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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


That's no angel coming down from heaven. A burglar was busted after he descended into an East Elmhurst church from a rope he dangled through a skylight, sources said. Garcia Ismael, 17, was caught on Oct. 18 at 1:30 pm by a pastor in the Iglesia Cristiana Cielos Church at 32nd Avenue and 103rd Street, according to sources. Cops were called and Ismael, who had a box cutter, was arrested and charged with burglary, possession of burglary tools and criminal trespass, said a spokeswoman for DA Richard Brown.

19 Hits!

19 hits -- and counting! Thank you all for taking "time out" from your Christmas shopping to read my Blog-o-sphere.  Now, I would like to pause here for a time out.  I've managed to survive for the past 48 years and I am steadfast in my loyalties. Unwavering. I've learned who my friends are and who my "false friends," my worst enemies are.  You may think no one sees what you are doing, but God does see it all.  If I want to survive for the "second half" of my life, I promise to remain true to my true friends out there, no matter what. I made a commitment to my friendship with Paula right up until the end. I promise that if I do my part, I know God will do His part.  I can't do it all alone. (Once again, I would like to thank my Guardian Angels here on Earth and my One in Heaven.  I couldn't have made it this far without each and every one of you.) HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cheaper to Keep Her!

IT (would have been) CHEAPER TO KEEP HER!
(Jim Liban, Junior Brantley)

It's cheaper to keep her
It is cheaper to keep her!
When your little girl makes you mad
You get an attitude and pack your bag
Five little children you're leaving behind
You're gonna pay some alimony or do some time.

It's cheaper to keep her (cheaper to keep her)
It's cheaper to keep her (cheaper to keep her)
See when you get to staring that judge in the face
You're gonna wanna cuss the whole human race
It's cheaper to keep her (cheaper to keep her)
Too much to leave that little girl (Cheaper to keep her)
It's cheaper, it's cheaper, cheaper, it's cheaper --
It's cheaper, it's cheaper
It's cheaper, cheaper, cheaper, cheaper, yeah!

You didn't pay two dollars to bring the girl home
Now you're about to pay two thousand to leave her alone
See another woman out there, you wanna make a change
She ain't gonna want you
'Cause you won't have a damn thing.

It's cheaper to keep her (cheaper to keep her)
Cheaper to keep her (cheaper to keep her)
The time you get to looking at the judge in the face
You're gonna wanna cuss the whole human race.
It's cheaper to keep her (cheaper to keep her)
Cost too much to leave (it's cheaper to keep her)
It's cheaper, cheaper, it's cheaper, it's cheaper
It's cheaper, cheaper
Cheaper, cheaper, cheaper, cheaper, yeah!

If you decide to roam
and leave your happy home
You gotta pay the house note
The child support, your insurance
Alimony, mortgage 1, mortgage 2

It's cheaper to keep her!
It's cheaper to keep her...

It...would have been...


"I have compared thee, O my love
to a company of horses in Pharoah's chariots."
(Song of Solomon 1:9)

OASIS: Field Notes - BLUE ELEPHANT (Carousel Scenes)

Fri, 12.17: Paint 4 charging phantom horses behind carousel - from center of yellow chair to just after mirrors over core. Ghostly, sheer white! (nix the details)
Sat, 12/18: Paint the donkey in foreground - in front of the elephant.
Poles: Elephant - Yes.
Reindeer - No. (he's flying)
Donkey - Yes. (separates Paula)
Phantom horses - No. (they've broken free)

The Reindeer heralds the coming of Christmas.
The Elephant trumpets the Birth of Christ.
The Donkey represents the arrival of Christ on the back of a donkey.
The 4 Phantom Horses represent the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," according to the Book of Revelation, describing the "end times."

The "Lady in Blue" is my best friend, Paula, whose spirit lives on at Ocean Beach in the afterlife, dancing to a different beat.

COMING SOON - in late January!

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Merry Christmas, Everyone!