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Friday, January 28, 2011

In Retrospect

IN RETROSPECT  Why am I doing this? (Putting it out there with the MBTI!)
As you can see from "the memo," ("Denise Dances," MAAP and "Fool's Gold");
I have held many, many jobs where I feel I have worked "against type." It took a very good friend, Paula, as you now well know, to help me find what I do best. It was certainly more enjoyable to have a friend like Paula from Winter 2001 until Spring 2007, to travel along my life's journey during my darkest hours (and in the spirit world, the past few years after her passing, when the darkest moments were, indeed, just before dawn).  She spent time with me, and one day at Ocean Beach, she said: "You'll be selling your paintings in Mystic." (Just notecards so far, but I don't plan on giving up, just yet.)

 From 1999 until 2005, I was treated at Community Mental Health Services in New London (now Sound Community Services), suffering through a revolving door of psychiatrists front desk receptionists; and many different anti-depressant and anxiety prescription drugs -- which did nothing to "take the edge off" until I was put on Xanax (which made me very calm but I gained 30 pounds in one year alone until I had to be taken off of it and returned to my often grouchy self).

In Spring of 2002, I was sent to Partial Hospitalization Program, (PHP), a day program (with big noon meals) in the woods of Gales Ferry, CT. A van picked me up four mornings a week and my boss at Shop Rite was very understanding and flexible of my work schedule at the time. At first, I wasn't comfortable with the format of "the group." A small group of patients sat through about four sessions per day with routine breaks and a noon meal! My facilitator was Johnda, a very warm and understanding person. Each of us had as long as we wanted to talk freely about anything on our minds while the others listened. Then, the therapist and the others would give the speaker some feedback, taking turns and listening, of course. There were no interruptions of any kind. At the time of my attendance in this program, I did discuss my relationship, which was platonic and with whom I felt very attached at the time. No judgements were offered, but Johnda did encourage me to eventually "find my passion." The rest is history, which I do not wish to elaborate here. "You can't get something for nothing" are my parting words.

"You are trying to make it on what a bagger makes?" she said. "You must be living in the Land of H." She meant Hell, and indeed, I often felt as if I were going through hell from 1999, when Pfizer laid me off from my temporary assignment and after years of temporary teaching assignments. In June 2005, I decided to switch agencies for my treatment and I am much more content in the medical treatment I've been receiving since then. It was Johnda who suggested that I go to the Social Security Office and apply for benefits, which I did. I had done this in the past but was found not eligible. However, I did get accepted for benefits in July 2002. Along with my job at Shop Rite, it did ease my burden, but finances have always been tight for me.  It would have been my treating physician (psychiatrist) at the time (Spring 2002) who signed off on my eligibility for benefits.

With the right combination of medication, guidance, diet and excercise; and circumstances, one can only hope to do well.  Of course, it would have been easier for me if the medical tests I needed were performed when I was first born or at a young age. I often wonder why I wasn't given the MBTI but now I know why. M-O-N-E-Y. The test costs about $159.00 and must be administered by a professional.  Hear that? Callling all parents, guardians & teachers!  As well, the individual must be "heard out." In other words, what do YOU want to do with your life? (Why don't YOU step outside that lens, my friend? Before YOU capsize, with all the lies that YOU'VE been living in???...* * * :)

Take the MBTI! Applications

After Myers' death in 1980 (this is the year I graduated from Montville High School); Mary McCaulley updated the MBTI Manual the second edition was published in 1985. The third edition was published in 1998. 

APPLICATIONS The MBTI is used in the areas of pedagogy, career counseling, groups and organizations, as well as marriage counseling and workers comp claims. (Message from Joyce Meyers this morning: DON'T GIVE UP!) Joyce Myers, "Enjoying Everyday Life," Channel 16, 6:30-7AM, Weekday mornings. Check her out! This woman suffered childhood abuse, but you should see her now!

The current North American version of the MBTI Step I includes 93 forced choice questions. The individual must choose one of two possible answers to each question. Participants are allowed to skip questions if they are unable to make a choice.

After taking the MBTI, particpants are usually asked to complete a Best Fit excercise. They are given a read-out of their Reported Type, including a bar graph and a number to show how clear their preferences are.

During early development of the MBTI, thousands of questions were used. Most were discarded because they did not have high midpoint discrimination, meaning the results of that one item did not move an individual score away from the midpoint. Using only items with high midpoint discrimination allows the MBTI to have fewer questions but to still provide as much statistical information as other test instruments with many more items having lower midpoint discrimination. (The MBTI requires five points one way or another to indicate a clear preference.)

At the time of her death, Isabel Myers developed a more in-depth method of measurement of how people express their individual type. This instrument is called the MBTI Step II. The Step III instrument is now available. The MBTI Step III is a joint project involving CPP (Center for Psychological Publishing) - publisher of all the MBTI works; CAPT (Center for Applications of Psychological Type) and the MBTI Trust, headed by Katharine and Peter Myers.



Katharine Cook Briggs began research into personality in 1917.  Briggs read biographies and developed a typology, based on the patterns she observed. She proposed 4 temperaments: Meditative (or Thoughtful), Spontaneous, Executive, and Social. After the publication of "Psychological Types" in 1923 (English edition) by Carl Jung, she recognized that Jung's theory was similar to her own, yet went far beyond her own theories. She wrote two articles describing Jung's theory, in the journal, New Republic in 1926: Meet Yourself Using the Personality Paintbox and Up from Barbarism (1928).

(If you are interested in any of the articles or books described here, you may want to check out the Reference section of your local library. Remember, the staff in most libraries are always "in the know" and very glad to help.)

Isabel Briggs Myers added to her mother's research. She graduated first in her class from Swarthmore College in 1919. She wrote the prize-winning mystery novel, "Murder Yet to Come" in 1929, using the psychological types. Howver, neither Briggs nor Myers had formal education in psychology.

Lacking the scientific credentials in psychometric testing, Myers apprenticed herself to Edward N. Hay, personnel manager of a Philadelphia bank. One of the first successful personnel consulting firms in the U.S. was started. From Hay, Myers learned test construction, scoring, validation and statistics. In 1942, the "Brigss-Myers Type Indicator" was created. In 1944, the "Briggs Myers Type Indicator Handbook" was published. (Did ya get the memo -- ah, handbook?)

In 1956, the name was changed to "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator."

In 1962 (the year I was born in Norwich, CT!); the first MBTI Manual was published, through the attention of Henry Chauncey, head of the Educational Testing Service. The publication of the MBTI was transferred to Consulting Psychologists Press (CPP) in 1975. The Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT) was then founded as a research laboratory. ( me from being a research laboratory rat at Pfizer! -- where I worked as a temp in Groton from July 1998-January 1999). (Wait! I thought you said Groton was the place of your blessing!)

OK. I think I better stop here. As you can see, my mind is wandering and I'm getting giddy. Must be a low blood sugar spike, due to that chocolate muffin and coffee I had this morning to bring my blood sugar UP from shoveling my car out of the snow -- and now it has dipped back down. Or is it up? The symptoms are often the same! according to Joslin Diabetes Center.) Ciao for now. Be back soon! After lunch.

Groton Library

Take the MBTI!

MBTI: TYPE.  According to Carl Jung, Psychoanalyst, individuals are born with certain preferred ways of thinking and acting. The MBTI sorts some of these psychological differences into four opposite pairs, with a resulting 16 pyschological types. None of these types are better or worse. Rather, Briggs & Myers theorized that individuals naturally prefer one overall combination of TYPE. The 16 types are referred to with an abbreviation of 4 letters.   Here they are.

Extraversion: (E) vs. Introversion (I)
Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N)
Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F)
Judgement (J) vs. Perception (P)

ATTITUDE: Extraversion vs. Introversion. Extraversion means "outward turning" and introversion means "inward turning." Introverts need quiet time alone, away from activity. Extraverts recharge and get their energy from spending time with people. Introverts get recharge from spending time alone.

FUNCTION: Sensing vs. Intuition and Thinking vs. Feeling. Sensing and intuition are the information-gathering functions. Thinking and feeling are the decision-making funtions. We all have a dominant function and a secondary (auxiliary) function. The fourth function is the inferior function.

LIFESTYLE: Judgement vs. Perception. (There are dominant, secondary or auxiliary, tertiary and inferior. (This is where I get reeeally confused!)

Past Art Exhibits

by Denise Hickey

Pfizer BARE
(Bringing Art to the Research Environment)
Employee & Family Exhibit
Winter-Spring 1999
"Spring Freshet:" Oil on Canvas (1992)
(I would like to thank my cousin Betsy Hickey for allowing me to exhibit my artwork.)

A Coffee Shop in Brooklyn, CT
Fall 1999
"Academia:" Oil on Canvas (1993)

(National Alliance for Schizophrenia & Depression)
"Sunshine from Darkness" Traveling Exhibit
ArtSpace, State Street, New London, CT
Winter-Spring 2000

Third Crossing Juried Exhibit
Spring 2008

Granite Street Gallery
New London, CT
Spring 2009
Student & Teacher Art Show

HYGIENIC XXXI "Salon des Independants"
Winter 2010
"Spring Freshet"
(Check out "The Day!")

Fifth Crossing Juried Exhibit
Spring 2010
"On the Rocks:" Oil on Canvas (2010)
Panel #6 of Mural of Long Island Sound (in 7 panels)

Bean & Leaf Cafe
New London, CT
Memorial Day Weekend
"Aplomb:" Oil on Canvas (2009-10)
Panel #5 of Mural of Long Island Sound (in 7 panels)

Mystic Art Festival
August 14 & 15, 2010
Mystic, CT


HYGIENIC XXXII "Salon des Independants"
Sat., January 29, 2010 - February 13, 2010
"Wish You Were Here / Seagulls All Around"
Panel #7 in Mural of Long Island Sound
* * * Hope to see you there! * * *

Save Ocean Beach BOARDWALK Craft & Tag Sale
Saturday, May 14 ,2011 - 9-3pm
New London, CT

("I'm comin' out!")

Hoe Down at the Hygienic!

For more info, go to:

(Hey. I got work to do. I got a life to live. They don't pay me to do this. I don't know anything!!!...* * * :)

Denise...Denise Dances...2011)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back to Myers-Briggs: INTRO

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a questionnaire designed to measure preferences in how people perceive the world. These theories are from psychologist Carl Jung and first published in his 1921 book, "Psychological Types" in German (English edition, 1923).

However, it was Katherine Cook Briggs and her daugher, Isabel Briggs Myers who developed the MBTI, first published in 1962 (the year I was born). They began creating the test instrument during World War II, in order to help women who were entering the work force for the first time to identify the sort of war-time jobs where they would be "most comfortable and effective."

CPP, Inc., the publisher refers to it as "the world's most widely used personality assessment," with about 2 million assessments administered annually.  Proponents of the test instrument have found that it meets or exceeds the reliability of other psychological instruments. Some studies find strong support for construct validity, internal consistency, and test-retest reliability.

The definitive source for the Myers Briggs Type Indicator is "The Manual," published by CPP. The registered trademark rights to the terms Myers Briggs Type Indicator and MBTI have been assigned to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Trust.


("It should have been done a long time ago! But then, I wouldn't have met Paula!")

80 hits!

Today, I would like to thank everyone for reading my Blog-o-sphere once again. According to my records, I received 80 hits on Tuesday, Jan. 25. I do not take this gift I have been given lightly. At one time, I felt that my gifts in writing and art, as well as a highly developed sense of intuition and sensitivity were a curse. I feel best when using my gifts to make this world a better place. I realize also that I need a TIME OUT frequently, like most of us do. I admit that I have my faults as well, which I need to work on. However, I will never purposely mis-use my gifts. If I find it necessary to speak out on an issue, it is often not until I have been pushed into a corner over an extended period of time. Times have always been tough for me.  In the past two residences where I have lived, I have been mistreated. I hope that the life I have lived thus far will pave the way for others who follow in my footsteps to live a better life than I have lived. And it wouldn't be bad if I could enjoy a few improvements to my own lifestyle, as well.

Denise Hickey
New London, CT

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coming Soon to MAAP

COMING SOON: By the first or second week of February 2011, you will be able to view my most recent artwork, created this fall. (But you know the drill.) For more info, check out my art website, MAAP at

Take care and stay safe, everyone. Love ya all!


HYGIENIC XXXII on Sat, Jan 29, 2011

"Salon des Independants" Annual Winter Arts Festival

Saturday, January 29, 2011
Opening Reception: 8pm
FREE admission / FREE food / Small fee for Wine & Bottled Drinks

Come and see me and "Wish You Were Here/ Seagulls All Around"
Panel #7 in Mural of Long Island Sound
(For Sale)

and many other outspoken and original works of art!

For more info, go to:

for the many varied artistic, theatrical and musical events
goin' down around town this weekend!


("Wheeeeen...I fight Authority, Authority always wins....!)

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Anything for news, T.J. McCall thought. In addition to serving as a deputy officer, Grady was also the editor of the "Almost Gazette," and news had been scarce lately. It was downright pathetic how boredom could wear a man down.

"Relax, Grady. The Mercantile looks intact, and as far as I can see, no shots have been fired and there are no dead bodies littering Main Street."

They crossed the street, matching each other stride for stride. Grady scratched his head. "Maybe the woman in the car is a spy for a foreign government." His eyes darkened. "Or maybe she's a key witness on the run from indictment in an organized crime investigation."

"Maybe she's just lost."

(FROM: "2000 Kisses," by Christina Skye. ISLAND BOOKS, Dell Publishing, div. of Random House, Inc. New York, NY. Copyright 1999.)

For more info, go to:

"Christina Skye always serves up the perfect mix of suspense, excitement and romance."

(For more info on the Desert Southwest, go to: "Fool's Gold" and check out my latest story, coming soon: THE SINGLE MOM OF CACTUS COUNTY. Go to:

Radical Christianity!

RADICAL CHRISTIANITY: "Enjoying Everyday Life." Joyce Meyer, Channel 16, 6:30-7am, Weekdays.
Tulsa, OK.

(1) hero: n [L heros, fr. Gk heros] 1a: a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability. b: an illustrious warrior. c: a man admired for his achievements and qualities. d: one that shows great courage 2a: the principal male character in a literary or dramatic work b: the central figure in an event or period. 3: SUBMARINE 2.

(2) heroism: n 1: extreme self-sacrificing courage, esp in fulfilling a high purpose or attaining a noble end 2: the qualities of a hero syn: HEROISM, VALOR, PROWESS, GALLANTRY, shared meaning element: conspicuous courage.

(3) heroine: n [L heroina, fr. Gk heroine, fem. of heros] 1a: a mythological or legendary woman having the qualities of a hero. b: a woman admired and emulated for her achievements and qualities. 2a: the principal female character in a literary or dramatic work. b: the central female figure in an event or period.

"Follow me there."

SARAH PALIN'S ALASKA? TLC TV. Here to stay? The Learning Channel's "SPA" wrapped up on January 9, 2011, but it wasn't cancelled due to low ratings. According to a TLC insider, the show was planned as "an eight week television event" and "there have been no discussions with the Palins about the future." The insider said the TLC network would certainly be open to another season of the show, which averaged 3 million viewers. It just has to wait for the former Alaska governor to decide if she's going to run for president of the United States. If she doesn't, a source close to Palin believes she will re-sign with TLC and film a new series -- either set in Alaska -- or -- showing her and her family as they travel the United States of America. It could be in production by next summer, 2011! COMING SOON: Sarah Palin's America?

(SOURCE: TV Guide Magazine, Week of Monday, January 24, 2010.)


"Descontrol," Univision Television  (Channel 18, Metrocast Cable TV). Saturdays, 1:00-2:00pm. (Yeah! that Puerto Rican "dance on the beach" TV show!)

(1) discriminate: vb [L discriminatus pp of discriminare fr. discrimin-, discrimen, distinction, fr. discernere... to distinguish between -- more at DISCERN] B: distinguish, differentiate (hundreds of colors) 2: to distinguish by discerning or exposing differences; esp: to distinguish (one like object) from another.
b: to use good judgement 2: to make a difference in treatment or favor on a basis other than individual merit (in favor of your friends) or (against a certain nationality).

(2) discrimination: b: prejudiced or prejudicial outlook, action or treatment.

"Sharon the Stalker"

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20). A worrisome issue won't seem so important when Saturn turns retrograde on the 26th. Yes, you still need to do something about it, but you won't be paralyzed any longer by the fear of making it worse. Do something! It is always better than doing nothing.

(SOURCE: T.V Guide Magazine, January 24, 2011)

OK, here goes. "Sharon the Stalker." She's my next door neighbor. (Aren't they always the ones?) From the git-go, when I moved on a snowy day, January 3, 2010; she was at my door in a heartbeat. Foolishly, I answered my door that very first time. Just moved in. Yet to unpack. Exhausted from the past year, 2009, at The Residence. Constantly knocking on my door, all day long, day after day, every day. (Ask anyone who lives at Williams Park Apartments.) In the hallway on the eighth floor. Followed me into the elevator. Constantly. Followed me into the laundry room. I used to let her in. Once inside my apartment, she questioned me about all of my things; not about me. Always asked me how much my monthly check was. Repeatedly. (She gets $600 a month and the maximum alotment of food stamps for a single person without children; $200 a month.)

One Spring morning, on the third of the month, I stopped answering her knocks on my door. I never let her in my apartment again. In June, July and August 2010; the elevators often got stuck in the extreme humidity. I started taking the stairs from the eighth floor, in the morning, every morning from mid June to early September. And I took the stairs all the way up to my eighth floor apartment when I came home.  Exhausted? You bet? Sweaty? You can imagine. I lost weight. My tan khaki shorts fit me comfortably. It was like living in a small house with my own private entrance.

Then, I fell and sprained my ankle at Ocean Beach in September. I don't plan to take the stairs ever again. One slip could spell tragedy.

In May 2010, the Stalker (808) informed me that my neighbor across the hall (804), a Hispanic woman about my age, was being asked to leave. To move. Why? Because someone else was living with her in her apartment.

I often receive mail at # 803 for the former occupants of my apartment: a man and a woman who share the same Spanish last name. I wonder if they were asked to leave, too.

Denise Hickey
Williams Park Apts.
(127 Hempstead Street)

Elderly / Disabled
Applicants over 50
or receiving Social Security Disability
or VA Pension or SAGA.

(Hey. I got work to do. I got a life to live. They don't pay me to do this. I don't know anythiiiiiiiinnng!!!...* * * :)