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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brisk OB Walk!

On a beautiful, sunny and breezy, but cold Saturday morning; I enjoyed a brisk walk on the boardwalk today. Finally succumbing to the cold, I ate lunch "en caro" with the engine running. As I got ready to leave -- yeah. The driver of a Gold car, 560 TZR parked near the entrance of the parking lot to Ocean Beach. As if, not watching to see who entered, but in order to follow anyone who left! I recall seeing two white males, average height, but dressed in black or gray sweats and hooded jackets.  So, in order to return home safely, I approached the vehicle, suspicious to my eyes, and jotted down the necessary info before I circled the parking lot. But no need. He split! My 10-7 now is the Waterford Library. I will continue my daily walk around the lovely Duck Pond here, before heading home today.

10:35am, Sat., 3/25?/11

Friday, March 25, 2011

Intimacy versus Isolation

"Intimacy vs. Isolation" is the the sixth stage in psychoanalyst Erik Erikson's (1902-1994) Stages of Development. He closely mirrors the grandfather of psychology Dr. Sigmund Freud. Although I didn't particularly like psychology when I took the class at Mohegan Community College (now Three Rivers) with instructor Fred Hartung, I'm able to pluck what does work for me. (Such as the Myers-Briggs Test Instrument.)

Which brings me to Stage 6: "Young Adult" (18-35): Intimacy vs. Isolation. At the young adult stage, people seek companionship and love. Some also settle down and start families, although this seems to have been pushed back in recent years. Young adults seek deep intimacy and satisfying relationships, but if unsuccessful, isolation may occur. Significant relationships at this stage are with marital partners and friends. (One out of two wasn't bad...for a while...).
For more info, go to:

Hey. We ain't just talkin' pills here!

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011!!!...* * * :)

Lesson of the Lotus

One of the most important and popular texts of Mahayana Buddhism, the Lotus Sutra is said to be the last teaching delivered by the Buddha. The lotus itself is a potent symbol of purity and enlightenment in Buddist thought. From its roots in muddy lakebeds, it grows up above the surface of the water to blossom in the sunlight.  The detail from the 13th century scroll shows clearly how the flowers' strong stems hold them high above the water. (FROM: Illustrated Sutra of the Miracles of Kannon From the Universal Gate Chapter of the Lotus Sutra. Japan, 1185-1333. "Art of Japan," 2009 Engagement Calendar, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).
Tuesday, March 22, 2011: This text from my 2009 calendar brings to mind a similar scene I witnessed today. The Swan. As I walked past the woolly bullies at Burrows Farm, I decided to kick it up a notch. I chose to attempt the Town of Groton Poquonnock River Boardwalk after a hiatus of many months. As I walked, I spied a solitary white swam as she floated near the riverbank, just below the planks. As I admired this beautiful creature, I saw elongated neck and pur white wings which curved back, forming an open heart shape. How romantic, I breathed. A symbol of purity. Romance. Purity. And somehow, erotic, as well.



Look at me...I will never pass for a perfect bride
Or a perfect daughter...
Can it be?....I'm not meant to play this part?
Now I see...That if I were truly to be myself
It would break my family's heart.

Who is that girl I see? Staring straight back at me?
Why is my reflection someone I don't know?
Somehow I cannot hide who I am though I've tried...

When will my reflection show who I am inside?
When will my reflection show who I am inside?

("My, my. What beautiful blossoms we have this year. And look. This one's late. I'll bet that when it blooms, it will be the most beautiful of them all."

FROM: Walt Disney Pictures Presents MULAN.
Special Edition, 2004 Release

In all my wanderings, there is one special person who I forget to thank. Her name is Julia and she is my niece. Since about the age of 3, she has urged me to "Watch Mulan. You should keep watching it."
Without her, I wouldn't have come as far as I have.
Thank You, Julia!
With Love,
Auntie Denise

UP NEXT: The Legend of Hua Mulan

Time for Lunch

Good morning. It is time for lunch. Comin' at ya, live from the Groton Library. It's a beautiful morning; seen a whole lotta chickens out there (got a lotta them) but no rams yet. Feeling very hungry and tired as usual from a night without much sleep. Yesterday, I decided that I need to keep gravitating to like-minded people. That is, other people who put People / Profits. Although it is true that we all need money, some for basic needs and it would be nice to have a little extra -- But the sin of GREED (or Avarice, as I like to call it) is that the Love of Money becomes willing to do anything to gain its own means...even to sacrifice the health, well-being some cases...the life of another person.

You see it all around you. In a local restaurant. In the business world. Even in some families. You feel it all around you. The wages of sin = Sickness and Death. Which one do you choose? Don't back down.

(Does it come as no now...that I mean what I say...when I say...that I would consider a return to perfect health payment enough???...* * * :)

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011)

Art for Life XVIII Auction 4/9/11

at Mystic Arts Center in downtown Mystic

on Saturday, April 9, 2011

to benefit the Alliance for Living of New London, CT
in order to raise funds for patients affected by the AIDS and HIV viruses.

Doors open to the public at 7pm. Tix $25 in advance/ $30 at the door.

Come and check out: "The Hills Are Alive," a 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas
A view of the historic waterfront district from my living room window
in Downtown New London.

For more info, contact Cheryl Sharp at (860)447-1239 or go to:

The Alliance for Living is located on 154 Broad Street in New London
and the Backus Hospital, 107 Lafayette Steet in Norwich, CT.

Painter of Light: Thomas Kinkade

From the small town of Placerville, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains...he knew he had a talent to be utilized for the greater good.  In 1984, he and his wife, Nanette investted in his first lithograph printing. He'd been an acclaimed illustrator without a desire for fame and fortune. He uses his artistic talent to "paint from the heart," with "natural wonders and images that moved him most." "Sharing the Light" (TM) is his registered trademark which expresses the theme of his art. He is now the most collected living artist in the world.

Through the years, Thomas Kinkade has used his paintings to benefit hospitals, schools, and humanitarian relief efforts. He has received numerous awards and honors. He has raised thousands of dollars for the Salvation Army, Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, Rotary International and more. He donated his paintings to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, the White House and the Vatican.  His paintings grace over 12 million homes in the U.S., as well as  homes and galleries in the U.K., Germany, Russia, Japan, and Malaysia. 

Simple pleasures and inspirational messages are what Thomas Kinkade's paintings are all about. His fondest wish is for his artwork to be a message of hope and inspiration, as well as a message to slow down and enjoy the beauty and simple pleasures around us.

For more info, go to:

SOURCE: 2010 Calendar with artwork and inspirational quotations by Thomas Kinkade. FOUND: On top of a trash can on City Pier, just behind the Amtrak Train Station in New London. Dripping wet, now dry. In the wee hours of the morning, unable to sleep, I got up and checked out my newly acquired "found art," a gift from Heaven.

You Take the High Road

The question is: If you suddenly found yourself with a lot of money, would you take the high road or the low road?

Would YOU be willing to drive a used car so that a struggling couple could have transportation to work?

Would YOU be willing to live in a modest two-story house in the suburbs so as to prevent others from becoming homeless?

Would YOU be willing to shop the thrift stores and brand name discounts, such as TJ Maxx, so that a single mother could be provided with a suitable wardrobe for her job?

Would YOU be willing to budget for groceries, week after week, and eating out less frequently so that others may not go hungry?

If you came into a fortune tomorrow, would you be willing to do with "less" so that others may have "more?"

Would you? Would I?

Paul Newman. Warren Buffet. Two men who were willing to say "YES!"

(Why don't you step outside that lens, my friend? Or capsize, with all the lies, that you've been living in???...* * * :) -- I did!

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011)

Elizabeth Taylor

For more info, go to:

A beautiful person, inside and out, she experienced on-screen success in the wake of eight marriages in succession.

Norwich Student in Japan

For more info, go to:

Read about the earthquake/tsunami/explosion in Japan from a local student's perspective in Tokyo. "The Phoenix will rise again." (Et tu, Brutus?)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


THE SIXTH CROSSING Annual Juried Exhibit
Bank Street, New London, CT

April 23-May 21, 2011
Opening Reception: Sat., April 23, 2011
FREE hor's d'oevres / $ for wine & bottled drinks

Receiving dates: Thurs., April 14: 11-3
Friday, April 15, 11-6
Saturday, April 16 11-6

COST: $15. one entry / $20. two entries/ $25 three entries

If you are an aspiring artist, come on down and give it a try!
For more info, go to:

"Carousel?" "Aplomb?" * Wish me luck!!! *

27 Hits Tuesday!

There were 27 hits on my blog-o-sphere this past Tuesday.  Which is OK. At one time, that would've been considered great. Guess I got spoiled. Funny thing is, I don't make a good backstabber because I feel I always tell the truth, the truth as I see it. Why would I make up any of this horrible stuff that's happened to me? (Why? Anything for a good story. But no. This stuff really happens to me. I don't even have to go out and look for it. Lucky s**t!)  I only play the Whistle Blower when all of my other efforts fail towards any cause near and dear to my heart. Or to survive and thrive in the place where I live. "Show, don't tell" is my new motto.  Where I live, we got cameras! Smile!

Today, I had the pleasure to meet Jeanne Sigel, who is the fundraiser for the Garde Arts Theater here in New London as I checked out the art exhibit by Lois Constantine and her students. In discussing The Situation here in downtown New London, we both agree on one thing: There is a much needed Police Presence here in the community. "The Unseen Presence" which she referred to is something which I have felt in just the year since I have lived here. It is in direct contrast to "The Thousand Eyes" in the place where I live, but I am trying to use the eyes to stand up for my rights as a human being who needs a safe place to live. We should all do the same.

Downtown New London is a happening place. Often you will see the Police Presence here, even at inocuous events such as the free Coast Guard concert on a recent Sunday afternoon. On Friday night, there will be a Youth Talent Show for $5 at The Garde at 7pm. The St. Patrick's Day Parade was alive and well last Thursday, punctuated by a strong police presence. On Thursday, April 14 at 5:30pm, there will be a "meeting of the minds" for a Big Picture on PARADE PLAZA. After that will be the Broadway musical at The Garde, Spring Awakening. As the weather gets warmer, downtown New London will thrive, once again with live music, Previews on Parade on Fridays at 12 Noon, and other events at every turn. And you can bet, there will be a strong Police Presence here.  Don't forget to thank the New London Police Department for keeping our city safe!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


UP NEXT....Edna St. Vincent Millay will be back -- as will I -- with her famous poem penned in 1917!


OASIS - The Second Year

OASIS - The Second Year

September 2010 - May 2011:

(1) Lady in Blue
(2) Carousel
(3) Blue Elephant
12 x 16, Oil on Canvas

(4) The Hills Are Alive, Oil, 16 x 20 (Donated to: Art for Life Auction, for Alliance for Living of NL, Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 7pm, Mystic Art Center.)

(5) Girl Looks Outside, Oil, 16 x 20. (A spoof of the American Impressionist art colony in Old Lyme, now the Florence Griswold Museum featuring Denise, the artist in period costume.)

(6) Manisses Nativity Scene, 18 x 24, Oil on Canvas. 1st in a series, OILS OF BLOCK ISLAND. (Given to my niece Julia for her birthday, 3/3/11.)

(7) Goldstar Bridge No. 5
(8) Schoolhouse No. 4
(9) Moby Dick No. 13
(10) Lighthouse No. 9

(11) Covered Bridge (16 x 20, Oil) SCENES OF MGC

(12) Pachelbel Pine (prismacolor pencil) BACKYARD SCENES & SCENES OF MINI GOLF COURSE.

(13) Birthday Irises (pastel sketch).

UP NEXT: Hygienic Sixth Crossing, Juried Exhibit. Opening Reception, Saturday, April 23, 7pm.
* * * WISH ME LUCK! * * * (Carousel? Aplomb?)

Take care,


OASIS - The First Year

OASIS (Outdoor Art Studio - isolated scene): THE FIRST YEAR.

In July 2009, I started painting again after a hiatus since 1993. My first art studio, OASIS has since moved indoors but retained the name. The painting: Dream House.

OCTOBER 2009 - May 2010:

(1-7) Mural of Long Island Sound (in 7 panels): 16 x 20 each, Oils on Canvas.
The Beach by Long Island Sound
Against the Wind
The Race
Seeing the Light (given to my niece Julia who loves dolphins, for Christmas 2010)
Aplomb (shown at Bean & Leaf Cafe, REMERGE! Memorial Day Weekend)
On the Rocks (featured in Hygienic Fifth Crossing Juried Exhibit, April-May)
Seagulls All Around (Wish You Were Here): featured in Hygienic XXXII Salon in Jan.-Feb.

Check it out in my on-line exhibit at

(8) "O'Denise" (pastel), BACKYARD SCENES, spin-off of Georgia O'Keefe. Echinacea Purpurea, painted daisies which grow in a wildflower garden at Ocean Beach. (Given to my sister Kelley for Christmas 2010.)

(9) "Portrait of Paula," (watercolor pencil), a sketch of a scene outside my window at The Residence which also reminds me of Paula's house at 190 Vauxhall Street, currently under renovations.)

(10) "Robin in Red Maple," (watercolor pencil), inspired by a tree in back of The Residence but the actual tree model was in Williams Memorial Park, the following Spring.

(11) "Star of the Sea," (watercolor pencil), view outside of my windows at WP Apts.

(12) "4 Seagulls on a Rock," Acrylic/Oil, 12 x 16, painted on location at Ocean Beach in May.

(13) "New London Ledge Lighthouse," Oil, 12 x 16, also painted at Ocean Beach in May.

9 paintings + 4 drawings.


Up Next: OASIS: The First Year and The Second Year. MAAP: The First Year and The Second Year.  My journey as an artist, October 2009-May 2010; and October 2010 to present. Showing it: January 2010-August 2010 and January 2011 to present.

I admit that I've made some mistakes, for which I have paid a very high price, not just in dollars. But now, I am finding what works best for me and I have some great new up-and-coming gigs!  Stay tuned for the latest, right here.

For now, it is time for lunch. Up next: FIND ME SOMETHING TO WEAR. For more info, go to:


"The Peacable Kingdom" by Edward Hicks, oil on canvas, c. 1847, Newtown, PA, 26 x 29 1/2. This lovely painting, one of the many variations on the theme made famous by Hicks...pictorializes Isaiah's words from the Old Testament, "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them."

(FROM Plate 32, Book of American Folk Art, here at the Groton Library. Check it out!)

P.S. The animals got it right!

OASIS: Field Notes - Manisses Nativity Scene

ANIMALS - Checklist for Painting

(1) Prime Steer
(2) Donkey
(3) McDuff (Water Buffalo)
(4) Coati mundis
(5) White llama
(6) Brown llama
(7) Ostrich
(8) "Zedonk"
(9) Black & white billy goat
(10) Black billy goat
(11) Black Chick-en
(12) Rooster
(13) Seagull
(14) Brown shelby duck
(15) White duck
(16) Black swan
(17) Grey goose
(18) Two grazing llamas

COLORS: "A Peacable Kingdom" by Edward Hicks.  Earth tones
("More study in brown")
Animals - actual ones, most recent, on Manisses Farm. (September 2010).

For more info, go to:

There you will be able to view, in the near future: "Manisses Nativity Scene," by Denise Hicks, oil on canvas, 18 x 24, a labor of love which took me the whole month of January 2011 to paint at home. "Happy Birthday, Julia!"

(and the first of my series, OILS OF BLOCK ISLAND).

Lighthouse No. 9

In 1760, a lottery was organized to build a lighthouse at the entrance to New London Harbor. It was the first lighthouse on the Connecticut coast. In 1801, the old lighthouse was replaced by this 89-foot sandstone structure called the New London Harbor Light. It is seen here (p. 39 - Images of America: New London, by John J. Ruddy, Copyright 1998, Arcadia Publishing, NH) in the 1880s, during the brief life of Osprey Beach. (before the 1938 Hurricane).

Page 68: PHOTO - The Duck Pond at Ocean Beach was located where the mini golf course is today. The building at center is Wordell's Pavilion, a shore dinner hall...and at left is a trolley platform. (from Chapter 5, THE SOUTH END).

Coming Soon to MAAP: "Lighthouse No. 9" (SCENES OF MINI GOLF COURSE IN ACRYLIC FOLK ART).  For more info, go to:

OASIS: Field Notes - Lighthouse No. 9

LIGHTHOUSE NO. 9 (from Scenes of Mini Golf Course in Acrylic Folk Art)

(1) Go to History Room at NL Library for historic photos of Thames River along Pequot Ave and the Groton banks.

(2) Paint the picture, using earthy colors: green grass, etc.

(3) Use straight acrylic white paint for lighthouse.

(4) Convery the idea of the ocean in the background -- mouth of the Thames!
(Groton banks across the river in the mist) Misty! (Groton Long Point to Bluff Point to Jupiter Point to Avery Point to Eastern Point).

(5) This is the point of the mini golf course closest to the ocean -- Paint the ocean in the background -- rather than the dark green trees. (As if going back in time to when there were no houses -- yet the mini golf course has always been there!

Indians -- "primitive" -- before NL was settled!

The mini golf course must be grounded in reality -- as a mini golf course. ASTRO TURF look. Nothing vague, misty or fantasy.

HOWEVER, the Thames River mouth as it empties into the ocean -- Groton banks -- MISTY -- watercolor as the fog rolls in.

(6) Early Spring -- A cold, damp afternoon. Early April. Before budding. Winter -- about to give way to Spring, but not quite yet.

(7) Paint the gold and / or red beacon light in the lighthouse -- GLOWING. With a path /ray of light.

COMING SOON TO MAAP! For more info, go to:

What Would I Do?

WHAT WOULD I DO?... if I could choose and obtain the perfect job?

Although there were many times in my journey that I did enjoy working with kids of all ages, I did my best work with them as a one-on-one assistant in the regular classrooms, where the school was not a stress-filled environment...("in a perfect a different place and time..."). I did enjoy subbing for elementary music, the most! (Once I began working with kids, I felt hooked!)

I also love to be outdoors more than anything else in the world. From December to about early April, in the climate in Southeastern CT, this is not always possible. I enjoy gardening and working alone. In a more temperate climate, I could do this more regularly. (My heart is telling me to: "Grow your own food!")
It would also be nice to be able to sell some of my paintings for some extra cash.  If I could choose where to live, I feel it would be Sarasota, Florida.

But, for now, New London is a happening place for me and other emerging artists! (It's not just about me.) The Connecticut shoreline, the local parks and natural areas are great for inspiration. The venues to display and sell artwork here have been up-and-coming since I arrived on the New London scene in January 2000! (the advent of the Hygienic as a year round art gallery for local and distant artists).

It is unfortunate, esp at this point in my life that I am a weakling (physically, not mentally or spiritually.) And I always have been. You can't be something you're not. Or you'll die trying.

Did you know that I've defied the odds, as an adult diagnosed with depression and treated in the public healthcare system, of dying 25 years earlier???...* * * :)

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011).


In case you've been sitting under a rock or have become a hermit or you haven't gotten the memo, let me refresh your memory! As most of you have read, you can see that I've tried everything. I feel I've exhausted my options out there. And myself, as well.

(1) House-sitting
(2) Cleaning
(3) Repairs (bikes, appliances, etc.)
(4) Handyman: siding houses, building cabinets, doors, porches, painting, fencing, roofing. (Seems to me, if you have the ability to do this, you're in luck!)
(5) Farmwork (planting, picking fruit, harvesting)
(6) Interior landscaping and plant care (offices, banks, lobbies, shopping plazas, and atriums)
(7) Property management (esp if it includes free board)
(8) Carpet cleaning
(9) Newspaper routes
(10) Moving & storage
(11) Landscaping
(12) School bus or other driver
(13) Photography
(14) Barter your services for another's services (Wouldn't it be a better world if our economy were based on a barter system rather than that paper stuff which I feel is the "root of all evil," the love of money.)

Work from Home

OPTIONS FOR WORK AT HOME (I told you, I'm out to save the world!)

(1) Babysitting, Childcare.
(2) Sell homegrown vegetables or flowers at the local farmers market in your area.
(3) Sew, alter and repair clothing.
(4) Baking and food prep!
(5) Knitting & Crocheting (we all have our talents...this is NOT one of mine!)
(6) Upholstering furniture
(7) Bookkeeping, typing and other home computer services
(8) Telephone answering service
(9) Take in boarders, if you have an extra room and privacy
(10) Address and stuff envelopes for advertisers
(11) Car wash (if allowed at your place of residence)
(12) Pet sitting, grooming and walking
(13) Carpentry

(Ads can be placed in weekend shopping flyers or on supermarket bulletin boards.)

FIND YOUR TALENTS. If there is a need for them, you're in luck!
If not, just do the best you can! ("Is there a need?" This is from my coworker, "H" from Shop Rite.)
It is important to realize that needs are not always met by cash in hand or a dollar amount.

REWARD for any given talent can come in the form of....a great apartment in a great location at a price you can afford. (Remember, too, that nothing is perfect.)
It can also come in the form of recognition.
It can arrive unexpectedly via the Stork!
And...last but not can arrive in the form of a continuing journey toward perfect health.

(Does it come as no surprise to now...that I mean what I say...when I say...that I would consider a return to perfect health payment enough???...* * * :)

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011)

Start your own garden!

In addition to saving my family, I would like to try and do my part to save the world! START YOUR OWN GARDEN. This year, I have opted to try and use my Topsy Turvy tomato planter, given to me for my birthday by my mother last try and hang tomatoes from my very bright and sunny living room window! (Southern exposure) Tip: DO NOT look directly at the sun as it rises over the Electric Boat shipyard building each morning. (It could burn the retina. Seriously.)
STICK WITH WHAT GROWS BEST IN YOUR AREA. Plug in your zip code at: for a free "garden mentor."
Please note: It is important to plan, sow the seeds in Spring, care for and maintain your garden. If you plan to travel during the Spring and Summer months, it may not be wise to start a garden in your back yard.  Plants need LOVE & CARE, time and attention, just like people do, if they are to grow and prosper!

Denise Hickey
Williams Park Apts.
New London, CT
(That's #803!)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mystic to Groton 3/20

In Mystic for a very short time today, I was able to find a parking space and re-find it, in a celebrated event in Mystic, the Irish Parade! Just want to say thanks for thinking I still look like a teenager! This is a fun-filled event for the young, but not for the faint of heart. The streets in downtown Mystic were mobbed today, mostly with teenagers in a wholesome outdoor event where they can "let it out!" Let your spirits roar! But for me, I was able to find my way back to Pequot Avenue, via Burrows, via Edgecomb. And back to the highway, to Exit 88, where I visited the rams, happily chewing grass and lying in the sun today. We should all do the same! (Do I really look that young? Gee, thanx!) See you in Mystic, but probably not until March 3 -- 2012! (S&P Oyster House, anyone?)

Denise Hickey
Irish in New London