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Saturday, May 14, 2011

37 hits!

Yes, Readers, there were 37 hits last Wednesday, the day after my big 79-hit blast! Stay tuned next week for some more good stuff. UP NEXT: The Emotions Word Search. Oh, those ugly, messy things that find their way into our lives, like um, weeds, or flowers that spring up through the cracks in our sidewalks. I am thankful for some occasions which can bring great JOY.

UP NEXT: Stay tuned for the latest in a New York Press Release from 1990! in a blast from Debbie's past! For more info, go to:

Coming Soon to MAAP: "Manisses Nativity Scene," which echoes "A Peacable Kingdom," by Edward Hicks, for which I long and which has eluded me in every place I've been except....the Groton Library, home of the raaaaams! Baaah! Naaah!  and the first in a series, OILS OF BLOCK ISLAND. Also, coming soon, I hope to share with you, in July or August 2011 -- SCENES OF THE MINI GOLF COURSE (in acrylic folk art) and my one in oil: "Covered Bridge." For more info, go to: 

I'm sorry! Film developing is costly. "All good things come to those who wait...and don't talk." :)

THINK SUNSHINE and...honeeeey, see you at the beeeeaaaach!

Good Press!

Review of Art Show and Art Stroll; City Hall and downtown New London, Friday, May 6, 2011.

For more info, go to:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


(1) runt: n [origin unknown] 2: an animal unusually small of its kind; esp: the smallest of a litter of pigs 3: a person of small stature.

(2) fledgling: n 1: a young bird just fledged 2: an immature or inexperienced person.

(3) fledge: vb - [fledge (capable of flying), fr. ME flegge, fr. OE - flycge: akin to OHG flucki capable of flying OE fleagan to fly -- more at FLY]  vi 1: of a bird: to acquire the feathers necessary for flight. 2: of an insect: to attain the winged adult stage. vt 1: to rear until ready for flight or independent activity 2: to cover with or as if with feathers or down. 3: to furnish (as an arrow) with feathers.

(4) flee: [ME flen, fr. OE flean; akin to OHG fliohan to flee] vi 1: to run away from danger or evil: FLY. 2: to pass away swiftly: VANISH. vt: to run away from, SHUN.

"The more things change, the more they remain the same."

Denise Hickey
Williams Park Apts.
New London, CT
January 2010 to Present

57 Westridge Rd.
January 2000 to December 2009

Danielson, CT
Sept. to Dec. 1999

Uncasville, CT
Nov. 1991 to August 1999

Brookline, MA
Oct. 1990- October 1991

Forest Hills, NY
93-42 71st Drive
Fall 1988 to Fall 1990

Belle Harbor, NY
Rockaway Beach
Fall 1988

400 East Mercer Street
New York, NY
Summer 1988

200 East 94th Street
New York, NY
September 1987 to May 1988

400 East Ninth Street
New York, NY
Summer 1987

305 West 51st Street
6th Floor
May to June 1987

Lexington Road
Hartford, CT
Spring 1987

Willimantic, CT
Windham Center; 53 Tingley Street; and Spring Street
Sept. 1984 to Winter 1987

Uncasville, CT
March 3, 1962 to Summer 1984
(3 locations)


by Edna St. Vincent Millay

No hurt I did not feel, no death/ That was not mine; mine each last breath
That, crying, met an answering cry
From the compassion that was I.  / All suffering mine, and mine its rod;
Mine, pity like the pity of God.

Ah, awful weight! Infinity
Pressed down upon the finite Me! My anguished spirit, like a bird,
Beating against my lips I heard;
Yet lay the weight so close about/ There was no room for it without,
And so beneath the weight lay I
And suffered death, but could not die.

Lunchtime Jazz at City News in New London, CT

Lunchtime Jazz at City News in New London, CT


Thank You for enticing me to come back and present to you the latest scoop, all 50 plus of you Faithful Readers yesterday! I hope I've met my space worth your while today. After a lunch break and some much needed outside time -- when, oh when will this weather ever let up??? -- and a visit with my rams, I will be back. UP NEXT: more on RENASCENCE, that 1917 poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay; my days as a fledgling youth and what happens when our youth are not properly fledged; and EMOTIONS! Huh! Oh, those complicated, messy and ugly things. Oh!

UP NEXT: We have "Motorcyles!" another blast from Debbie's racy past as we revisit: FOOL'S GOLD. For more info, go to:

(Did anyone check out Glee on TV last night? Thank God, my junior prom was never that dark!)

I'm sorry but you will have to wait, speaking of DELAYED GRATIFICATION, for -- my Manisses Nativity Scene, and SCENES OF MINI GOLF COURSE. Up next on MAAP! For more info, go to:

Wrap Up: Art Stroll, May 2011


Save the dates:
June 3, July 29, August 5, September 2, October 7
November 4, December 3
5-8pm, various venues along State Street and the surrounding waterfront area.

MAY 6, 2011, 5:00pm. FIRST STOP: City Hall. Twelve artists' works on display, ascending the staircase to the third floor. Sponsored by the TSETSE Gallery, of which Mark Roberts is Chairman and Leyden Pavlovics, Youth Director. Visit them at 190 State Street or in Providence at 51 Empire Street.  For more info, call (860)447-2447.

At City Hall, I met three artists, one who studied painting in Italy and earned his Master's degree. Another artist who I met is based in Providence and enjoys drawing objects from nature, as well as technical drawing. I met photographer Viktoria Mullin who is from Cromwell, CT. For more info, go to:

I saw an old friend from last year's Hygienic Juried Exhibit, the Fifth Crossing, Edeltraud Huller. She has her own website and studio in Middletown, CT and I plan to present her website to you shortly.

I met the Mayor of City Hall, Martin T. Olsen, Jr., and we posed for a photo by my third floor display of BACKYARD SCENES drawings, including "Wildflowers," (which I never planned to end up at City Hall!); a pastel print of "O'Denise," (that Georgia O'Keefe spin-off of a painted daisy/ echinacea purpurea); and "Robin in Red Maple." Mr. Olsen appeared friendly and willing to be helpful. I also met Denise Roberts who is the City Manager and we discussed local politics a bit before the show went on.

I met the founder of the TSETSE Galleries, Therese Lavallee, based in Providence and her daughter (Leanna).

2nd STOP: TSETSE Gallery. With a live Peruvian band, lots of food and some singing and dancing; I met Kat O'Brien, an artist in residence at the Griffis Art Center, owned by Sharon Griffis (a former ballroom dancer), on Bristol Street in New London. I felt drawn to my new acquaintance with her sophisticated hairstyle and conservative black outfit. It turns out, she is the same age as Paula when I first met her at Stop & Shop in Waterford (although she told me otherwise and I believed her at the time, ten years ago). Kat is from Canada, which I visited while a junior in high school, as a member of The French Club, and absolutely loved both Montreal, a very clean, modern, friendly and bilingual city; and Quebec: very old with historic buildings and mostly French speaking. My new friend recalled that her father lived in New London but passed away at a young age, 36; and I revealed some confidences to Kat, as well. Strangely, when we departed company, I felt very alone; as if I'd lost my "anchor" once again.

3RD STOP: Expressiones Cultural Center. A lone guitarist serenaded the viewers of superb paintings by Latin Americans.

4TH STOP: Provenance Center. Violinist Gabriel from the ECSO, serenaded his audience, seated on cushy couches in a solo act, amidst a backdrop of black and white watercolor renderings.  Among the calm vibe of this art space, I spied my former neighbor, Leah S, who appeared very sad when she saw me. As I walked past her after conversing briefly, to check out the table laden with strawberries and chocolate brownies, I overheard her utter: "She just came in for dessert." I guess some things never change!

I stopped to chat with acquaintances at the Bean & Leaf Cafe, on this balmy Spring evening; before finally heading home and calling it a night, more than ready to head for Ocean Beach when it finally opens for this summer season as I hope and pray for sunny weather!

Once again, THINK SUNSHINE! Honeeeey, see you at the beeeeeaaaach!

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011)

(For more info, check out - New London link --Tuesday, May 10, 2011 --  for a review by Adam Campos. -- Suddenly Susan? :)

The Joy of Delayed Sex

THE JOY OF DELAYED SEX is in response to an article by Ellen McCarthy, The Washington Post.

"Couples who start a relationship based on physical interaction may be less satisfied in the long run than those who delay sex." According to a major sex survey in the mid 1990s, 56 % of 642 people in relationships "had waited until they were seriously dating, engaged or married before having sex." On a scale of 1 to 5, those who started out as nonromantic, sexual partners gave an average rating of 3.8 (5 being "very satisfied.") "Those who waited until the partnership was serious noted an average score of 4.2."

"A 2007 study by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found that nonromantic sexual relationships were more likely to lead to cohabitation than marriage."  "Unfortunately, the person one thinks they're in love with or has sex with on the first night is often just interested in sex."

University of Iowa sociologist Anthony Paik, who specializes in the study of sexual behavior also claims that "couples who had sex while they were casually dating also reported lower relationship satisfaction." The bottom line, he feels is that: "There are people primarily interested in sex and people primarily interested in long-term relationships."  Would that the two could merge!

(Denise...Denise Dances...2011!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friends of Alliance

The 18th Annual "Art for Life" Auction raised about $31,000 for the Alliance for Living on April 9, 2011. "The Hills Are Alive" sold for $50.; the price for which it was earmarked. I believe that my first painting to sell ever is gracing the walls of a private home in New London. The funds raised will provide assistance for patients affected by AIDS and HIV for quality healthcare, nutrition, safe and affordable housing, and other services.

The next Art for Life Auction will be on March 31, 2012.

Out of all 169 towns in Connecticut, New London is a "hot spot" for HIV infection.

Those most affected are the African American and Latino communities, with mostly women being affected.

The clients have increased from 220 to 281 since 2006 (47 % are women).

Teenage girls are 7x more likely to become infected with HIV.

Poverty is a major predictor. New London County has a 15.8 % poverty rate vs the state of CT at 7.9 %.

96 % of clients are living at or below the poverty level.

Children Are a Blessing

CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING "In Touch" with Dr. Charles Stanley, (Atlanta, GA); Discovery TV on Sundays at 8:30a.m.  "Only one out of four college students graduate with their belief systems still intact." For more on this thought-provoking message, go to: and download Sunday's message, TRAINING OUR CHILDREN. Click on "FREE BROADCAST MESSAGE. Or call (866)652-6574.

Train your children before they leave home. Don't leave it to the schools or even, the churches. Use wisdom, willingness, and unconditional love. For more info, read Proverbs 22:6 in your Holy Bible today.

(1) Give them your quality time.
(2) Listen to them carefully, so they will listen to you.
(3) Admit when you are wrong.
(4) Love your  children unconditionally.
(5) Discipline them to protect them.
(6) Motivate them to be all they can be.
(7) Lead them to understand how to be accountable to God.
(8) The most important thing is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
(9) Spend time daily in prayer and the reading of the Word of God.
(10) Tell them, "God has a plan for your life."
(11) Obey God.

Get Patched!

For more info on the Art Show at City Hall, please go to: - New London link and check out "Art Ambush" by local photo-journalist, Adam Campos. (You may see it before I do!) Yeah...I brought good press to Friday night's Art Stroll in downtown New London! It was fun, but I am ready for a much needed beach break -- if the weather ever catches up! (Oh, yeah, cream???... * * * :)

Definitely Denise

50 hits today!

Hi Faithful Readers! Today is Tuesday, May 10th. 50 hits so far; good golly! I have lots to do today, so I will see you here, most likely on Thursday for that delayed gratification! The Wrap on City Hall Art Show, featuring about 12 of us. Go on in and check it out on 181 State Street in downtown New London. Also, more info on "The Hills Are Alive," my first painting ever to sell (for charity) and the Alliance for Living; facts and demographics. Also much delayed are my latest paintings: "Manisses Nativity Scene," the first in a series featuring Oils of Block Island; and SCENES OF MINI GOLF COURSE (in acrylic folk art); as well as "Covered Bridge," 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas. COMING SOON....July or August 2011! All I have managed since then are a few sketches; Robin Feather Study, beginnings of Pachelbel Pine, and outdoor sketches of the crocuses and daffodils at Ocean Beach and in Williams Park, here in New London -- despite the April chill! May -- bring some sunny weather. As always, THINK SUNSHINE and see you at the beeeeaaach!


Monday, May 9, 2011

28 hits, no big!

There were 28 hits to my blog last Wednesday, "no big" in response to the weather, the Spring holidays and of course, final exams. Holidays abound, especially if you're Catholic. I plan to visit this space to present, as promised some more stuff -- probably on Thursday, if not sooner. The Spring weather promises a great week! I plan to peruse just two more local art exhibits before laying down my pen and paintbrush for the season! Until next time -- possibly this Thursday -- honeeeeey, see you at the beeeeach! And always remember to THINK SUNSHINE!

UP NEXT: The Joy of Delayed Sex (my commentary); EMOTIONS; wrap up on City Hall and Art Stroll in New London last Friday...!

Until next time, take care.