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Friday, February 18, 2011

Upcoming Art Gigs

HYGIENIC Sixth Crossing Annual Juried Exhibit
April-May 2011
New London, CT
(Wish me luck!)

"Art for Life" XVIII Auction
to benefit Alliance for Living
for people affected with HIV and AIDS
will take place at Mystic Art Center
on Sat., April 9, 2011 at 7pm
in Mystic, CT.

Save Ocean Beach Boardwalk Craft & Tag Sale
Sat., May 14, 2011 / 9-3pm
New London, CT

Artist of the Month - September
September 2011

Note: I have decided to forego my booth at the Mystic Art Festival this summer
due to budget constraints and ongoing problems with my physical stamina,
in favor of many other venues which appear to be very promising.

Hope to see you there!  There's only one thing left to do. Get busy! I must carry on. Honnnneey, see you all at the beeeaaaach!) THINK SUNSHINE!!!...* * * :)

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011)

Thames River Greenery


& City News...

70 State Street, New London, CT

Great food, coffee, magazines, & more. One block from the train station. Wi-fi.

Free Performance Every Wednesday
Featuring Lunchtime Jazz

GARY BUTTERY and....THE CONN MEN!!!...* * * :)

(Music over)

Denise-o Spiritual!


I'm a fool to do your dirty work, oh yeah!
I don't wanna do your dirty work, any mo! oh no! oh yeah!
I'm a fool to do your dirty work, oh yeah!
I don't wanna do your dirty work any mo! Oh no! Oh yeah!

I have wait-ed for so long now
To have a real home and a fa-mi-ly!
To have a normal life
With no more enemies!

I'm a fool to do your dirty work, oh yeah!
I don't wanna do your dirty work anymo now!
Somehow...Some way... Some day...! Oh yeahhhhhh!

All I want is for a big strong man
To wrap his arms around me
And take care of me
Say a prayer for me!

I have wait-ed oh so long now!
For a normal home and a fa-mi-ly!
That has been taken from me.
No more enemies!

I'm a fool to do your dirty work, oh yeah!
I don't wanna do your dirty work any mo' now! Oh yeah! Oh no!! Some...way! Somewhere! Oh yeeeeaaahhhh!

And I'm a fool to do your dirty work, oh yeah now!
Oh baby!
And I don't wanna do your dirty work, any mo' now! Ohhhhh no! Ohhhhh  yeahhh!
Somehow! Some way now. Anywhere. Somedaayyyyyy!

By Denise Hickey
In Honor of All Those Who Have Been Oppressed

Note: This song was composed in my head as I walked along the shore of Ocean Beach today, composed by me as I watched the waves. I have tried my best to transcribe it here, back on the mainland.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hit the Road!

59 hits yesterday! Thanx, everyone! I am sorry for anyone who I've offended in the past, but I always try to make things right. Penance comes in different ways for everyone. I only take action when I feel pushed into a corner or when I feel no one is listening.  My blog is my voice. For some people, esp celebs, it's TV. Confession is good for the soul. If it's meant to help other people, then don't consider it slander, but a way to heal through helping others. A way to take out insurance that these offenses aren't repeated or committed in the future by others on our spiritual journey throughout life.
Cross country walk through Poquonnock Plains in the snow should help me to sleep well tonight.

Ready to hit the road. Coffee's on.

Take care, everyone!

# 803

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for the Academy Awards on Sunday evening, February 27th, broadcast live from the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, CA! Be sure not to miss the Red Carpet previews at 6 or 7pm, pre-show. (See your TV Guide for local listings.)


DID YOU KNOW...OSCAR? The Oscar statuette stands 13 1/2 inches tall and weighs 8 1/2 pounds. The film reel stnad features five spokes, signifying the five original branches of the Academy: actors, directors, producers, technicians and writers.  Although the statuette remains true to its original design, the size of the base varied until 1945, when the current standard was adopted. Officially named the Academy Award of Merit, the statuette is better known by its nickname, Oscar.  While its origin isn't clear, legend has it that upon seeing the trophy for the first time, Academy librarian and exec director Margaret Herrick said it resembled her Uncle Oscar! The Academy adopted the nickname officially in 1939 ("Gone with the Wind").  (I've got to see this movie. I've got to see it; I've got to see it! Are we going? We're going, aren't we? If we don't go; I'm going to be mad!!!...* * * :)

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011) -- It's a wrap!

Newport Winter Festival

For those of us who can't go to Sarasota, FL this year!...Known as New England's largest winter extravaganza the 2011 Newport Winter Festival will be held from February 18 to Feb. 27. Featuring Food, music, entertainment, sand sculptures, a chili cook-off, a citywide scavenger hunt, an ice sculpture competition, children's fair and more! A CONCERT SERIES will kick things off! (Know who I'd like to kick!) With a Winterfest Button, receive FREE or discounted admission to museums, cruises, restaurants and retailers. Buttons may be purchased at several businesses and hotels in downtown Newport. For more info or to purchase concert tix, call (401)847-7666 or go to:

Just a suggestion. It's not very far. And a very easy drive...especially if you have someone to go with!

Broken Heart Syndrome

Coming up in June 2011, not for a while yet, but it will be the four year anniversary of the day I discovered (along with the NLPD) that my best friend Paula had passed. If any of you have ever been in mourning as I have, you are probably blaming yourself right now, as I often do.  I hope this news short will uplift your spirits in Midwinter, post Valentine's Day.

FROM Eyewitness News, Channel 3: ON BROKEN HEART SYNDROME: Cause (etiology): Severe emotional stress such as the loss of a loved one. Or the break-up of a relationship. Symptoms: Adrenalin surge characterized by intense beating of the heart. Unlike a heart attack, the symptoms happen fast! Like a heart attack, the symptoms include: chest pain, evidence in the blood, EKG symptoms, BUT...the arteries are normal.  RX: Beta blocker medication. 2 days to recover.

On Sunday, June 17, 2007; I did suffer a rapid heartbeat, both from my great loss of the best friend I will ever have...and the circumstances surrounding her death. Treated at PHC the next day, I was given a medication to help with the rapid heartbeat and anxiety for about one to two weeks. I have often wondered if our more frequent and more intense arguments, toward her final days were the cause of my best friend's death. Or that I refused to call her on her birthday because of our last fight. But Mother Nature has a way of providing answers when we are willing to be still and listen. And to soothe our broken hearts.

atherosclerosis: a form of arteriosclerosis due to build up of faty material (plaque) in the arteries.
(Cause of death: atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. SOURCE: Chief Medical Examiner's Office, Hartford, CT).

May our departed loved ones watch over us all forever.



(Source: J. Robert Anthony, MD, Medical Center. Dr. Robert Kelly. Eyewitness News, Mon., Feb. 14, 2011)



Many waters cannot quench love,
neither can the floods drown it:
 if a man would give all the substance of his house for love,
 it would utterly be contemned. (Song of Solomon 8:7)

Monday, February 14, 2011

RED CARPET: Coming Soon

THE LATEST FROM THE RED CARPET: Live on Sunday evening, February 27th, from the Kodak Theater in LA -- THE ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS!!!...* * * :)


IN DIOR, Tribeca Film Festival, 2007. "Great color! You know, certain runway outfits can get lost in translation to the red carpet, but John handles that beautifully."

IN DIOR, Ostrich Feather Wrap (over Alberta Ferretti Gown). Grey Gardens New York Premiere, 2009. "I wanted to do Jean Harlow, and I wore a headdress to honor Edie Beale (her character).

IN DIOR, Haute Couture, Golden Globes, 2009. "I love the periwinkle blue. But then I had to go and mess with my hair -- it's an 'I just got outta bed and I'm from the 60s' thing. That, or modern Texan."

END QUOTE: I had to fall down a bunch of times, but it was OK, says Barrymore about love, life and happiness. "If it's going to happen sooner or later, I'd rather get it done." She adds, "Letdowns are what make a life. That's why you appreciate the good things!"

(FROM "In Style" Magazine, February 2010.)

Coming Events: U.S. Coast Guard Band

COMING EVENTS: United States Coast Guard Band.  On top of the emerging art scene in downtown New London, music is alive and well! The Sunday afternoon concert was peppered with songs celebrating MIDWINTER, such as a song about a ski slope, as well as a very inspiring narration of quotes from former president Ronald Reagan, led by CDR Megan (in honor of  President's Day)-- and a midwinter break -- an amusing bass trombone selection from someone else who marches to the beat of a different drummer ("Variations on Barnacle Bill, the Sailor" composed by Steven Frank and conducted by CWO Richard E. Wyman, and played very well by MU1 Wesley S. Mayhew of Kentucky. The next time you come, please welcome the latest addition, the new soloist MU1 Megan Weikleenget, Soprano, who is very pretty with an angelic voice and appearance as well.

Moving forward, the next concert will be held at The Garde on Sunday, March 13, at 2pm, live at The Garde Theater in downtown New London. And will feature: THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING! I love the Russians! Shostakovich and Swan Lake! Rather than the mostly Irish program that had been planned, we will be honored with a visit from Colonel Nikolai Uschapovsky, Guest Conductor. The band had the priviledge to travel to the USSR in 1989, in Leningrad, Soviet Union. Not to disappoint, the band will commence with an Irish opening song and close with the "wearin' of the green" as well.

This concert is not to be missed -- if you are a fan of the Russians as I am! (Happy Birthday, Denise!) From Your Guardian Angel in Heaven.
(P.S. What? Still don't believe me? She could never afford to take me out on my birthday because her twice yearly house property taxes were due in February.)

New London's Emerging Art Scene

ON THE EMERGING ART SCENE IN DOWNTOWN NEW LONDON New London, CT. by Denise Hickey. As one of many new artists residing in or near downtown New London, you last heard me quip, "Williams Park Apartments is the right place for me at this time in my life."  In response to overwhelming scrutiny by my senior neighbors, both here at WP Apts and at Westridge Gardens, as well.  My first stop in my journey of the EMERGING ART SCENE in New London is the HYGIENIC ART GALLERY on 79 Bank Street. (For more info, go to:
Ironically, the art gallery section of the building came into being in the year 2000, the very year I moved to New London.
This art gallery and artist cooperative is a joint project among many corporate sponsors from which it receives its generous funding.
Just an example of the annual programs it offers includes:
SALON DES INDEPENDANTS annual winter art exhibit.
THE RESIDENT ARTISTS affordable housing for artists in a cooperative work program.
DO THE WRITE THING afterschool creative writing program.
HYGIENIC ART PARK which features Summer Flickers outdoor theater.
HYGIENIC THEATERWERKS New works by emerging playwrights including world premier debuts at the Tony award winning Eugene O'Neill Theater in Waterford.
PARADE PLAZA EVENTS In partnership with the City of New London, on Fridays at Noon all summer, there is a lunchtime program featuring local theater acts, live bands, and other PREVIEWS ON PARADE, the new pavilion overlooking the Amtrak Train Station and the Cross Sound Ferry Depot.
HYGIENIC FILMWORKS Emerging film and video artists.

Oscar? Oscar? Tony!

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011!)

Up Next: Voyage to Block Island

UP NEXT (but not today) -- A VOYAGE TO BLOCK ISLAND. My voyages to Block Island in the mid 1990s and where I was at in my life at that time.


(By Edna St. Vincent-Millay)

All I could see from where I stood Was three long mountains and a woold;
I turned and looked another way,
And saw three islands in a bay. So with my eyes I traced the line
Of the horizon, thin and fine, Straight around till I was come
Back to where I'd started from;
And all I saw from where I stood
Was three long mountains and a wood.

OASIS - Field Notes

OASIS - Field Notes: "Manisses Nativity Scene!"
That's right, my secret is out! My sister Kelley was the first to see it.  On Saturday, Feb. 12, I received a surprise visit from my sister Kelley and my mother as they both flagged me down, corner of Huntington & Broad! Just outside the NL Library, about 2:40pm. Just in time to see the last day of the HYGIENIC XXXII "Salon" Art Exhibit! I encouraged my mother to submit a piece next year, as I believe I've inherited my artistic gene from her! (I can settle for that...:)...

Kelley is the first and only person so far to view -- my first in a series...
OILS OF BLOCK ISLAND: Manisses Nativity Scene! (18 x 24 Oil on Canvas)
(It's a spoof of "A Peacable Kingdom" by Edward Hicks, American Folk Artist of the past century.)
Coming soon to MAAP. For more info, go to:
sometime in March 2011!

"Manisses Nativity Scene!"
"The Peacable Kingdom" by Edward Hicks.
Oil on canvas. Circa 1847. Newtown, PA. 26: x 29 1/2".

"Manisses Nativity Scene" by Denise Hicks. Oil on Canvas. Circa January 2011. New London, CT. 18" x 24".

"This lovely painting, one of the many variations on the theme made famous by Hicks...pictorializes Isaiah's words from the Old Testament, "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; -- and a little Child shall lead them." (PRIVATE COLLECTION)

This lovely painting is a variation on the Creche, the first Christmas, the Nativity scene -- which is displayed in Catholic churches during Advent and has been depicted on Christmas cards, throughout the ages. On recent trips to Block Island in 2008, 2009, and 2010; I decided to start a series of paintings, OILS OF BLOCK ISLAND. When I first chose the Manisses Farm as my subject, it wasn't until later that I decided to create a Nativity scene. Then, while at the Groton Library, I paged through a book on American Folk Art and saw "The Peacable Kingdom" by Edward Hicks in a photograph. I decided to combine the two themes, both Biblical. However, the Baby Jesus is true to "A Peacable Kingdom," depicting the Risen Christ. Heralding Easter and rebirth!


In case you didn't notice, the Valentine's Day surprise I have for you is my prior post, just below! The lyrics to FIREWORK by Katy Perry. So, just in case you don't have fireworks for Valentine's Day this year, this is the best I can do ya right now! (from here at the Groton Library.) Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you all have many, many fireworks -- in the years to come!



P.S. On my Facebook page, I have posted a video of Katy Perry and her awesome song, "Firework."

For those of you young enough to remember,

"Love, American Style!!!...* * * :)

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011!)



Down to Mystic!

First, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day on Monday, February 14!  I will have a surprise for you here, shortly, but I need 30 cents first! :)

Last Wednesday, I decided to "venture out" from my usual routine and take a drive up the street from the Groton Library to Holdridge's in Ledyard Center to check out floral displays and to check out ideas for booth display rack materials for my upcoming gigs in the Spring (S.O.B. Boardwalk Craft Sale on Sat., May 14, 2011) and hopefully in the summer. It was very easy to get to and good to do something different, albeit simple, for a change. I found doing this simple yet different thing very refreshing.

On Friday, I decided to venture out on this balmy beautiful afternoon and veer off my beaten path as well. I drove to downtown Mystic to see what the fuss is really all about. I found very little snow and there is plenty of off street parking on all of the little side streets. My first stop was to visit my good friends, Bob and Esther Cooper, owners of  The Cooper Shoppe on 23 West Main Street. Maggie the dog sat sedately and is actually just three years old, a golden retriever, I believe.  A face no one could resist.  Bob agrees with me that painting is a very worthwhile pasttime. For more info, go to: http://www.thecoopershoppecom/ or call (860)536-9909.

Next, I checked out the Annual Members Exhibit at the Mystic Arts Center, where there is also a parking lot which charges per hour. ($3.) This exhibit features many fine watercolor, pastel, acrylic and oil paintings, as well as sculpture and runs from January 14 through February 26, 2011. Donations are optional but suggested. There is a sculpture exhibit in the right wing by Laura C. McCarty, "Artifact," which runs from Jan. 14 - Feb. 26 2011.

My next stop was Studio M, llc, a framing and art gallery owned by Mara Gillen Beckwith, who is a close friend and art teacher of my sister Kelley. The studio is located on Kelley's former site, 29 Cottrell Street. A third generation artist and printmaker, Mara is proud to say she goes to work with her father every day in this light, open and airy one story building which faces the Mystic River. Check out her gallery Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-6pm.  For more info, go to: or call (860)536-5000.

"And that's what you missed on Friday." For more info, go to my facebook page and check me out at Studio M. I got wrapped!  Go to: and friend me!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! (Surprise to come soon.)