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Saturday, December 11, 2010

See Ya Tuesday!

Yes, see ya here on Tuesday, most likely. Live from the Groton Library.  That little timer box here at the NL Public Library drives me batty! UP NEXT: More on "Girl Looks Outside." (My mother and my sister Kelley love me -- ah, the painting!) "The Peacable Kingdom." (Encore, encore!  -- Thanx!) Debbie is back home in Connecticut. For more info, go to:

My latest creations probably won't be photographed until early January and then developed and posted sometime in late January. For more info, keep on checking me out at

Take Care & Happy Holidays!


Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

"Your guess is as good as mine."


There is much work to be done! "The harvest is rich but the laborers are few." "Many are called but few are chosen." Do what YOU can do.  No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

Follow "The Day" for the next meeting of the New London Anti Violence Activist Group.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
"No weapon formed against me will prosper."
"Through all things, God works for the good of those who love Him."

(Once again, I wouldn't have made it this far without you, my Guardian Angels here on Earth and my One in Heaven.) MERRY CHRISTMAS!


"It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness." Last Saturday, December 4th, I had the opportunity to walk safely downtown at 3pm, just shortly after my haircut at Bijou in Waterford.  Day turned to night, in the freezing cold night full of Christmas warmth and cheer!  CELEBRATION of Lights and Song Around the World took place on Parade Plaza from 3pm to 5:30pm and beyond.  At 3pm, the children and adults marched down Bank Street accompanied by the Steve Elci & Friends Band, and then danced and sang on the plaza, across from the train station. LEGENDS IN CONCERT from Foxwoods featured a Neil Diamond look-a-like/ sound-alike -- for those of you "old" enough to remember! (Sweet Caroline!)....Next came who else but ELVIS with Blue Christmas and the infamous pelvis shakes. Closely following was the JUVENTUD MAGICA DANCERS, featuring pairs of young men and women dancing to the hot Salsa, Merengue and hip-hop beats of recorded music. DJUM WORXS, the friendly African drum beaters who invoked the audience to participate by clapping! D! WILLIAMS AND THE GOSPEL FAMILY sang soulfully and beautifully while the pine tree on the plaza waited to be lit. At 5:30pm, the tiny clear lights clicked on, aided by Santa Claus himself.  Two ballerinas from Eastern Connecticut Ballet danced on their toes to tunes from THE NUTCRACKER in the window of the Thames River Greenery & Beanery, a magical sight. Sweet! (For more info, go to:
Playing Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 11 & 12.
For more info on upcoming events DOWNTOWN, go to:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

He Had It Coming!

CELL BLOCK TANGO: "He Had It Coming!"
From: Chicago!

Pop, six, squish, uh-oh, cicero, lipshitz!
And now, the Six Merry Murderesses of the Cook's County Jail in their rendition of:

Pop, six, squish, uh-oh, cicero, lipshitz!

He had it coming! He had it coming!
He only had himself to blame!
If you'd been there - If you'd heard it -
I bet ya, you would have done the same!

You know how people have these habits
That get you down
Like Bernie, he liked to chew gum!
No, not chew, Pop!
So I came home this one day and I'm
Really irritated and I'm looking for a bit of sympathy.
And there's Bernie
Lying down on
The couch drinking a beer and chewing -
No, not chewing, poppin'!
So I said to him, I said
If you pop that gum one more time
And he did so I
Too the shotgun off the wall and fired two warning shots into his head!

He had it coming! He had it coming!
He only had himself to blame!
If you'd been there - If you'd heard it!
I bet ya, you would have done the same!

I met Ezekiel at Salt Lake City
About two years ago
And he told me he was single and we hit it off right away!
So we started living together
He'd come home - I'd fix him a drink - we'd have dinner
And then I found out
Single he told me - Single, my ass!
Not only was he married, oh, no, he had six wives!
One of those Mormons, you know.
So that night, when he came home from work
I fixed him his drink as usual
You know, some guys just can't hold their arsenic!

He had it coming! He had it coming!
He took a power in his stride!
And then he used it and he abused it
It was not a murder but a crime.

Now I'm standing in the kitchen, carvin' up a
Chicken for dinner
Minding my own business when in storms my husband Wilber
in a jealous rage.
"You've been screwing the milkman," he says
He was crazy And he kept on sayin'
"You've been screwing the milkman!"
Then he ran into my knife
He ran into my knife ten times.

If you'd been there, if you'd seen it
I bet ya, you would have done the same!

They had it coming! They had it coming!
They had it coming all along.
I didn't do it, but if I'd done it
How could you tell me that I was wrong.
How could you tell me that I was wrong?

I loved Elle Lipshitz more than I could possibly say
He was a sensitive guy, a painter
Every night, he went out looking for himself
And on the way, he found
Ruth, Gladys, Rosemary, and Irving
You could say we broke up cuz of artistic differences -
He saw himself alive, I saw him dead.

The dirty bum, bum, bum, bum, bum...
The dirty bum, bum, bum, bum, bum...

He had it coming! He had it coming!
He only had himself to blame!
Because he used us
And he abused us
It was not a murder but a crime.

She had it coming! She had it coming!
She had it coming all along.
We didn't do it - But if we'd done it
How could you tell us that we were wrong?

You have it coming! You have it coming!
You only have yourself to blame.
Because you used me and you abused me
It was not a murder but a crime.


UP NEXT: "Cell Block Tango" ("He Had It Coming)..."Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys"..."City of Light" take on the evening festivities which took place on Saturday night and in response to the recent spate of violence here in our Wonderful Town...more healthy tips on Diet & Excercise...more takes on "Girl Looks Outside" (have you had enough already?)....and "The Peacable Kingdom." Next up on "Fool's Gold:" THE RED ROOSTER (Debbie is called back home to smalltown Southeastern Connecticut, after years of working hard and playing hard in the Big Apple! (For more info, go to:

It's a Hit!

44 hits yesterday!  Thanx for reading, everyone!  Whether you are new to my blog-o-sphere or a faithful follower for the past week, month, year or the two and a half years....Thank you and Merry Christmas, everyone! Drive safely this holiday season. (I have a duty to my admiring -- or "not so much" public now.) One thing I have realized that being a writer will not necessarily make you popular.  As I try to find my voice, I aspire to integrity at all times and to never misuse my power.  However, in light of the recent violence in downtown New London, right here outside our windows and the unfair way people, myself included, are often treated -- it is very important to find your voice.  Some are blessed with the "gift of gab," you know: CHARISMA and highly persuasive powers.  Unfortunately I am not one of them and during this Christmas season, I would like to offer the gift of forgiveness for all those of you who have not taken me seriously or believed me in the past. (And anyone who may not believe me in the future, as well.)  My blog is my voice. The pen IS mightier than the sword.  Don't mess with the press. And never, never, never mess with somebody  who you thought was a nobody.  She just might turn out to be Somebody! (What're you crazy? Think you got problems? Are you kiddin' me? I don't get no respect!!!... * * * :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Be Back Tomorrow!

Figuratively speaking!  Be back with more findings on my latest series, "THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.  "Tunnel of Darkness" describes my bout with depression over the last decade. Circumstantial? or inherent?  In other words, am I really a psycho? or did the psycho do this to me? (my circumstances, I mean.) THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL will also relate to the recent violence right outside my window here in downtown New London. And what the townsfolk have decided to do about it. If the success of "Festival of Lights & Song" is any indication, I feel we have decided "it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness." Or, in my case, light two! in case you happen to be driving by in the evening. (Just don't watch movies on "Lifetime!") (There is only one thing left to do. Get busy! I must carry on. Land ho!)


Never mess with somebody who you thought was a nobody. She just might turn out to be Somebody! (P.S. Did ya get the memo???...* * * :)

Anne Hathaway in Marchesa

Georgina Chapman admits that wearing her own gowns makes her happy. Judging by the stars that crave her romantic creations, she's not the only one.
Q: Is it easier to design a dress from scratch or adapt one from the runway?
A: Unless an actress makes a choice right after a show, a look may have been around the block by the time she decides to wear it. So we often end up doing gowns just for the star. Women like Annie and Jennifer (Lopez) can be so unwavering in their choices that I get very nervous, I wind up making other dresses as back up. I could never be that certain!
Q: When it comes to making these gowns, are there considerations we may not be aware of?
A: You have to choose a fabric knowing the wearer will be sitting for a long time. If the dress is elaborate, we show her how to prep her date to help her into the car.

Red Dress

Annie picked the dress herself. No stylists or changes later. I made a red bandage dress just in case, but she was right about this one.  -- Georgina Chapman (for Anne Hathaway)

Friendly Competition!

Coming Soon....On Saturday, May 14, 2011, BOARDWALK TAG & CRAFT SALE, Ocean Beach Park, New London, CT.  The second annual, sponsored by "Save Ocean Beach" (SOB). 9-3pm. $30 per booth space, $10 refundable. RAINDATE: May 21. Deadline to RSVP booth space: May 9, 2011. For more info, go to:
 or call: 860-447-3031, ext 132. All proceeds used for SOB projects at Ocean Beach Park. Come and be part of a good cause, come and see me sister Kelley! (Stonington Printmakers Society! WHO IS THE NEXT GREAT ARTIST? You decide!


Coming soon to MAAP: "Girl Looks Outside"...For more info, go to:

Soon to come in late January 2011: Photos of my latest artwork including:

"Lady in Blue," "Carousel," and "Blue Elephant" (just started today) series of CAROUSEL SCENES.
Next: "The Hills Are Alive" is a painting of the view looking South from my living room window in early October.  "Girl Looks Outside" is fini! Up Next: OILS OF BLOCK ISLAND (but I'm not telling you what yet!)

"Girl Looks Outside" is inspired by "Beatrice at the Door," Oil on Canvas, by Harry Hoffman (1871-1964.) Two artists met ("hooked up") as boarders at the "Flo Gris" -- and later, got married in 1910. They moved to "Chuluota" House, which means "beautiful view."  (Who, me?  Nooo! The Lieutenant River!!!...* * * :)

(There is only one thing left to do. Get busy! I must carry on. Land ho!!!...* * * :)


She was curled up in a small place with darkness all around her. The walls began to close, pressing in on all sides, making her smaller and smaller, swallowing her in painful pieces while she tried to scream, but nothing came out. There was no one with her in the darkness, no noise as the gray walls slowly drew shut, collapsing inward in a rush until there was nothing left of who she was but fear and darkness.  (FROM -- what else? HOT PURSUIT by Christina Skye. Bantam Dell, a div of Random House. New York, NY. Copyright 2003.  Free at the NL Public Library. Tunnel of Darkness, January 2000 through 2008, and coming out through 2009...resulting in PTSD in early 2010. "Claustrophobic dreams:" see blog post of early 2010, featuring the vocab word: CLOISTER. (What're you, crazy? Think you got problems? Are you kiddin' me?  I don't get no respect!!1...* * * :)


Link to article in "The Day" is "up and coming!"


More to come soon!  Links to be provided, in the wake of the recent violence to hit the City of New London.  NEW LONDON ANTI-VIOLENCE ACTIVIST GROUP to meet tonight, Monday, December 6th, at 6pm at the BEAN & LEAF CAFE on 13 Washington Street. (Off State Street in downtown New London.)  Be there!