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Thursday, April 21, 2011

SOLD! benefit the "Alliance for Living," funding for services for patients affected by AIDS and HIV. Live from the Mystic Arts Center in downtown Mystic, CT on Saturday, April 9, 2011. SOLD! My first painting ever: "The Hills Are Alive," the view outside my window of the historic waterfront district in downtown New London and beyond. (Oh. It's a 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas.)

Whale of a trip!

WHALE OF A TRIP: Humpback makes record migration

-- Raphael G. Satter, AP

It wasn't love. It could have been adventure. Or maybe she just got lost. It remains a mystery why a female humpback whale swam thousands of miles from the reefs of Brazil to the African island of Madagascar, which researchers believe is the longest single trip ever undertaken by a mammal -- humans excluded. While humpbacks normally migrate along a north to south axis to feed and mate, this one -- affectionately called AHWC No. 1363 -- made the unusual decision to check out a new continent thousands of miles to the east. Marine ecologist Peter Stevick says it probably wasn't love that motivated her -- whales meet their partners at breeding sites, so it's unlikely that this one was following a potential mate.
"It may be that this is an extreme example of exploration," he said. "Or it could be that the animal got very lost." Stevick laid out the details of the whale's trip on Wednesday in the Royal Society's Biology Letters, calculating that, at a minimum, the whale must have travelled about 6,200 miles to get from Brazil to Madagascar, off the coast of east Africa.

Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil Corp. posted its biggest quarterly profit in more than two years as energy demand boosted oil and fuel prices. Fourth quarter net income rose to $9.25 billion, or $1.27, a year earlier, Irving, Texas based Exxon said. Per share earnings were 25 cents more than the average estimate of six analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. Refining rebounded from a loss a year ago as demand for gasoline, diesel and jet fuel rose 3.5 per cent. Fourth quarter sales climbed 17 per cent to $105.2 billion. for the full year, Exxon's revenue was $383.2 billion.
-- Bloomberg News

"On the New York Mercantile Exchange Monday, Brent crude, an important price benchmark, topped $100 per barrel for the first time since 2008, as investors kept an anxious eye on Egypt.

-- Bebeto Matthews/ AP

BP Hopes for Oil Off Alaska in 2013

BP PLC estimates that it could begin producing oil off Alaska's coast in 2013, despite the fact that construction of the massive Liberty rig has been suspended indefinitely. BP said last fall that it was suspending construction of the rig to review its engineering and design plans, and ensure the Liberty project can be done safely.  The unusual project calls for using a manmade gravel island in the Beaufort Sea as a drilling base. A rig would drill horizontally for six to eight miles to tap what BP estimates is a 100-million-barrel reserve of recoverable oil.
-- AP

Emergency in the Gulf!

BP Oil Spill is Now the Worst in U.S. History

The BP oil spill that began in April has dumped at least 19 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. A thick coating of toxic oil is permeating the sensitive wetlands and marshes of the region and has reached shore in several states.

Hundred of sea turtles, sea birds and pelicans have already been found dead along the Gulf Coast. The BP oil spill is the worst spill in United States history and tragically, we know that the situation will only get worse. The repercussions of this disaster will be felt by generations of wildlife for many years to come.

Your continued support will help save the wildlife and wild places in the Gulf and around the country that have no voice but ours.

"We're on the front lines by confronting this crises by assessing damage, coordinating volunteer efforts with on the ground partners, and advocating for strong clean energy legislation. But we need your help to get the job done."

Thank You for being an advocate for imperiled wildlife.

Reston, Virginia

For more info on how you can help, please go to:

Olivia's Bird Illustrations

For more info on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico one year ago, check out Olivia's Bird Designs at:

and meet this remarkable, amazing young woman who cares enough to make a difference!

I saw her on the CBS evening news one year ago and have been following her latest humanitarian endeavors through Facebook as well.


For more info, please go to:

A year after spill, Gulf Coast is healing, hurting

A year after spill, Gulf Coast is healing, hurting

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art Lives at City Hall!

Art comes to City Hall! Opening on Friday, May 6th, the first of many art exhibits to come presents itself for the public to view and enjoy for the entire month of May 2011. On a monthly rotating basis, art exhibits will be ever present at New London City Hall on 181 State Street, sponsored by the TSETSE Gallery, also on State Street. FREE of charge and open to the public during regular business hours.  In the future, the residing artists will consist primarily of children.  "I'm all on that!"

Come on down and check it out! If you can find parking :)...!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coming Soon: Fall 2011

COMING SOON to OASIS / MAAP: more Scenes of Mini Golf Course; and Fall Scenes of Alewife Cove and the birthplace of OASIS, the Observation Deck at the end of the Nature Walk. Great for bird-watching! There you can expect to meet my deceased pets, risen once again, my pet parakeets: Chickie, Buddy, Chickietoo and Sunshine! You can meet my resurrected feathered friends in Fall Scenes of OASIS. (All good things come to those who wait. God, I'm going to have it good! :)

Coming Soon in Spring 2012: THE TRANSFORMATION SERIES, featuring The Transformation I, II and III. A series of 3 Oils on 18 x 24 canvas.

Check out the lastest. Go to:

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011)

Take 5

Back again, this rainy Tuesday evening. Inspection looms tomorrow...expect visitors at -- freaking eight in the morning!!! News from OASIS: "Covered Bridge No. 15" is almost done. I sense something lacking in this painting and realize I need to take a break very soon. UP NEXT: "Pachelbel Pine," an outdoor sketch at Ocean Beach, late April-early May. As well, I plan to sketch the daffodils in all the local parks, if this rainy, dreary, cold, cloudy weather ever gives way to SUNSHINE again! This recent rendering Pachelbel Pine will cross two "genres," BACKYARD SCENES and SCENES OF MINI GOLF COURSE. But in prismacolor pencil! I've been aiming to do this scene since Spring 2009, from my LR window at The Residence. UP NEXT after this, I plan to do a pastel drawing of a unique subject, in order to take a break from my worn out brushes and muddy paint thinner and "odorless fumes." To check out my latest artwork, which I hope to have for you by June and July!  -- please go to:

("You're working harder than when you were working!" Holly Marie Coombs, "Charmed," TNT TV.)

After this, it's time to take a break, man! Honnnneyyyy, see you at the beeeaaach!
Got SUNSHINE???...* * * :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

19 and 59

19 hits today, Monday aaaaand -- 59 hits on Sunday! How did y'all know I was here? Oh. Facebook.

Regrets to inform you that my two pieces, "Carousel" and "Against the Wind" did not get accepted to the SIXTH CROSSING JURIED EXHIBIT at the HYGIENIC this year. I'm pissed, yes, because...not just that I'm out $20, which I couldn't have taken and gone to Niantic for lunch and a matinee, the Book Barn...or lunch out somewhere else...BUT that I could have taken my chances again in Mystic this year! The Mystic Art Center has a juried exhibit, "Precious Water" goin' on as we speak. I would have had to gas up the car, part with $20 for one entry only (because I'm not yet a member) back in my car to pick it up if my piece were not accepted...and the stress of the family holiday looming very near. Pair that with rejection and uh-oh. Oh well. Happy if everyone is healthy and safe. Peace? My life has yet to be that Peacable Kingdom I see hear every day, live at the Groton Library, country of the rams!

Got rejected! Oh well. This turns the page on a new chapter in my life. I'm friggin' exhausted anyway. Got a lot of hot new gigs goin' on. There may be more for me in New London.
(Clue: "You can't fight City Hall.")

The new chapter of which I speak is membership in the Mystic Arts Center in 2012 so that I may try my pieces there. ("You'll be selling your paintings in Mystic.")  Remember: Mystic Arts Center is on the Groton side. The Mystic Art Festival is on the Stonington side. I never did have much luck in New London anyway. Groton has been the place of my blessing since 2006. Don't believe me? Guess you haven't been reading my blog much.

See ya all soon, just the other side of the Bridge!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Up Next

UP NEXT, I will post a photo of "The Hills Are Alive," my painting which sold at auction on Saturday, April 9 to benefit "Alliance for Living" in New London.

RENASCENCE is coming! (Actually, it's already here.)
(You know, that 1917 poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay)

OASIS, the second year....Seeds of Hope, a little info on planting your own garden. (I'm on hiatus this year.)

Finally, the dramatic conclusion to THE SINGLE MOM OF CACTUS COUNTY! Thanx, everyone, for following! I did have 36 hits last Tuesday, and a few "stragglers" throughout the week and weekend. Thanx! Up next: NEW YORK REVISITED. For more info, check out

Spring awakens! Wanna go outside!

Opps for Giving: Crystal Mall

The Crystal Mall can be a great place to work and to play! (Yeah. Done that. Brookstone Company, that store with all the neat gadgets! Christmas Season, 1997, as a second job on weekends, in addition to Fitch Middle School. In order to afford my ballroom dance lessons at Arthur Murray Studio in Niantic! -- What was I, crazy? Did get very sick in January. Did I love it? Yeah...and great music, too!)

Walking 2-3 laps at the Crystal Mall is great excercise...and it can be free or cost little money, too. The Food Court has various items within anyone's budget. Good food! Great music! And safe! How can you go wrong!)

If you would like to give back to your local community, in addition to shopping at the Mall and supporting the economy, check out these options now.

For every Simon "From the Heart" gift card purchase, $1.00 goes directly to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, in support of "The Heart Truth Campaign" and women's health education.

To support the Simon Youth Foundation, throw your spare change into a bin located at the Food Court entrance. Help the kids in your community! For more info, go to:

The Waterford Alcohol and Drug Education Coalition (W.A.D.E.) supports efforts to combat underage drinking. For more info, go to:

There is no need to be a couch potato. Get moving! Do it today.

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011)

Summer Art Camps: Mystic Art Center

Summer Art Camps...MYSTIC ART CENTER...One Week Workshops...Day-long, Morning & Evening Sessions...For ages 4-18. July 5-August 19, 2011.

Weekly camps provide students with unique artistic explorations in a wide variety of media. MAC faculty nurture your children's creativity and imagination. Come on down and help children to develop art skills in a fun environment. "Bring your own snax and lunch." Very important! Art supplies and smocks provided but please wear your old clothes.
To register your child, call 860-536-7601, ext. 213. Or go to:

Nurture, do not neglect the aspiring artist in your family! Do it today.

Art Classes a la Denise

ART CLASSES (I hail from a humble, working class background.)

Montville High School, 1976-80
Art Teachers: Mr. St. Marie and Mr. Ganotti.
"General Art" and Graphics.

Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT, 1984-87.
"Nature Drawing" and "Photography."

Montville High School adult education evening program.
Oil paintings of the early 1990s, many of which I gave away to friends and relatives as gifts.
(The teacher was a free-spirited woman from Ohio who moved frequently throughout the U.S. with her husband. She often encouraged us to allow the angels to help us if we were having difficulty with our artwork.) "Spring Freshet" is the product of a Saturday workshop at the Mohegan Firehouse with said instructor.

Artware Store, Groton, CT. (1992-93)
Oil painting and Oriental Brush Painting.
Instructors: Christina, a young woman who encouraged me: "You have a lot of talent. You shouldn't suppress it." ("Connecticut O'Keefe")
Alexander of Russia, Resident Artist at the Griffis Art Center in New London, CT. ("Academia")

Throughout elementary school, Art was my favorite subject, or "special," as they call it today. "Back in the day," we only had art class once every two weeks. Not nearly often enough to nurture an aspiring artist.

Art Expo a la Denise!


(1) Pfizer Employee & Family BARE (Bringing Art to the Research Environment) Exhibit, Groton, CT. January-May 1999. Featuring "Spring Freshet." (Artist's note: My six-month temp assignment ended but I didn't!)

(2) "Sunshine from Darkness" Traveling Exhibit at New London Artspace, State Street. Spring 2000. Sponored by: NARSAD (National Association for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression"). Featuring Oils of 1992-93: "Academia," "Wheeler Pond," "Purple Mountain Majesty," "Connecticut O'Keefe," and "Spring Freshet.")

(3) Hygienic Third Crossing Annual Juried Exhibit, Spring 2008. Featuring "Academia."

(4) Granite Street Gallery Student and Teacher Art Show, Memorial Day Weekend 2009. Featuring Oils of the early 1990s.

(5a) Hygienic "Salon des Independants" Exhibit, Winter 2010: "Spring Freshet."
 (5b) Hygienic Fifth Crossing Annual Juried - April 2010. "On the Rocks."

(6) Bean and Leaf Cafe REMERGE! Memorial Day weekend, 2010. "Aplomb."

(7) Mystic Art Festival, August 2010.

(8) Hygienic "Salon des Independants," Winter 2011. "Seagulls All Around / Wish You Were Here."

(9) "Art for Life" Auction, April 9, 2011. At "Mystic Arts Center" to raise funds for "Alliance for Living" patients affected by AIDS and HIV. SOLD! "The Hills Are Alive."

(10) Hygienic Sixth Crossing Juried Exhibit. "Against the Wind?" "Carousel?" * Wish me luck! *
(Spring 2011)

(11) Artist of the Month: September 2011. East Lyme Public Library (and Community Center), Society Rd., East Lyme, CT.

OASIS: Field Notes - "Covered Bridge"

"Covered Bridge No. 15," 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas, SCENES OF MINI GOLF COURSE: Panorama!

Friday, April 8, 2011

It's a "panoramic view" of the mini golf course viewed from the rear as it overlooks the ocean.
"Approaching Storm in Spring." darkening sky/clouds - just before rain starts to fall.

Schoolhouse...Ivy-Covered Fountain...(Covered Bridge)...Goldstar Bridge...Hosta...Pachelbel Pine...Dog Leg...White Cap...Outdoor Shower ("The Beach by Long Island Sound" in Mural of Long Island Sound: Panel #1.). Pine tree: PURPLE...or...purple and green. Covered bridge: white shingle roof "cupola!"
Paint patches of daffodils.

COMING SOON to MAAP! For more info, go to:
There you will eventually see: Manisses Nativity Scene...and SCENES OF MINI GOLD COURSE (in Acyrlic Folk Art as well.)


For more info, go to: hoard: n [ME, hord, fr. OE, hydan, to hide]: a hidden supply or fund stored up. "The more things change, the more they remain the same." (MS, 2ndfl/fedfunds) SMILE! You're on Candid Camera!!!...* * * :) Denise Hickey Williams Park Apartments New London, CT

She's Baaaaack!

I have a little bit more for you here today on this breezy Sunday afternoon, coming here to you live from the Groton Library today. (Hey. Yesterday's weather sucked. I thought I was going to go nuts last night as the wind n rain storm raged outside my window!) UP NEXT: The Thousand Eyes...those prying eyes I often speak of and can never seem to escape...even though I narrowly escaped...The Residence. (Coudn't have done it without you, my Guardian Angels here on Earth and my One in Heaven, all of whom I will never forget.) "Covered Bridge No. 15," now in progress as a 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas of SCENES OF MINI GOLF COURSE. "Art Expo a la Denise," my past history as a working artist...the classes I've taken (mostly self-taught)...OASIS: The Second Year...Unique Opportunities for Giving at the Crystal Mall...and Art for Children: the Mystic Art Center. Finally, RENASCENCE! (ya think?)

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011)

Thames River Greenery

70 State Street
New London, CT

Weekly Lunch Specials & Homemade Soups

Beanery Breakfast: $3.50-4.50

Lunch-O-Nomics: Half sandwich * Cup of Soup: 44.95

Live on Wednesday afternoons:
Often featuring:.....who else...but....

THE CONN MEN!!!...* * * :)



SOLD! "The Hills Are Alive," (16" x 20" Oil on Canvas), on Saturday, the evening of April 9, 2011 at the annual "Art for Life" Auction at the Mystic Art Center on Water Street in downtown Mystic, CT.

The painting depicts the scene outside of my living room window of the historic waterfront district in New London, with the OIC brick building in the foreground, some street scene, various trees "planted" by me; and St. Joseph's Church and the L&M Hospital in the background. COMING SOON to "Denise Dances."

All proceeds earned from Miss Hickey's first sale of a painting ever will be used to benefit patients affected by HIV and AIDS through the "Alliance for Living" on Broad Street in New London, CT. For more info, check it out now at:

"Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert." (Isaiah 43:19)

The Big Picture

PARADE PLAZA, New London, Connecticut last Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 5:30pm.

Check us all out at:

I Arrest My Case!

I arrest my case. For more info, please go to:

"Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point."
(Shanghai Garden, NL, CT)