue.  "It was very nice to meet you," Marie said. Think I can do it on my own?  And what really is MY heart's desire???...* * * :) (Denise...Denise Dances...2010)

Monday, September 20, 2010

ECSO: The People Are Heard


"The People Are Heard"

Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010 at 8pm
Garde Arts Center, New London, CT
featuring Soloist Naoko Takada, on the marimba

in "Prism Rhapsody" by Keico Abe, one of many selections this Season
featuring female composers.

For more info, 860-443-2876 and for a review of Toshi,

Resisting Arrest, Possession

RESISTING ARREST, POSSESSION On September 5 at 1:20a.m, island police and State Troopers came to Captain Nick's bar on Ocean Avenue after reports of an assault. According to State Police, Thomas G. Williams, 54, of North Scituate, pushed a Captain Nick's manager during an altercation after Williams became belligerent at closing time. Troopers later arrested Williams after a chase. Police say Williams was highly intoxicated and resisted arrest. He was charged with assault, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana, and possession of hydrocodone, a narcotic. He was held overnight and escorted to Wickford barracks the next morning where he received a summons to appear in Fourth Division District Court.

Seagulls Soar

"I want to see you in the Altar Room." OASIS. It was OK to go there today. Felt safe.  As I got out of my car, golden-yellow blossomed trees in a row greeted me. A soft breeze was blowing on a bright, sunny, cool day at Ocean Beach. Not swimming, I thought, watching the sparkling waves and surf. WALKING. The way it should be, this time of year.
"I want to see you in the Altar Room."
OASIS. It was safe to go. Wilderness.  Beautiful. Lush forest. So unlike mid July, when I couldn't get to the beach this year.  Goldenrod now grew alongside rugosa plants, roses and berries now past. I stared into the bright, clear sun.
A seagull flew directly overhead, circling and swooping high, high above me. Riding a strong gust of wind, she zigzagged on the air. Flying high! Going with the flow! (Hey, what is this? The sixties?)
Swirling and circling.
"Hey. Don't crap on me, OK? It would be just like you to crap on me!" (Didn't she once say that it was good luck if a bird crapped on you? Happened to me, late this summer. Very end. Just on my hand, though.  By the water fountain.)
As I stood and watched her, straight above me, circling with glee, another Seagull flew up from Alewife Cove to join her.  They flew in circles, joyously together.
She's not alone, I thought.  Tommy!  She's with Tommy.
Maternal. Eternal. She was here with him now, circling around The Light. But she would always be here for me, as well. Maternal. Eternal.


CAROUSEL SCENES: "Blue Elephant" ...the Phantom Horses, charging in the background.  In the distance, the shore and sands of Ocean Beach. "The sands of time." End of summer into Fall scene. Melancholy. "Time marches on." Baby blue elephant is Innocence, while a tiny reindeer flies, suspended, above him. Christmas is coming! Coming soon to MAAP.  For more info, go to:

OASIS: Field Notes

THE SHOW MUST GO ON...She lives the spirit of the sea...Marches to a different beat..."The show must go on." Wild, white horses charge forward, in rotation, galloping against time. Forward march! The blur of their speed, their silent hoofbeat is obscured by the Lady in


OASIS: Field Notes

OASIS: Field Notes, Fall 2010 -- Mermaid - fresh from the sea. Apparition. Me - fresh from Block Island in Fall. Fresh from summer swims at Ocean Beach, whole month of June.  Last week of July. Some days of sun and swimming just this last, August. Hair glistens, silken in the sun. From the sea.
Half clothed. My first, almost Nude.
Sept. 13, 2010
Coming soon to MAAP: CAROUSEL SCENES: "Lady in Blue." For more info, go to: