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Saturday, October 9, 2010

UP NEXT: Olivia's Bird Illustrations

As seen on the CBS Evening News, a viable artistic endeavor: SAVE THE GULF: Olivia's Bird Illustrations...Facebook is actually good for something!  Thanx to an old friend from Beantown, Pam for bringing this website to me!  For more info, go to:

"Park and Walk"

Why am I parked at the Groton Library on a beautiful weekend holiday like this?  Easy! Because it's a beautiful - weekend - holiday!  (ie, TRAFFIC) The Crown Princess is in the Port of New London, docked at State Pier today, Saturday, October 9th.  You should go see it and all of the tourists and their cameras as they mob downtown New London. Don't forget the street vendors on the Parade Plaza, selling jewelry and T-shirts. (If you paid more attention to me, you would know this.)
As for me, I will walk to Poquonnock Plains Park from the Groton Library and hope to snag an ice cream somewhere in between.  Hey, it's the stress of driving which is bringing on my low blood sugar! (Wish it wasn't true.) The Groton Fall Festival (& Business Expo) is going on, with lots of food vendors, live bands and demos, and local small business owners.  Trying to see how the other half lives!  But first, ICE CREAM! Drive safely, everyone!  Have a designated driver! Or just stay home!  STAY SAFE, everyone!  (Denise...Denise Dances...2010)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Next Up: Lyrics to the song, "Twisted" by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross with a view toward the Supernatural...Just in time for HALLOWEEN! Included: VOCAB from "Talking to Heaven" by James van Praagh, co-producer of "Ghost Whisperer!"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


INCENSED!!!...* * * :)...On this Springlike, romantic rainy Wednesday morning, I attended a Mass of Christian Burial for my former next door neighbor, Mr. James Carver at St. Mary Star of the Sea Church here in New London, Connecticut.  His long obit described the many team sports in which he evolved over the years.  I read in surprise, thinking of the man on the second floor who I barely knew.  My "fondest" memory of him is when I watered the garden in front of Westridge Gardens last summer, 2009.  He leaned outside his window, just above me.  "You're spraying my window pane," he snapped.  At the unnecessary rudeness, I felt as if I wanted to point my spray gun in his direction.  I answered him back abruptly.  But the next time he "caught" me squirting his window pane and spoke sharply, I just replied with a smile, "I'm sorry!"  All in all, I knew he wasn't a bad person, that he was rather quiet, and who could blame him for being "an old grouch?"
Yesterday, at the Bean & Leaf Cafe, whose Hi Test kept me awake until all hours last night, even though my last cup was around 11 a.m., I read his obit in surprise.  Something or someone reached out to me and I knew I had to go to his service today.  Was it because I care, or rather don't care "what the neighbors think?" Was it to show my face in public to my neighbors of the past, to show them I wasn't afraid of them, that I wasn't the one who did anything wrong?  Was it for a higher reason than that?  Mr. Carver deserved at least that much.  I have been wanting to return to church services, St. Mary Star of the Sea in particular, as its spires greet me every morning and every afternoon when I return home.  I wanted to see how I felt about it.  SPORTS, is what the Father first uttered upon the opening hymns and prayers.  Jim Carver's life was much about sports. life. Playing fair. Sometimes letting the other guy win. Looking out for the weaker ones. Playing by the rules. Father called him a genius, a spiritual genius. Sports are like life: Rules. Teamwork. Sports are also an escape from day to day reality, such as basketball. Beauty in precision. An idea of the greater beauty that lies ahead, which awaits us all. A Banquet Table -- more festive than that here on Earth. As I bowed my head in public prayer, an age old scent greeted my nostrils: INCENSE! For more info, go to:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

La Grua Center

Manipulating Pigments: Relief & Intaglio - LA GRUA CENTER, 32 Water Street, Stonington Borough, Stonington, CT. Exit 91. Follow signs to the Borough. Featuring artwork of the Stonington Printmakers Society, through Nov. 14, 2010. For hours, call (860)535-2300. When you go, you will be able to view the hard work of my sister, Kelley. Coming to a Blog Post soon. (Hey. We artists have to be supportive of others' work.  If we don't, WHO will? If you don't take a stand for'll fall for anything!!!...* * * :)...(Step outside that lens, my friend!!!...* * * :) -- Not LOL.

Conn College Exhibits Art

A Sense of Place: Painters of Matunuck, RI (1873-1941), LYMAN ALLEN ART MUSEUM
(Free to New London residents) through Feb. 20, 2011. Hours are: 10-5pm, Tues.-Sat. and 1-5pm Sundays. (860)443-2545.
CONN COLLEGE FACULTY EXHIBIT - Cummings Art Center, Conn College, works by 7 faculty members, through Oct. 27, 2010. (860)439-2740. TWO EXHIBITS WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF EACH OTHER.  Conn College is a beautiful, safe campus, with a great view of distant ocean...a great way to combine your love of art with love of outdoor excercise! I will probably visit on Wednesday, 10/6.

Supernatural Exhibit

Thursday, October 29 from 4-8p.m., GROTON PUBLIC LIBRARY
Smoking Gun Research Agency (SGRA) presents...SCIENCE OF THE SUPERNATURAL EXHIBIT and  PRESENTATION Dedicated to the study of Paranormal Activity and Education of the Public, featuring * Interactive Activities * Hands On investigative equipment * Photo and Video archives
* Local Groton Cases and * Your Questions Answered!!!...* * * :)
(Is this "Thriller" or what?)
Exhibit: 4pm
Presentation: 6:30pm



Fenced in. Coralled. Parameters. Borders.
(Behind white bars.)

A lighted carousel on a late summer evening
the leaves just starting to change color.
End of Summer into early Fall.
Childhood summer memories
Circus-like tent of the carousel.
Circus animals coralled behind white bars.
In strict society,
human passions must be coralled
(such as Anger and Lust.)

At the OK Coral,
horses gallop wildly alongside naive elephants
as they lumber past flying reindeer
beneath a pale, glowing circus tent!

By Denise Hickey
On 10/4/10

Coming soon to MAAP: "Carousel"

ANGER (Turned Inward)

ANGER (Turned Inward)

Anger turned inward
Has no place to go.

Incapable of being moved.
Cries of concern
Met with silence
Year after year after year.

Drowned out
by rock concerts
Attended without her.

It's such a pity
So young and pretty
She hardly knows her now.

By Denise Hickey
(Composed on 9/14/10)
(Transcribed on 10/5/10)

A Rainy Day in Downtown New London

See No Emotion/Hear No Emotion/Speak No Emotion/FEEL No Emotion

Monday, October 4, 2010


LARCENY  On August 19, an Apple i-phone was reported stolen from Ballard's Beach. On August 24, a wallet with $200 was reported stolen from a Volvo parked at the Payne Overlook along the Mohegan Bluffs. On August 25, police say a vehicle owner, who had parked in the lot across from Winfield's the night before, reported a bag of change stolen from the car.
On August 31, $400 was reported stolen from a guest's room at the Hendrickson House.  On August 25 at 12:47 p.m., police observed a 14-year-old juvenile Block Island male enter a vehicle at the second bluffs in the company of two other juvenile males. Police took the young man into custody and discovered tht he had in his possession what appeared to be some of the items reported stolen in previous days. The matter has been referred to Family Court. (Don't worry...she'll be returned to you at a future date.)


THE FAMILIAR At last, that long-awaited VOCAB! (Once a teacher, always a teacher!!!...* * * :) -- Not LOL!  (1) manipulate: vt. [back-formation fr. manipulation, fr. F., fr. manipulus] 1: to treat or operate with the hands or by mechanical means esp. in a skillful manner 2a: to manage or utilize skillfully b: to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means esp. to one's own advantage 3: to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one's purpose.
(2) maniple: n. [ML, manipulus, fr. L. handful, fr. manus hand + - pulus (akin to L plere to fill); its having been originally held in the hand - more at MANUAL, FULL...2: [L manipulus, fr. manipulus handful; fr. the cutstom of using a handful of hay on the end of a pole as a military standard]: a subdivision of the Roman legion consisting of either 120 or 60 men.
(3) familial: adj. [F, fr. L familiar] 1: of, relating to, or characteristic of a family 2: tending to occur in more members of a family than expected by chance alone (a ~ disorder)
(4) familiar: n. 1: an intimate associate, COMPANION 3: a spirit often embodied in an animal and held to attend and serve or guard a person 4a: one who is well acquainted with something b: one who frequents a place COMING SOON TO  MAAP: "The Familiar" (from BACKYARD SCENES 2009) in April 2011.  For more info, go to: