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Friday, December 17, 2010

New Hopes & Dreams

Enjoy the cold, clean air, Everyone! It means a fresh start for all of us.  I find it very refreshing.  Although, I can only walk for so long on the Ocean Beach boardwalk before frostbite overtakes me.  After sleeping like a dream last night, which has been rare for me these past ten years of living on unstable ground in New London, I am going to say once and for all: Butt out of my business, Gossips!  I am doing everything I can to stay healthy and well, to do great things and to do normal things.  It is a lot of hard work to avoid trouble.  But I'm trying!  Woe to anyone who tries to get in my way! (P.S. There is a new creative project I got going on! It has to do with Ocean Beach...but I'm not going to tell you yet! Happy New Year!) It should take at least the first six months of the New Year.

33 Hits and Counting!

33 hits on Thursday!  Thanx for reading, everyone and STAY SAFE this holiday season!  The more things change, the more they remain the same. The Situation at hand is bringing back to mind certain behaviors from my past (see VOCAB: slander. harrass. stalk.) at The Residence.  My hopes and dreams are normal for a person of my age who hasn't realized much of them yet.  So...if my behavior is normal...I am going to beg the age old question from my recent past: What do YOU have going on from within that YOU don't want anyone to know about??? 

(Americans with Disabilities)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stay Tuned...!

STAY TUNED next week for the dramatic Epilogue to Wonderful Tonight and CONCLUSION: By Accident to "Fool's Gold," the story of my life in NYC in the late 1980s. For more info, go to:  -- (Are we there yet???...* * * :)
I know dem "woolie bullies" will be nice and toasty warm, out back of the Groton Library...but what about me?

Up Up Next...

...the long awaited....STEP OUTSIDE THAT LENS, MY FRIEND! (Who sings that song, anyway?) Just along for the ride...!


Does it come as no him...that I mean what I say...when I say...that he would now...that it would have been........CHEAPER TO KEEP HER!!!...* * * :)

45 Hits!

There were 45 hits this past Tuesday.  Thanx, everyone for taking a time out from your holiday shopping to read my blogs and check out my pix of my past life.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Everyone, and Stay Safe!  Enjoy the shops and restaurants in the Downtown District here in New London, but by all means! if you come to visit at night, be safe and come with someone, not alone. Always park and walk in well lit areas where there are plenty of other people around.  The NLPD has received a grant and has officers on foot patrol and cruiser here in downtown New London throughout the Christmas season. Shop smart! If shopping solo, daytime during the week and on the weekend is the best route to go.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Roatan Island, Honduras (2002)

Red Carpet

Photos to Come - Today!

Hopefully I will have photos this afternoon for you.  See ya soon.

Groton Library: Book Sale!


at the Groton Public Library

December 11-16 during library hours

Featuring used books: Adult Fiction, Children, Mystery
Cookbooks, Spirituality, Travel

Videos, CDs and DVDs

New books signed by local authors

Circle of Friends book bags & mugs

The prices on the used books are way reasonable!

For more info and to receive a GPL newsletter by email,
or email the library at:

The library will close at 5:30pm on Dec. 23. Closed Dec. 24, 25, 26, 31 and January 1 and 2. Check out the new Teenscape Section! Merry Christmas, Everyone!

U.S. Coast Guard Concert 12/19

On Sunday, December 19, 2010 at 2pm, there will be a United States Coast Guard - Holiday Concert - at the Garde Arts Center in downtown New London. No tix or rez required. You can sit anywhere you want! (How about the Skybox, that balcony overhang just above the audience?)

In the recent past, I had the pleasure to meet Conductor Megan and Soprano, Lisa Williamson at The Garde Theater this past fall, during two separate concerts.  While I enjoyed reviewing the concerts, I plan to just attend and enjoy all concerts and movies in the future. While I realize that I prefer certain styles and music, I have to admit: "Different strokes for different folks!"

Yes, I will be going to the Coast Guard Holiday Concert on Sunday afternoon! But I promise not to write about it, but to enjoy it! (It's what Paula would have wanted.)  Merry Christmas, Everyone! Hope to see you there. The best things in life are often FREE.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Up Next Week

UP NEXT WEEK: "Cheaper to Keep Her" and "Step Outside that Lens, My Friend!" "Do You Hear What I Hear?"...more on "Girl Looks Outside"...and helpful hints in a tough economy (on food, clothing and work opps). Plus a visit to a museum in a foreign country by Cyper Space! Photos to come soon, I hope!

Until next time, take care and Merry Christmas! Stay Safe.


Girl Looks Outside

GIRL LOOKS OUTSIDE  "Girl:" Palpable! Real! Lifelike! Pops out of picture! (Like you can touch her)
"Girl Looks Outside" is inspired by "Beatrice at the Door," Oil on Canvas, by Harry Hoffman (1871-1964). Two artists meet as boarders at the Florence Griswold House and later, get married, in 1910. They move to "Chuluota House", which means "beautiful view." (Who, me?  Noooo, not you!  The Lieutenant River!!!...* * * :)
She gazes to her left, to what lies "just beyond the river bend." To the big, wide world which she longs to be part of, to experience. For more info, go to:

Coming in late January, I hope! (And possibly to the annual Hygienic Juried Exhibit, The Sixth Crossing, in April 2011. Check out "The Day" on Tuesdays for more info.)


"The Peacable Kingdom," by Edward Hicks, Oil on Canvas, Circa 1847. (26" x 29 1/2")
Paintings by Hicks are among the most sought after of all American Folk Art. The artist was a Quaker who is known for his many paintings illustrating Biblical stories. From Isaiah: "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb..." (Philadelphia Museum of Art) From "Folk Painters of America," by Robert Bishop, Director, "Museum of American Folk Art," New York. Copyright 1979, E.P. Dutton.) A Peacable Kingdom...Coming MAAP. For more info, go to:
(Are we there yet???...* * * :)


BLUE ELEPHANT The white wintry sky in late Fall signals the coming of Winter - and - Christmas! As heralded by the Flying Reindeer, just above the blue Baby Elephant on the Carousel.  The blue Baby Elephant trumpets the arrival of a small donkey marches forward. In the background, "Lady in Blue" dances on! The phantom horses are back! charging in the distance, racing against time. Time is running out - for you - and for me. Have you been good this year? 
(Merry Christmas, Everyone! Ho, ho, ho!)
Remember: Christmas only comes once a year. But so does Summer.  For more info on my latest in the series, CAROUSEL SCENES: Blue Elephant, go to:

COMING SOON: The Annual Hygienic Winter Art Festival, "Salon des Independents." Opening Reception in late January.  Check out "The Day" every Tuesday in Region Section for opening receptions and the latest local art gallery exhibits.  Hope to see you there!

Central America

CENTRAL AMERICA in the Western Carribbean -- One of the last great places? (Yeah, been there. On my 40th birthday, my family sent me on a Cruise to the Carribbean, which included stops in Belize, Cozumel, Grand Cayman Island (I wanted to snorkel with the Sting Rays -- and lived to tell about it!)...and my favorite, ROATAN ISLAND, HONDURAS.  Photos to come soon!  This is the only cruise I have ever been on and I hope to return one day in the future.  For more info, go to:

"Wonderful Town"

Behold our nation's most esteemed Gleek. Music/ Comedy legend Carol Burnett graces Glee (Fox TV), having asked her agent "to see if they would be interested in my doing anything." And how Burnett, 77, was cast as Doris Sylvester, mother to Sue (Jane, Lynch, Emmy Award winner). This is a part she will reprise once a month this season on the acclaimed hit TV series,  "Glee." Burnett and Lynch sing "Ohio!" from the musical "Wonderful Town." (FROM TV Guide Magazine, by Lisa Bernhard) (Yeah, seen it! WONDERFUL TOWN, in midtown Manhattan at a local theater, with my sister Kim in -- ah, 2005? Starring Brooke Shields)

Gone with the Wind

"Gone with the Wind" author Margaret Mitchell was born in 1900. Adjusted to today's dollars, the 1939 movie inspired by her novel is the all-time box office earner, ahead of Star Wars, The Sound of Music and ET: The Extra-Terrestrial!

On Giving This Holiday Season

HOW YOU CAN HELP (From "In Style" Magazine, December 2010. )
Hey. It can't hurt to look, can it?

Project ALS/ Jenifer Estess Lab for Stem Cell Research:

World Food Program (sponsored by Christina Aguilera)


Musicares: Nashville Flood Relief Fund:

Harlem Village Academies:

DNA Foundation (Sponsored by Ashton Kucher and Demi Moore) to stop human trafficking.

For more info, see the latest issue of "In Style" Magazine!