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Saturday, March 12, 2011

36 hits on Friday!

36 hits, thank you very much! That's much better. In Groton today; just had to see the rams again, after a walk at Ocean Beach! Yes, it's that time of year again, great for outdoor walking and being able to STAY SAFE! I guess the Crystal Mall will have to wait for a rainy day or until next year! Seeing that my family is celebrating Easter a week early this year, maybe I could visit the rams on Easter! (Even tho' the library will be closed, Poquonnock Plains Park and the Poquonnock Riverwalk are great for walking and viewing birds!

Take care, everyone and CU at the Coast Guard concert tomorrow! (First floor, near the front row, on the right side!) Viva the Russian composers!


Friday, March 11, 2011

She's Somebody

She may be a Nobody to you. But she is somebody. She could be a teacher. Maybe she volunteers at a daycare center. She's a daughter. She's a sister. She could be a mother. She may be a great girlfriend to someone who suffers from low self esteem. She may be a great cook. She may volunteer at the Soup Kitchen. She's an aunt. Maybe she's a legal guardian. Could be she visits her grandmother in the nursing home every day. Could be she's an artist, showing people a whole new way of seeing. A bright ray of hope in someone's world. Could be she has a voice like a choir of angels. Could be God hears her prayers for ordinary people like you and me. Maybe she'll save someone's life someday. Maybe she'll make a good wife someday. Could be she teaches young schoolchildren. Could be she writes great verse. Could be she would make a great nurse. She seems like a nobody. But she could mean the whole world to somebody. She is a Somebody to somebody.  (Miss does it feel to walk down the street, knowing you've made the world a safer place???...* * * :) -- Once again, I couldn't do it without you, all of my Guardian Angels, here on Earth and my One in Heaven.

Coast Guard Concert, Sunday, March 13, 2pm, The Garde

THE UNITED STATES COAST GUARD BAND, Lewis J. Buckley Guest Artist Concert presents....Col. Nikolai Uschapovsky, Guest Conductor. In alliance with the Soviet Union since 1989, the former Chief Bandmaster of the Leningrad Military District will be here, live at The Garde Theater in downtown New London. I know, it may be St. Patrick's Day, but....the Russians are coming! If you admire my taste, you will love the Russians as well. But the only way to find out, if you are unfamiliar with the Russian composers, is to come to The Garde on Sunday, March 13 at 2pm. The concert is always free. However, there is an Intermission where snacks and drinks are provided. Not free! For more info, call (860)701-6826 or go to:

(Happy Birthday, Denise. With love, Paula!)

What am I...Boring?

What am I...boring you these days? "What're you doing? What're you doing? What're you, a dirty bird? What're you, a dirty bird? What're you, a purty babe? What're you, a purty babe?  Purty, purty, purty babe1 What're you, a dirty pretty babe?"  (This is actual commentary from Nipper, my mother's pet bird whom she adopted from a family friend in the early 90s when I moved back home to Connecticut. Nipper is now deceased, but many other birds have followed in his wake, both in my mother's life and in mine.  Coming in Winter 2012, I plan to paint my past pet birds into my latest works of art.  Featuring Chickie (from Danielson, Fall 1999 to Fall 2002) "Beautiful, aquamarine breast and very quiet and peaceful, loved music; Buddy (bought as a friend to Chickie, 2001-2007) "Very happy, he sang and sang and sang all day long!"  and Chickietoo (2003-2007) "a little neurotic," and finally, Sunshine (a bright yellow bird, who was just learning to talk, but caught a cold during the windy month of April) Dec. 2007 to August 2008)...:)....Every time I see the image of a hummingbird, it is a reminder that Sunshine is out there in the afterlife, alive and well...Needless to say, I've been heartbroken, not once, but four times in adopting parakeets as pets. They are fragile, get sick very easily, and it is difficult to find vets who diagnose birds. As I like it very cool at home and birds require it to be piping hot, I've decided: BIRDS BELONG IN THE BACK YARD!  Don't forget to feed your backyard avian friends this Spring!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Be Back Soon!

I will see you all here next week, same place, same time. Monday or Tuesday. Got another health issue to take care of, hopefully next week: bloodwork at Pequot Health Center, hopefully first thing. So...I will be back next week...with more shit!

Denise...Denise Dances...2011

Spring Fever!

Yes, I am at the Groton Library this afternoon and it is about 2:50pm (past my "curfew.")  Yes, I did go to Cohen's at the Crystal Mall today and use my birthday money to get an eye exam, my last one being in 2008. Yes, my vision has improved! Yes, I did walk two to three laps in the Mall today, because the sun was too bright after my dilated diabetic eye exam. And yes, yes, yes, my eyes are healthy! I promised the good doctor I was not going to complain anymore. (Yeah, right?) No, I am not getting an income tax refund this year. Yes, the Crystal Mall is a very safe place to walk, albeit indoors, when the weather is not up to par and it is not safe to walk on a deserted beach or the questionable downtown. No, I may not do the SOB Boardwalk Craft Sale on Saturday, May 14, 2011 from 9-3pm if someone trustworthy does not come forward to  help me set up my tent before 9am and take it down before 3pm. Yes, I did go see the rams today and they are peacefully grazing out in the back pasture, back of the Groton Library. Yes, it is OK to walk at the Mall frequently and to just buy a coffee (or a hamburger...or a hot fudge I need clothes? :)  And no, the big white shepherd dogs did not notice me or bark at me today, for some odd reason.  And, yes, the sun was too bright today! :)  That's why I'm still here in Groton, trying to grab some fresh air before heading home. I was trapped in the Crystal Mall due to the dilated diabetic and the bright lights shining in my eyes. (Yes, there were just 23 hits to my blog yesterday, but that's OK. I'll just have to take more fame another day.) P.S. Yes, I would like to thank my Guardian Angels, here on Earth (and my One in Heaven) for doing a great job today and every day!

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011!)

(Baby, you're a firework! -- Katy Perry)

Monday, March 7, 2011

See You All Soon!

I have to get going! Yes, I've seen the rams, back corner pasture in back of the Groton Library today, sitting and chewing their cud very peacefully. Yes, I've got to get going. I have a lot of work to do and more posts to crank out, but not today. The pastel crayons at A.C. Moore are calling my name, but for a bunch of irises given to me by my niece Julia and sister Karen on my birthday yesterday. (It would appear that I have another Guardian Angel, close at hand who refuses to be FORGOTTEN: Memere Hickey, my grandmother who lived on Pequot Road in Uncasville, where irises would bloom every year alongside her white duplex house in the Spring.  Thanx, Memere!

For further inspiration, check out Joyce Meyer, weekday mornings on Channel 16, 6:30-7am. Or go to:
Or write to her at: Joyce Meyer Ministries, PO Box 655, Fenton, MO 63026. Or call (800)727-9673 for sets of inspirational books and CDs designed to get you to ENJOYING EVERYDAY LIFE.

SOB B-walk Craft Sale 5/14/11

The 2nd Annual Save Ocean Beach
Boarwalk Craft & Tag Sale!

Saturday, May 14, 2011 (9-3pm) / Raindate: May 21

Rent one or more spaces on the boardwalk and raise funds for SOB!
Booth Space: 10 x 10. $30 per space. $10 refundable when you remove items
at close of business, 3pm.

To reserve a space, send a check to: Save Ocean Beach
PO Box 147, New London, CT 06320
Or contact: (860)447-3031, x132.

Come and see me, the artist at the Boardwalk Craft Sale! And always remember to....

Art -- for Life!

BRADFORD WHALING SHIP PAINTING TO BE AUCTIONED  Boston -- A William Bradford painting of a historic Massachusetts whaling ship hits the auction block this weekend. The 24-by-36-inch work of the vessel Speedwell is expected to fetch as much as $150,000 when auctioned today in Boston by Skinner's. The Speedwell left Fairhaven in November 1853 for the fertile whaling waters of the North Pacific. It didn't return until 3 1/2 years later, its hold laden with whale oil and bones. The Gibbs family, which owned the ship, commissioned Bradford for the work. Skinner's official Stephen Fletcher said the painting is still in its original frame and will be autctioned along with the ships 1857 sailcloth bound logbook.

-- Associated Press

"Art for Life XVIII" Annual Auction at Mystic Arts Center on Saturday, April 9, 2011
Mystic -- A Denise Hickey painting of a historic brick building in New London hits the auction block on Sat., April 9, 2011; beginning at 6pm. The 16-by-20-inch work of the historic OIC building has an estimated value of $100, the going rate for a new artist. Bidding will start at $50; at the Mystic Art Center, "Art for Life" Auction, sponsored by the Alliance for Living organization of New London, to raise funding for services for people affected by HIV and AIDS. The painting is a view of New London, outside of the artist's living room window on the eighth floor. The painting of downtown New London in October took the entire month to complete. "Alliance for Living" spokesperson Cheryl Sharp said it's important to price the artwork so that it will sell, but not so low as to underestimate its value. The oil painting, "The Hills Are Alive" has been donated by the artist, and will be auctioned, along with many other paintings, all donated by local artists living in Southeastern Connecticut.

Private Showing: 6pm.
Doors open to Public: 7pm. Tix $25 in advance. $30 at the door.

For more info and to check out "The Hills Are Alive," go to:

OASIS: Field Notes - "Moby Dick No. 13"

MOBY DICK No. 13 (Scenes of Mini Golf Course in Acrylic Folk Art) -- The look and feel of a lawn after a Spring rain in early evening. All dark greens and deep blues. This belies the playful smile of the whale, an old symbol of the Whaling City, which was New London. The playful theme is in keeping with the cat, who has a lively nature.  I could even add a garden hose on the "lawn" of the mini golf course. Water spouts out of the friendly whale's "Nose" as the cat sits atop his head, under the spray. Don't forget the ever-present hosta plant! ALSO: (3/7/11) "Spring Rain:" Just as last night's storm brought about renewed inspiration, water spouts from the whale's nostrils. Water pours out of the garden hose, sprawled against the "lawn" of the mini golf course, fresh and green after a Spring rainstorm.

For more info, go to:

A Peacable Kingdom

The Peacable Kingdom by Edward Hicks, oil on canvas, circa 1847, Newtown, PA, 26 x 29 1/2. This lovely painting, one of the many variations on the theme made famous by Hicks...pictorializes Isaiah's words form the Old Testament, "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them."

(See Plate 32, Book of American Folk Art at the Groton Library, in the reference book section.)

For more info, check out my art web site! COMING SOON to MAAP (in April or May): "Manisses Nativity Scene" by "Denise Hicks."  Oil on Canvas, 18 x 24, circa January 2011.  Happy Birthday, Julia!

For more info, go to:

The animals got it right!