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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Up Next: Diabetes & Stress

UP NEXT: Diabetes & Stress.  Trying to make it on $12,500 a year and maintain a healthy diet, while suffering with Diabetes, is nothing to throw a stick at. You know who the real gluttons are. I can't afford to be one.

Go Nurses!

Profits / People? Shouldn't the primary purpose of all hospitals and doctors be to save lives and provide quality health care? Case history: Denise Hickey, Born on March 3, 1962, Bachus Hospital, Norwich, CT. May 2000: Surgery for myomectomy. I was treated with great care and respect. My room had a nice view, too. Insurance: Anthem BC/ BS. January 2007: Surgery, hysterectomy. My stay was a nightmare. One of the nurses was very rude to me. I was in pain after the operation and often ignored when I buzzed for pain meds. It seemed that every five minutes, someone was barging into my room, except when I needed help. Although I had major surgery, I feel that I was rushed out of there after one overnight stay when it should have been two. The reason? Medicare health insurance pays 85 % of the dollar.

Go Nurses! For more info, go to:

Why Me!

I should stayed in New York!
All I've got here is the sea...
Why me?

Being single in Southeastern Connecticut is a bore!
I wish I could take back the life that I had before!
I shoulda stayed in New York...
Why me?

My best friend has come and she's gone
Now all I can do is mourn
Now it's just me and the sea
Why me?

Why me?
This wasn't supposed to be
There should be a you and a me
One of these days I'm gonna get caught
I shoulda stayed in New York!

But for now, it's just me...
You and me and the sea!

By Denise
(Inspired by the music on Music Choice tv)


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Oil Paintings, $50 / OBO. 12 x 16; 16 x 20. Beautify office and home environments. (Oh,wait! You have to go to facebook for that; Facebook Marketplace. For more info, go to:

UP NEXT: Who is really setting up Debbie and her sisters against each other? Is it the dog? the butler? Who...oh, this isn't "Fool's Gold!" It's "Denise Dances"...and...and...we're not there yet!!!...* * * :) For more info on what's up next, go to:

Seeking: artistic venues, old friends, new friends, new opportunities.  Mmmmmm...Linked In, right? For more info, go to:

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011!)

"The Change"

(1) perimenopause
(2) menopause

Case history: Denise, Age 35, Onset of symptoms.  The first sign I had signalling changes in my body began as "fibroids," benign tumors in the uterus discovered during a routine exam, where my belly appeared swollen and hard; as if I were "three months pregnant;" at Ob Gyn Services in Norwich, CT in Summer 1997, possibly due to an estrogen imbalance. Several treatment options were available such as injections for shrinkage, myomectomy (removal of tumors only) and hysterectomy (removal of reproductive organs as well). At the time, I eventually chose myomectomy, performed at Backus Hospital in Norwich, in May 2000.
Ultimately, the return of fibroids during 2006 necessitated a hysterectomy, which was performed in January 2007 at Backus Hospital, Norwich.

OTHER SYMPTOMS: Mood swings & irritability; hives on skin and scalp; hot flashes, of course, even alternating with cold flashes; night sweats; insomnia and increased appetite.

TREATMENT OPTIONS: Some doctors prescribe Zoloft, an antidepressant which is known to reduce the symptoms by about 60 %. Soy products, such as soy beans and soy milk are extremely helpful and Asian women are known to not suffer the symptoms of menopause as American women often do.
Loose-fitting clothing, cotton fabrics and bedding, and keeping a cool temperature in the bedroom. My friend Paula advised that hormone replacement therapy is not a good idea, as we should not attempt to put back into the body that which it is trying to rid itself of.

CONDITIONS WHICH EXACERBATE SYMPTOMS: Stress, the body's reaction to change; especially changing conditions in the workplace or within close family and other relationships. As far as the average age for the onset of symptoms, perimenopause, and the cycle of menopause; it is obvious that changes in the female body can start as early as the thirties.

DX: Bloodwork for hormonal imbalances through an MD, Physician's Assistant or RN. Although psychiatry has been claimed to help many people, medical tests for physical causes must not be ruled out. Otherwise, this is negligence. Don't pass off every responsibility onto the psychiatric doctors and prescription drugs.

READ books and available literature on the topic to find what works best for you.  These conditions should not go unchecked and the symptoms ignored. Otherwise, this is negligence.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Follow the Farm!

Groton Family Farm, that is. For more info, go to:

Check out the latest! Divers chickens. Two donkeys. Two billy goats. Rams & ewes (they have names!)And there is at least one new addition: a little white lamb I spied in back of the farmhouse today! Two big white shepherd dogs. (Isn't it nice to feel safe, loved and protected?) And...Buster the duck, whom I don't usually see. Follow them on the blog of Dr. Burrows...or come on down and check out the farm yourself!

Denise...Denise Dances...2011.

Linked In

Tuesday, March 29, 2011... I am now on Check me out sometime. LinkedIn is a professional website where many people connect. My blog "Denise Dances" was started in May 2008, due to the connection of a colleage from ECSU in Willimantic in the early 1980s. If you are looking for work or something professional, check it out! It is much different from Facebook which is a social (sometimes overly so) network. Use discretion.

I would just like to add here that we all make choices in life. The choices we make affect the lives of other people. You cannot serve two masters, the Bible says. Or you will love the one and hate the other. So, for any of you who have chosen the Money god as your master, reap the consequences! "Profits / People," you've made your bed. Now you can sleep in it.  It isn't easy, trying to live on $12, 500 a year. But I'm not greedy. And I like my life, for the most part. Hey, I'm Somebody! I'm going to walk my talk! So if you see me walking a little taller down the busy streets in New London or at the Crystal Mall these days, or holding my head a little higher at the Ocean Beach boardwalk this you know why. Isn't it about time you found that out?

Denise...Denise Dances...2011!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Positivity Scene

Check out "60 Minutes" for some good news at:

to see a woman who works from home with telephone and computer, from an office renovated from her walk-in closet, in order to save children all around the world!

Also, check out Joyce Meyer, and learn the secrets of "Enjoying Everyday Life." On this website you can order her FREE magazine. View her on Channel 16, 6:30-7pm, weekday mornings.

Generativity vs Stagnation

"GENERATIVITY vs STAGNATION." (Ages 35-65 in German psychoanalyst, Erik Erikson's Stages of Development). By this stage of the game, career and family are of utmost responsibility. Humans work to establish stability. "Generativity" is the attempt to produce something that makes a difference to society. Inactivity and meaningless are common fears during this stage. Relationships usually occur within the family and the workplace at this stage.

(Indeed, during the first part of the 21st century, with the corresponding move to The Residence, South End of New London; and the lack of work, even the temporary jobs prevalent in the 1990s forced me into depression and despair. "But you knew that." My colleage and ballroom dance teacher "J" had lived next door to me in the unit owned by our mutual landlord / friend also had difficulty in finding gainful employment while she lived at The Residence for the past eight or nine years before me.
By now, I have reached the tender age of 49 and realization is coming to the forefront. "You've been punked!" -- AK.
In May 2008, once my struggle with Diabetes gained momentum, I started this blog, "Denise Dances," one year after the passing of my best friend Paula. Generativity? You could say that.

"Making Art Affordable to the Public, June 2009.
OASIS, July & October 2009.
"Fool's Gold," June 2010.
A Creative New Venture, (yet to be revealed), October 2010.

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011 -- well into the 21st century!)

The Desert Southwest

For more info on the Desert Southwest, go to: to the North of Arizona (never been) and go to: to the South of Arizona (haven't been there yet either.)

She's Back!

I will be back after I take a much needed break for lunch. After taking a refreshing walk yesterday afternoon on Ocean Beach, I feel rattled yet again by the presence of stalkers from my past at The Residence. Is it every really over? Lunch? Yes. I'm only human!
When I come back, as I always do, I will present to you more on: Erikson's Stages of Development.
Also, coming up next on FOOL'S GOLD: The Job Interview. (to be one of many, many, many in one lifetime. Tired? For more info, go to:

Are we there yet???...* * * :)

MULAN: Field Notes

MULAN: Notes.
The story of Mulan is based on ancient Chinese folklore, about a young woman who joins the Imperial Army in place of her father and becomes a war hero(ine)!
A team of ten people, including producers, artists and writers travelled to China where they visited and researched story ideas and material for three weeks.
There was an actual "ancestor's temple," a place resembling an altar room with names of family ancestors inscribed, so that the Chinese could pray to their ancestors.
Everything in Chinese culture relates to nature, such as bamboo grass, leaves, flowers, trees, mountains and the sea. Elements of nature are used in literature, poems and proverbs as well as in embellishments to the home and works of art.
The animation is based on actual cave drawings from the Northern Ming Dynasty where the Disney artist sketched on location.
Leah Salanka, a young Chinese woman sings "Reflection" to a backdrop of a 65-piece orchestra in a moving scene in the Walt Disney movie, MULAN.

The Ballad of Hua Mulan


Click, click and click, click, click. By the doorway,
Mulan leaves, when all at once, the shuttles cease.
A sigh is heard with solemn grief. "Oh, my daughter,"
"Who is on your mind?" "Oh, my daughter,"
"Who is in your heart?"

"I have no one on my mind. I have no one in my heart."
"But last night, I heard the battle roll. A roll consisting of 12 scrolls.
The Kahn is drafting an army of awe.
My father's name on each bead roll.
Alas, father has no grown son. Alas, Mulan has no elder brother.
But I will buy a saddle and a horse.
And join the army in place of father.

In the East Market, she buys a steed. From the West Market, she buys a saddle.
In the North Market, she buys a long whip. From the South Market, she buys a bridle.
At dawn, she bids her family farewell. At dusk, she camps by Yellow River.
She no longer hears her parents calling.

Upon her pillow, the waters whisper. At dusk, she arrives at Black Mountain.
She no longer hears her parents calling.
But tartar horses wailing from yen mountain.
She gallops 10,000 miles for the war
She has come to honor.
She crosses lofty hills, like an eagle soaring over.
From Northern gusts through biting chills, echoes the watchman's clapper.

With wintry glow of icy hue, light glimmers on her armor.
Generals die in a hundred battles.
Our warrior is back. How ten years fly.
Upon her return, she is summoned to see the Emperor.
In the Hall of Light, she receives the highest honor.
She is awarded a promotion to top rank.
The emperor bestows hundreds of thousands in prizes.
The Kahn asks what she desires.

Mulan has no use for a minister's post. Mulan has no other extravagant want.
"I wish to borrow a swift-footed mount
To take me back to my home.
When Father and Mother hear she's coming,
They watch by the gate, Bracing each other.
When Elder Sister hears she's coming, she runs to her room and dabs on rouge powder.
When Little Brother hears she's coming, he whets his knife,
Flashing like a light and prepares pig and sheep for dinner.

"Oh, let me push open the door to East Chamber.
Oh, let me sit on my bed in West Recess."
So swiftly comes off the warrior's vesture.
And silently, I put on my old time dress.
Beside the window, I dress up my hair.
In front of a mirror, I rouge my face.

And when I walk out to meet my compeers,
They are perplexed and amazed.
"For twelve years, we fought as comrades in arms.
The Mulan we knew was not a lady of charm."

They say to choose a hare, You pick them up by the ears.
There are telling signs to compare.
In the air, the male will kick and strike.
While females stare with bleary eyes.
But -- if both are set to bounce in a flee --
Who will be so wise as to observe that the hare is a he or she?

(FROM: Walt Disney Pictures Presents MULAN)
Special Edition: "Backstage"

REFLECTION by Christina Aguilera


Sung by Christina Aguilera
(End Credits: MULAN)

Look at me...You may think you see who I really am
But you'll never know me.
Every's as if I play a part...Now I see...if I wear a mask
I can fool the world...But I cannot fool my heart!

Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me?
When will my reflection show who I am inside?

I live now in a world where I have to hide my heart
But somehow...I will show the world what's inside my heart...
And be loved for who I am!

Who is that girl I see? Staring straight back at me?
Why is my reflection someonw I don't know?
Why must I pretend that I'm
Someone else for all time?
When will my reflection show who I am inside?

There's a heart that must be free to fly...
And a need to know the reason why...
Why must we all conceal what we think? how we feel?
Must there be a secret me I long to hide?
I won't pretend that I'm
Someone else for all time.
When will my reflection show who I am inside?
When will my reflection show who I am inside?

With much love and gratitude to my beautiful niece Julia
who was born on my birthday and recognizes me
for who I am.


Auntie Denise


coerce: vt. [L, coercere, fr. co- + arcere to shut up, enclose -- more at ARK] 1: to restrain or dominate by nullifying individual will. 2: to compel to an act or choice. 3: to enforce or bring about by force or threat syn see FORCE.