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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hit Monday!

28 Hits to my Blog-o-Sphere last Monday!  This is my Public Service Announcement to STAY SAFE, EVERYONE!

(Stay home - or stay over! Unless YOU want to be "pulled over!")
Not only is it against the law,
but it could be FATAL.

For the Diabetics among us:
Limit your sugar intake:
Choose between sweets or white starch or alcohol!
Three different types of sugar! Choose one!
Take it from someone with experience.
Have a big hunk of protein with the sweet of your choice.
Vegs are all good! (even potatoes)
Have that coffee and dessert for that late day slump instead!

And finally, always remember to visit those loved ones
among you who are home bound or in long term or permanent care
outside the home.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!
Don't deprive!
Don't over-indulge!



Monday, November 15, 2010

More on the MBTI

Sounds like the Subway, doesn't it?  Take the MBTI...! For more info, go to:
Under "Take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator instrument," click on the link for:
"MBTI Master Practitioner Referral Network." For a list of certified practitioners in your area.
The "Center for Applications of Psychological Type" (CAPT) offers the MBTI instrument on-line. Next, a certified professional interprets your results and follows up with a one hour phone consultation.
Click on the link, "Take the MBTI" here on the above website.
To take the MBTI Complete without assistance from a certified professional, go to:
You fill out a multiple choice test.
Follow the self-guided feedback system.
A follow up consultation with a certified professional is recommended, but not essential.
Most importantly, KNOW THYSELF! Don't let anyone coerce you into trying to be something you are not. Or to make you believe you are not "good enough" just the way you are.  'Cause it ain't true!
To become a certified administrator of the MBTI, click on the link in above website, "Using Type as a Professional," if you are interested in helping others use their talents to achieve their God given hopes and dreams.

7th Annual Local Authors' Night

SEVENTH ANNUAL LOCAL AUTHORS' NIGHT Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010 at 7pm. Groton Public Library. "Must Go!" Why?  I'll give you a clue to my latest project: Author Ann Haywood Leal ("A Finders Keepers Place") and others will be discussing their most recently published books. Books available for signing and purchase after the program. Refreshments served. FREE and open to the public. No registration required. For more info, call the Groton Library at (860)441-6750.

Teenscape! at the G. Library

GRAND OPENING OF TEENSCAPE the grand opening of Teenscape, the Groton Public Library's new area for teens, was celebrated on November 10 at 6pm. Reps from the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut were the guests of honor. In 2008, a generous donation was granted to the CFEC to the tune of 3.6 Million from the Estate of Edmund O'Brien, the largest gift ever in its history. Thirteen libraries in southeastern Connecticut were each awarded $100,000 and asked to submit a proposal that would "maximize the library's value to its residents, especially those who can most benefit but may not currently be utilizing services." TEENSCAPE is the result of this generous grant. "Long live Uncle Bud!" (whom I am happy to have known from 1998-2004.)

Art: A Viable Inspiration!

INSPIRATIONAL THOUGHT: A medium receives thoughts, impressions and knowledge without forethought. It comes from the spirit world, but the personality of the spirit is not impressed upon the receiver. In many cases, a band or group of souls impress an earthly recipient with inspirational thought. They can impress the person to write a song or paint a scene. Many great artists and musicians were mediums, as well as great scientists and yes, even doctors...of the past. ("...a cold, disconnected person from a life too full of emotional pain to deal with." -- Dr. Sweets, "Bones," FOX TV, Thursdays at 8pm).


10/12/10 (Tues.) "Field Notes" - (OASIS) - "Girl Looks Outside"

Lieutenant River - beyond the horizon, the proverbial bend in the River. Fall - crunching of leaves underfoot. Early fall - leaves just starting to turn color.

Model: Denise, Oct. 2009, grounds of "the Gris" by the "L" River.

Dress & Figure: "A Bar at the Folies-Berger" by Edouard Manet (1881-1882) Oil on Canvas, (37 3/4 x 51 1/5") or (96 x 130 cm) "the barmaid's resigned expression" - end of Golden Age in Paris.

The building model: Marshfield House - "portico," and the "Side Porch" of the Florence Griswold House.

(1) Paint in the "background:" trees, marsh grass, river.
(2) Let dry.
(3) Visit "the Gris" week of Oct. 18-22. (M-F)
(4) Photograph or sketch the "Marshfield House."

(5) Week of Oct. 18-22: Paint in The Portico. "the Girl" (me!). in "costume."

End Quote: GIRL LOOKS OUTSIDE...Coming Soon to MAAP! (For more info, go to:
(On Friday, Nov. 12, I had 22 hits! Now, if you've been reading this, you have no excuse...not to go and see my art-work at THE HYGIENIC on Bank in downtown New London, CT or the Ocean Beach boardwalk in May...or...the Mystic Art Festival!!!...* * * :)

Art: Another Viable Alternative

For more artwork of those fine feathered friends, especially now that Winter is almost here, please go to: Before I go on, don't forget to feed the birds this winter! Buy a simple outdoor birdfeeder at the Odd Job store or at Benny's or the local True Value store.  Most grocery stores sell bags of wild birdseed.  Chances are, you or somebody you know has a backyard where you can hang the feeder of your choice and watch your fine friends feed all winter. I met Carol at the Mystic Art Festival last summer, although she was way down at the other end of the festival on the opposite side of the bridge.  I admired her work and you can, too. Check out her website and order your boxed bird notecards, just in time for Christmas! ART: A VIABLE ALTERNATIVE. (Who says I don't work???...* * * :)

More Art: Viable Alternatives

You've seen Olivia's Bird Illustrations.  Now it's time to -- "Save Ocean Beach!" Coming Soon, the Boardwalk Tag & Craft Sale, at Ocean Beach Park on Neptune Avenue in New London, CT.  9-3pm on Saturday, May 14, 2011.  If interested in selling or buying, contact Save Ocean Beach (SOB). For more info, go to: where you can still see my Mural of Long Island Sound (in 7 Panels). Inspired by Summer 2009 at Ocean Beach park. FOR SALE on Sat., May 14, 2011, 9-3pm, on the Ocean Beach Boardwalk. Mark your calendars! UP NEXT: Hygienic "Salon des Independents" Winter Arts Festival in January 2011.  You will be able to see: "Wish You Were Here," Panel #7. Hygienic Sixth Crossing: JURIED EXHIBIT: April 2011 "Girl Looks Outside?" (almost done!) UP UP NEXT: Hope to see you at the Mystic Art Festival, August 2011! For more info, go to:
(Denise...Denise Dances...2011!) Oppressed? (Yes.) Distressed? (At times.) Depressed? (No mo'!)

ART: A Viable Alternative

ART: A Viable Alternative? For those of you who are not familiar with her, she has been seen on the CBS Evening News.  Her name is Olivia and she is just eleven years old.  Moved with compassion for the wildlife in her lifelong summer vacation area, the Gulf region of the United States; she began drawing the birds who call her vacation home, home port. Combining her love of art and wild birds; $25,000 has been donated in her name to the Audabon Society, among many other venues. For more info, go to: and see Olivia's Bird Illustrations. Friend Olivia on Facebook, where you will see: SAVE THE GULF: Olivia's Bird Illustrations.  You will see that this young girl paints her endangered feathered friends -- with color and with love! Now that's what I call a Success Story!!!... * * * :)


More like, ENDANGERED.  Who, me? No! the birds!  THREATENED BY OIL SPILL IN THE GULF  Brown Pelicans: Louisiana's state bird; only recently removed from the endangered species list.
Sea Turtles: Five of the seven remaining species  reside in the Gulf.
Shellfish and Crabs: The estuaries of the Gulf are breeding grounds for 40 % of the aquatic life in the Gulf.
Nesting and migrating Shore Birds: Piping Plovers, Sandpipers, and Oystercatchers nest on beaches and barrier islands in Louisiana.
DOLPHINS: Several dolphin species inhabit the northern Gulf area.
North Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna: Will return in the Spring to spawn in the warm Gulf water flowing from the Mississippi River.
UP NEXT: Art: A Viable Alternative.