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Monday, April 11, 2011

Integrity vs Despair

I've been helped with funds for food on several occasions. But not consistently. (2006-2008) I feel used to having the rug pulled out from under me, as you can see. That's why I had to learn to become self sufficient. I have also eaten lunch as well as dinner on several occasions at the New London Community Meal Center, that's the Soup Kitchen on Montauk Avenue, next to Shallett's Dry Cleaners, throughout the period of 2000-2009. On several occasions during this decade, I've also found it necessary to use the OIC Food Pantry and the Jewish Federation food pantry in the yellow house off the side street next to Dunkin Donuts on Broad Street.

Applying for the Mystic Art Festival in 2010 gave me the impetus to paint and to create my "Mural of Long Island Sound (in 7 panels)." It also gave me encouragement in my pursuit of the arts, to believe I was "that good." I knew I would need support for this past endeavor and often held my tongue in the wake of unacceptable behavior. I was offered help and received it, lots of it, from unexpected sources, but never in full from other sources. I felt let down in several areas which I will not discuss here. Forsaken. I was approached by a woman across the street, who criticized me for not having an adequate display. To either side of me, sat two female artists, accompanied by their supportive spouses, with substantial booths. Who was the weak one in this meddling woman's line of defense, as she set up camp in an area not zoned by the Mystic Art Festival and therefore did not have to pay the exorbitant booth fees? And yes, who was the weakest one in her view? Those of you who helped me know who you are. Those of you who hindered my progress also know who you are.
The truth is, my family is not supportive of the arts, being made up mostly of small business owners. And the truth is, there is no profit in the Mystic Art Festival for most of us artists. Since August 2010, I have come to the realization that it is difficult, if not impossible to achieve success without the support of your family. But this has to take place from the start. Support takes place the day one is born.
In honor of the youngest member of my family, my niece Julia, I am willing to make the necessary sacrifices in order to ensure that she has a great future and a much easier life than I have had. I promise to pursue only those artistic endeavors which I can afford financially and only those pursuits which my body can handle physically.
For the foreseeable future, I've chosen to opt out of the often cumbersome and costly outdoor art festivals and craft sales in lieu of more humanitarian and worthwhile pursuits. We should all do the same.

My Best,


"Of All Things!"

Of all the jobs I've tried during "the first half of my life," I recall the job I felt most "akin" to, the job that felt most like "the real me." I often felt I was my own journalist as I drifted from temp assignment to assignment, able to experience, for better or for worse, many different fields of work in succession throughout the 1990s in Southeastern Connecticut. Sitting at an actual typewriter, day after day, in a small office at the Norwich precinct. The town where I was born. Seeing things the common public doesn't usually see. Following investigative sequels. Getting the inside story. Feeling what other people are feeling (but that's nothing new). Witnessing other people's broken lives. What else? Typing police reports, of course. (Ask Sargeant Joe May, the next time ya see him.)

Denise Hickey
Manpower Temp
"Red blazer"

MAAP: The Second Year

MAAP: The Second Year (2011)

HYGIENIC  XXXII Annual "Salon des Independants" Winter Arts Festival, January 2011. "Seagulls All Around/ Wish You Were Here," Panel 7 in "Mural of Long Island Sound."

"Art for Life XVIII" Auction, Mystic Arts Center, April 9. "The Hills Are Alive" donated to raise funds for sthe Alliance for Living in New London, CT for services for patients affected by AIDS and HIV.

Hygienic Sixth Crossing Annual Juried Exhibit. Opening Reception: Sat., April 23, 2011.
 *** Wish me luck!
"Carousel?" "Against the Wind?" (Panel 2 in Mural of Long Island Sound).

Artist of the Month, East Lyme Public Library, September 2011. Featuring: Oils, Acrylics and framed drawings in colored pencil and pastel.

Facebook Marketplace: online listing of paintings for sale.

GIFTS so far: "Manisses Nativity Scene," Oil on Canvas, 18 x 24. To niece Julia for her 8th birthday on 3/3/11.

MAAP: The First Year

MAAP: The First Year (2010)

HYGIENIC XXXI Annual "Salon des Independants" Winter Arts Festival: Featuring "Spring Freshet," Oil on Canvas (circa 1993). See clip. For more info, go to:

Midwinter Art Reception & Housewarming: February 6 & 7, 2010. Featuring the unveiling of "Mural of Long Island Sound (in 7 panels).

Mystic Art Festival Acceptance Letter: March / April 2010.

Hygienic Fifth Crossing Annual Juried Exhibit, April-May. Featuring: "On the Rocks," Panel 6 in "Mural of LI Sound."

Bean & Leaf Cafe REMERGE, Memorial Day Weekend, May 2010. Featuring: "Aplomb." Panel 5 in "Mural of Long Island Sound."

Mystic Art Festival, August 14 & 15, 2010. (SOLD: Several prints and notecards of "Backyard Scenes.")

"O'Denise" pastel drawing, framed to sister Kelley for Christmas.
"Seeing the Light," Panel 5 of Mural of LI Sound to niece Julia for Christmas.



After a week-long hiatus, I am back with renewed energy, no longer willing to split my focus but to stand up for issues in which I believe. (Oh. Strong emotions often accompany that.) I'm back with a healthy, positive outlook and a fresh spin. UP NEXT (after my lunch break): MAAP, The First and Second Years; "Of All Things;" (my most suitable job in the past); more on Erikson's Stages of Development: INTEGRITY vs. DESPAIR; The Diabetes Dilemma (but I can talk till I'm blue in the face and ya still just don't get it!)...The Thousand Eyes (if I have time)...maybe one stanza of RENASCENCE...and don't forget! To check up on Debbie and her latest plight in the DESERT SOUTHWEST. For more info, go to:

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