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Friday, November 12, 2010

Coming Soon to MAAP!

Coming Soon to MAAP. (As soon as I can buy film to put in my camera, take pix, and develop them!) CAROUSEL SCENES: "Lady in Blue" and "Carousel." (Not yet started: "Blue Elephant.") "The Hills Are Alive," a fall view outside my window, is fini! "Girl Looks Outside" is in the works! A Christmas Scene is on board -- but I'm not gonna tell you what! For more info, go to:

Up Next: Backing!

UP NEXT: More on the Myers-Briggs MBTI Test Instrument.  I am adamant about this test, because had it been administered to me, either in high school or through one of my many doctors and therapists here in New London, I may have discovered what I want to be when I grow up a lot sooner! Why, you ask, did not any of these many experts I was forced to see during the last decade of my life, administer the MBTI? M-O-N-E-Y! Remember, Medicare pays 85 % of doctor and hospital costs -- and they take forever to review each case.  Who in their right mind would want to deal with that? In talking with others, I can see that they have received much better healthcare and treatment than I have, being a "victim of the system." However, I can feel good that I made the acquaintance of Paula, as have you, in this journey, and I feel she was "on the money" about what I should be doing:  "You'll be selling your paintings in Mystic." God has blessed me by rescuing me from the trials of the Public Healthcare System and other trials, so I feel it my duty to inform you of what went wrong in my life in order to insure a better future for THE CHILDREN.(Noooo, not backstabbing! "Backing!!!"...* * * :)

Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra!


"Memories and Echoes"

Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010, 8:00 Sharp!
Garde Arts Center, New London, CT

Including the Composers: Schnittke, Van de Vate (featured female composer);
Sibelius and Dvorak

Guest Soloist

Sponsored by The City of New London and The Town of Groton


Come and meet the latest conductor,
Toshiyuki Shimada!

Where Ya Been?

Guess you all don't come around here no' mo'.  Did I scare you away with my harsh portrayal of Debbie's bad temper and familial treatment in my "Fool's Gold" book blog, the story of my life in NYC in the late 1980s? There is a bit more to come. For more info, check out:
right now!  I have just a few more short chapters left in "Fool's Gold." But I want to give you more, you Faithful Readers who have seen me through thick and thin since staring my Blog-o-Sphere in May 2008!  UP NEXT on "Fool's Gold:" The Conclusion.  "Are we there yet?" And Up Next as well: Poems from Corporate HQ in New York City...Poems from my college years at Eastern Connecticut State University (1984-87)...and a short story, "The Single Mom of Cactus County."  Thanx for being faithful.  I hope you enjoy it! (Oh...a few more photos, too.  Meet the cast!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Take the MBTI!

WHERE TO TAKE THE MYERS-BRIGGS MBTI Instrument  Is it valid? Is it reliable? (from University of New Haven, Master's in Teaching Program, Science Trimester ("Measurement and Assessment"), Southeastern Campus -- Mitchell College, New London, CT) 

Consultants and therapists who are certified to administer the MBTI are available on-line and through the following links.

More links to come in the future!

What to expect: Fill out a multiple choice questionnaire. Results are given in person or by phone, unless you choose to take the MBTI Complete, on-line instead. A follow up analysis with a certified professional is NOT required. Results: MBTI Profile Report via the web or in printed form. CONFIDENTIAL.  To learn how to become a certified administrator of the MBTI Instrument, go to: Using Type as a Professional (LINK TO COME SOON!)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Blame it on Dr. Freud!

22 hits on Friday, Nov. 5th!  I wish I could "take the Fifth."  But, as seen on OPRAH last week, 200 men came forward to admit the horrible truth: as small children, each man was sexually abused, not just once, but over a period of time, continually.  Not by a stranger, but by an adult male in authority or a relative, by someone whom they trusted, respected, and feared, as well.  Any kind of abuse, perceived or real, has a profound effect on a person's life.  Abuse of any kind can cause problems for us, as adults, in career or vocation and in relationships.  By stepping forward and speaking out, these men have made themselves vulnerable once again. Tears do not lie.  Hopefully, all of these 200 men and all others who feel they have suffered abuse at the hands of trusted adults in any way, can find their voice and their time to heal, as they hope to protect others, especially those most vulnerable: CHILDREN.