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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Art Lives at City Hall!

181 State Street
New London, CT

Among other artists in May 2011

Denise Hickey


Framed Print: "O'Denise," a Georgia O spin-off; pastel print;

Robin in Red Maple; watercolor pencil drawing...

"Seaside," an outdoor oil sketch...

and...."Wildflowers," a colored pencil sketch of the echinacea purpurea outside the GAM
at Ocean Beach, Summer 2009.

ART STROLL 5:30-8:30pm, Friday, May 6.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Day - Frankly speaking, this cat will be missed by many | News from southeastern Connecticut

The Day - Frankly speaking, this cat will be missed by many News from southeastern Connecticut

I cried. Last Tuesday, I did something special. Something I've been meaning to do since last winter. Something which fell by the wayside in my artistic pursuits this last year, 2010-2011 as an Artist, living and working (and starving :) downtown New London! On Tuesday morning, I found myself in downtown Niantic to take advantage of the nice weather. And to pay my respects to Frank the Cat. "Be cool," my mind said to my Self as I walked into the Book Barn on this black day. But no sooner did I step in and see Jim, the owner of my beloved Frank the cat, then did I  burst into tears. But he was OK with that. He nodded in understanding. He talked and talked of Frank, his cat, everyone's cat, of how fit and content this cat was right up until the end. I feel as if I've lost a piece of Paula. It's almost as if Frank the Cat was all I had left of her, since her passing almost four years ago this June. But I know that Frank the Cat is with my good buddy Paula as we speak. And I smile to think of it. Is she lonely in the ether world without me? Or is she gosh darn sick to death of hearing all of my complaints and tirades that continue to plague my earthly life which I could but envy her passing. After commiserating with Jim, the cat's owner and talkative, well read Book Barn employee, I headed to the hills. McCook's Point Park, in Niantic, high in the sky. After a short walk along the Hole in the Wall Beach, which left me huffing and puffing, NOT because I've gained weight; but may have lost a few pounds -- but because it was humid! And also because I may have a ghost or two attached to my earthly body right now. I felt heavy, yes indeed. But was it my heaviness of spirit or Paula's? "Don't leave me here," I felt that she was speaking to me. But I can't be sure. I can certainly use my Guardian Angels here on Earth and my One in Heaven right now.  (Oh, by the way --- You're all welcome!!!...* * * :)
See you at the beeeeeach and don't forget to THINK SUNSHINE! In honor of Frank's passing just 2 weeks ago and my good buddy Paula's passing almost four years ago, I vow to do something special. I vow to take it eeaaassy in the upcoming year, my Third Year of OASIS and MAAP, my third year of being a working, honest artist. I vow to stop and smell the daffodils more...and to take more Time Outs and go to NIANTIC in the future: to the Book Barns, to a matinee, out to lunch, pack a lunch, and walk to McCook's Point Park. (I like to call the Park Benches my Stations of the Cross where I stop to remember Paula and to thank her for her friendship. And to ask her what she wants me to do next. Stop talking!) And of course, to remember Frank the Cat and take this legacy he has left us all. To take it easy.

Monday, April 25, 2011

56 hits!

56 hits on Thursday, April 21! "It's all good!" Otherwise, I wouldn't write about it. My writing stems from a higher purpose at all times. If only the cloud cover would lift, I would just enjoy more outside time. Not much for any more writing today. Not until things get resolved on the issues I now struggle with in my life. "Honesty is the best policy." But a lot more outside time would be good.  Honnneey, don't forget, I will see you at the beeeeeach! THINK SUNSHINE!

"You're jealous!"

You're jealous! That's why you're so mean to me. Face it: I'm the "next big thing." I'm happenin' after a two decade drought. (Hope and pray to stay humble this time, so no "demon" can steal my dreams away, ever again, E.D.!) Oh, God, don't you know the suffering and pain I feel? I'll show you my pain, if you show me yours. The loneliness, which I once felt would swallow me whole...oh, yes, and the hunger, of course.  Nooo, it's not psychological. I just need to eat! (Don't you?) When was the last time you had a frozen dinner instead of a home-cooked meal? Because it's cheaper and portion-controlled when you live alone...even though you love to cook. (Esp if you had a dishwasher again!) Jealous, huh! My life is a real pipe dream, ain't it?

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011)

(She loves me like a rock!)  Yeah...that makes more sense.

OASIS: The Second Year (9/2010 to 5/2011)

 CAROUSEL SCENES: 1, 2 and 3: Lady in Blue, Carousel, Blue Elephant (Oils, 12" x 16").

(4) The Hills Are Alive, 16 x 20, Oil on Canvas -- SOLD! "Art for Life" Auction, Mystic Arts Center, April 9, 2011. To raise funds for "Alliance for Living" of New London.

(5) "Girl Looks Outside," 16 x 20, Oil on Canvas. Happy Birthday, Mom! (This may be all you see of me for a while.)

(6) "Manisses Nativity Scene," 18 x 24 Oil on Canvas. Happy Birthday, Julia! With love, Auntie Denise.
("She'll be returned to you at a future date.")

(7) SCENES OF MINI GOLF COURSE (in Acrylic Folk Art). 12 x 16 each.
"Goldstar Bridge No. 5"
(8) "Schoolhouse No. 4"
(9) "Moby Dick No. 13"
(10) "Lighthouse No. 9"

(11) "Covered Bridge No. 15," 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas. Panorama. Fini!

(12) UP NEXT: "Pachelbel Pine," BACKYARD SCENES and SCENES OF MINI GOLF COURSE in Prismacolor Pencil.


RENASCENCE/ 1917/ By Edna St. Vincent Millay

I saw and heard, and knew at last/ The How and Why of all things past,
And present, and forevermore, The Universe, cleft to the core.
Lay open to my probing sense, That, sickening, I would fain pluck thence,
But could not, - nay! but needs must suck/ At the great wound, and could not pluck
My lips away till I had drawn/ All venom out. - Ah, fearful pawn:

For my omniscience paid I tell/ In infinite remorse of soul,
All sin was of my sinning, all
Atoning mine, and mine the gall
Of all regret. Mine was the weight/ Of every brooded wrong, the hate
That stood behind each envious thrust, Mine every greed, mine every lust.


LEAVE A LEGACY OF FAITH, Message #460, Joel Osteen broadcast on Discovery, Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011.  For more info, go to: Here about famous leaders; mafioso Al Capone, his son, hero, Easy Eddie and Navy pilot hero bestowed with Medal of Honor, Butch O'Hare (...O'Hare Airport, Chicago). Break those chains of love! Bestow on your family line: A Good Name. A Good Example. Integrity. Honor. Excellence.

Denise Hickioso

(It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. What the world needs now is a teacher....a teacher like me.)


Art for Art's Sake A 19th century painting of St. Petersburg that Mikhail Baryshnikov purchased decades ago, depicting the Russian city he loved, was auctioned Tuesday for $746,500 to benefit the famous dancer's New York City performing arts center.  The proceeds from the Sotheby's sale will go toward new programming at the Baryshnikov Arts Center. A German private collector placed the winning bid by telephone for "View of St. Petersburg" by Petr Petrovich Vereshchagin. The pre-sale estimate for the cityscape was $300,000 to $500,000. Baryshnikov recently donated the painting to the center's foundation so it could sell to raise money to develop new programming from theater directors, musicians and choreographers. Baryshnikov serves as artistic director of the center that he founded in 2005 as a "creative laboratory" and performance space for multidisciplinary artists from around the world.

-- Associated Press

(This one's for you...E.D.)