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Thursday, May 5, 2011

28 hits!

Hi Faithful Readers! Yes, there were 28 hits to my blog yesterday (Wednesday). "Ever think about taking a break?" Yes, as of late. May 23 will be the 3-year anniversary of my blog, "Denise Dances" (5/23/08). June will be the 2-year anniversary of MAAP (June 2009), founding and website for my art bizz). June will also be the one-year anniversary of "Fool's Gold,"(June 2010), my book blog re: my life in NYC in the late 1980s.

NEW VENTURE: I have another creative new venture in the works. Hint: It involves art and writing! I plan to wrap up my "Fool's Gold" book blog by the end of May, just in time for the Ocean Beach season opening which promises to be refreshing and ultimately to bring more creative ideas! I may plan to slack off on my blog, "Denise Dances" in order to regroup.

"Ever thought about getting paid to do this?" Actually, I did get paid to do this kind of work. It was in the early 1990s. It was one of many temp assignments in Southeastern Connecticut. This one through Manpower. That small precinct on the waterfront in an old New England milltown where I was born. Typing reports...for the Norwich Police Department.  Poor me, I was a restless soul back then. Instead of applying for a full time permanent position with benefits, typing police reports...I chose, to near self go out and live them instead!  If only I had it to do over again...!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

City Hall, 5/6 at 5

Opening Reception


Exhibit proudly sponsored by the TSETSE GALLERY

City Hall
181 State Street, 3rd Floor
New London, CT

Friday, May 6, 2011 at 5pm

Among the featured artists:
Original drawings & paintings by Denise Hickey
* * * including BACKYARD SCENES * * *

* * * Come and enjoy the show! Meet the Artists! * * *

State Street, New London, CT
5:30 - 8:30pm

"Wine & Cheese"


UP NEXT...The Emotions Word Search Game and...."The Joy of Delayed Sex."
See ya here, same time, same place. NEXT WEEK.


"Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert." (Isaiah 43:19)

"The Hills Are Alive," 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas. Sold at auction in Mystic on Saturday, April 9, 2011.

For information on how you can donate to the ALLIANCE FOR LIVING,  go to:

or contact Cheryl Sharp at (860)447-1239, ext. 229. The Living Center, 154 Broad Street, New London, CT 06320. and at Backus Hospital, 107 Lafayette Street, Norwich, CT 06360 at (860)-892-2752.


The federal government is preparing to dole out $400 million in extra Medicare money to low-spending hospitals around the country, thanks to an 11th hour provision added to the health reform law to win over a handful of wavering lawmakers. Connecticut hospitals won't see any of that money, but other hospitals around the country are preparing for a tidy windfall from the $400 million pot. At issue is a small provision included in the health care reform bill...which requires extra federal Medicare payments to be made to hospitals in counties that have the lowest per capita Medicare spending in the country. Connecticut was among a handful of states that had no eligible counties. Stephen Frayne, of the Connecticut Hospital Association, said the key reason is the higher wages paid to health professionals in the state.

SOURCE:, June 9 (2010).

Parade Platform!

For more info, go to:

My platform: Immigration is actually what America is all about! It is the reason for being that all of us are here. Someone came over on a boat. Check out the History Room at the New London Library to see which one of your ancestors arrived on the Mayflower. For me, it was Catharine Hickey, at age 21, who came as an indentured servant, from Ireland. (The date escapes me.)

You can say or think what you want about the Hispanic culture. Where I live, is home to many Hispanic people and I don't find them offensive at all. I do like my privacy and I tend to make it clear. However, the Spanish culture is very much about the importance of family. At every gathering, members of every age and generation are included. The music! The food! The smiles and laugher! Oh, and don't forget the dances: Salsa! Merengue! Cha-Cha! the Mambo. and the romantic Rhumba. Of course, they are also Catholic and if you happen to wander the hallways where I live, you will often see many illustrated quotations from the Bible, always mentioning Jesus, on the individual bulletin boards outside their doors.

In any residence or organization, the dominant group is the one that will inevitably reign.

Denise Hickey
Pro Life in New London, CT

I Remember: The WTC

Memories of the World Trade Center, New York, NY  From my sojourn in New York which lasted from May 1987 to October 1990; I recall having been up to the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on 2 separate occasions. One occasion was actually a date; someone whom I met on the Amtrak Train from Penn Station to New London: a young gentleman of French Canadian ancestry, "Memet." I liked to say that "I mamet him on the train!" Duration of the train ride, I was very itchy, suffering from a bout of hives for some odd reason. We agreed to meet for a date. We went to the World Trade Center and had lunch or dinner at McDonald's on the ground floor. We ascended to the deck of one of the towers. From this bird's eye view, I recall seeing Rockaway Beach, which is actually in back of Brooklyn on the same land mass. I later joked that it isn't very often that I can see every place I've ever lived (in New York, that is) all in one day! Funny thing is, in spite of the View; we had nothing to talk about whatsoever -- once my itching had stopped! I never saw Memet again. If it weren't for him; I would never have gone to the deck of the World Trade Center and marvelled at such a sight!

The only other time I was at the top of the World Trade Center was through an office cocktail party at The View, where we admired the evening sky (which I can barely recall).


PARALLEL-O-GRAM TUNNEL OF way to...A New Era of Peace??? Where was I? on September 11, 2001. I was at home, at The Residence, the TV was turned on with the sound down, while I listened to music on my cassette tapes, probably jazz or reggae. When I looked up at the silver screen, I glimpsed the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in NYC, billowing in blackish gray smoke, near the very top floors of the towers. All through the day, I did watch this news of the most major catastrophe in world history to date. In the Fall of 2001, I had just been fired from Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT (my home town, by the way). I'd found the 3pm to 1am shift at the casino and the environment in general to be very stressful for me. Taking on full time training for Slot Attendant in addition to my full time job as a Pit Clerk (where I could listen to all the bands playing at the Wolf Den, depending on which pit I was in that evening) only exascerbated the situation. I became an insomniac. There was also something about the casino environment that gave me an inescapable feeling of paranoia. Not to mention that I did feel this way about The Residence as well, almost right from the start! (And, well, you know, the rest is history!) On the evening of September 11, 2001; I walked from The Residence, down Ocean Avenue to Ocean Beach, along the shore; waded across the Channel at Alewife Cove; to Waterford Beach to Camp Harkness to Harkness Park where the goldenrod bloomed in profusion; across that channel to the stretch of beach known as The Strand (just shy of Seaside medical center, long abandoned and a source of controversy for its future). And I walked back home, the way I'd come. The only time I've been able to come anywhere near matching my pace of this evening stroll on September 11, 2001 was during the early days of February 1 and February 2, 2009 -- when I simply walked from The Residence to Ocean Beach and back -- during a Spring Freshet that year! (I felt I was walking my buddy Paula closer to The Light and indeed, I set up a "sting" that very evening!) (Denise...Denise Dances...2011!) -- 10 years later! (Wanna learn the Salsa?)

A Grandmother Remembers

For more info, go to:

and check out: A Grandmother Remembers! Monday, May 2, 2011. I know Paula Scott from my sojourn at The Residence, January 2000 to December 2009. She is a strong woman who loves life...and gardening. Out of the majority of the residents; she is the one who understood my struggle with Depression the most. She understood how this condition forced me out of the workplace in October 2006. She also observed one summer afternoon that my partner at the time (1998-2008) "is not good for you." One year, I attended a Memorial Mass with her and a few others at St. Joseph's Church. She, in turn, attended the Memorial Service for Paula, who she also considered a friend, at St. James Church on July 15, 2007. Paula S. often remarked on the way that my friendship with Paula G. helped me to heal and do well. Paula Scott takes pride in the Memorial Garden, which she helped to establish -- (in honor of her loved ones, the McCourts, her daughter and granddaughter, whom she lost to a plane crash on 9-11) -- at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum, adjacent to the campus of Connecticut College in New London, CT, just off Williams Street. (I've got to have a Memorial Garden. I've got to have one; I've got to have one! Are you going to dig one? You're going to dig one; aren't you? If you don't dig it;  I'm going to be mad!!!...* * * :)


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