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Friday, April 8, 2011

Whatta You Want from Me?

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Enjoying Everyday Life

I had the great fortune to finally be able to sleep very well last night, a "luxury" which has been hard to come by, the past eleven years since I have lived in New London, CT. This morning, promptly at 6:30am, I was able to enjoy one of my two favorite televangelists, Joyce Meyer. From 6:30-7am, on Channel 16, you can listen to Joyce on her weekday morning show, "Enjoying Everyday Life."
This morning, she told her story. About how she suffered sexual abuse from a close family member as a young girl. She also told how she was saved, and how, today, she is happily married with four healthy children. When she spoke of her feelings of abandonment and isolation, these ideas ring true for me today. I feel relieved that I have never suffered through a sexually abusive relationship as Joyce Meyers has. "Nobody wants to get involved" is a common theme which resonated through her broadcast today. I know the feeling.
That feeling, when you are trapped in a situation. It could be anything. And you want to tell someone. You want to trust someone. But no one will listen. Nobody believes you. I think that is why suicide is so prevalent today, although I don't believe suicide should be an option. Often, both parents are so busy earning a living, or trying to make a profit in order to accumulate possessions they don't really need. How often do any families, regardless of size, sit down and eat dinner together most evenings? Without the TV blasting? How often does anyone schedule quiet time, nap time or "me" time into each day? How much time do we take to spend with each other? Or is most of your day filled with duties and obligations, the focus being....Profits / People?
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Send for her free magazine on "Enjoying everyday life." Request Joyce's Testimony DVD for a donation of any amount. (I heard it this morning.)
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Art for Life

Saturday, April 9, 2011
Mystic Arts Center
Downtown Mystic, CT

Featured Artist: Sarah Stifler Lucas

Benefactor's Private Showing & Reception
General Admission: 7pm: Tix $25 in advance / $35 at the door

Over 100 artists including:

ART FOR A CAUSE  The 18th annual Art for Life Auction is to raise funds for services to people affected by HIV and AIDS through the Alliance for Living Center in New London, CT. Over one hundred local artists have agreed to donate their own "masterpieces" in a live auction to be held in Mystic.
(Will there be food? Yes, Denise, there will be food. "Heavy hors d'hoevres.")