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Thursday, May 19, 2011

50 and 68!

50 hits on Tuesday and 68 hits on Wednesday! Thanx for "watching," everyone. I will most likely return to this site in about seven days. The summer weather is suddenly hitting and being in cyberspace often gives me headaches. As well, cyberspace can be dangerous, and in an effort to stay safe and keep everyone concerned safe as well, I vow to spend less time on the computer and more time outdoors. Spring is also a great time to check out all of the local art exhibits in the area. Look forward to keeping you all informed of my latest in artistic endeavors.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Safe Harbour

"Is that me and Mousse?" she asked quietly and startled him. He hadn't seen her approach, and when he turned to look at her, he smiled. He hadn't expected her until after the weekend, when her mother went to town again. But he was obviously pleased that she'd turned up. "Could be, my friend. What a nice surprise." He smiled. "My mom's asleep, and I had nothing to do, so I thought I'd come to visit you." "I'm glad you did. Will she worry when she wakes up?" Pip shook her head. He knew enough now to understand. "She sleeps all day sometimes. I think she likes it better that way." There was no question that Pip's mother was depressed, but he was no longer surprised. Who wouldn't be, having lost both her husband and son. The only problem he could see, greater than that, was that her depression left Pip lonely and alone with no one to talk to but her dog. She sat down on the sand next to him, and watched him paint for a while. And then she went down to the water's edge to look for shells. Mousse followed her, as Matt stopped painting and watched. He enjoyed just looking at her, she was so sweet, and seemed so otherworldly at times, like a wood sprite dancing along the beach. There was an elfin quality to her. And he was so intent on watching her that he didn't see a woman approach... FROM: "Safe Harbour" by Danielle Steel. Delacorte Press, Random House, Inc; New York, NY. Copyright 2003.

Partners in Rhyme: Announcing the Release of Wil, Fitz and a Flea Named T

Partners in Rhyme: Announcing the Release of Wil, Fitz and a Flea Named T

Precious Water, MAC, until 5/21/11


the latest exhibit at Mystic Arts Center

April 15 - May 21, 2011

Sponsored by the Aquarion Water Company
(stewards of the environment)

9 Water Street, Mystic, CT 06355

for more info, go to:

or call: (860)536-7601


UP NEXT: The Emotions Word Search GAME!... and "What is Her Angle?" (my reasons for writing this blog in the first place. I know some of you out there are asking....)

and OASIS: Paintings of the past winter and spring, including "Manisses Nativity Scene," and SCENES OF MINI GOLF COURSE! (for more info go to:

in early June and July 2011.

UP NEXT: A Review of Debbie's boss in late 1980s corporate headquarters in NYC! featuring "Paranoiac Boss." (For more info, check out FOOL'S GOLD at:



The five Eastern species that bear the name 'Thrush'  are brown-backed birds with spotted breasts. Robins and Bluebirds, though entirely unlike the other Thrushes in color, betray definite indications of their relationship to this group through their speckle-breasted young.

ROBIN. Turdus migratorius. Subsp. Descr. 9-10 1/2. The one bird that everybody knows.
Voice: -- Song, a clear, whistled caroling, often long continued.

Subsp. EASTERN ROBIN. T. m. migratorius.
Breeds from limit of trees in Can. S. to Kans., Ill.; O., Pa., and N.J.; winters in S.U.S. n. to O. Valley and N.E. coast.

SOURCE: A Field Guide to the Birds by Roger Tory Peterson, of the National Audabon Society, page 111.  Boston: Hougton Mifflin Co., "The Riverside Press Cambridge." Copyright 1934 and 1939. (This copy purchased at the Book Barn in Niantic, CT.)

COMING SOON TO MAAP: "Pachelbel Pine...with Robin Feather Study." BACKYARD SCENES / OF MINI GOLF COURSE. (in Prismacolor Pencil)

For more info, go to:

Coming September 2011.



I'm AFRAID that we are rapidly regressing to a cold, repressed, unfeeling society. I often feel ANGRY at all of the injustice in this world. I get ANNOYED when some people try to "shush" me. Why are we made to feel ASHAMED of our emotions? I feel CONFUSED by the mixed messages which society conveys to women: To be loving and supportive of children within the home / To be cold and calculating in the workplace. I am DELIGHTED to have a niece who was born on my birthday, especially when I realized I had missed out on having children of my own. I often feel DEPRESSED about being prevented by circumstances beyond my control, from having close relationships. I am DISAPPOINTED in the majority of people who seem to make the love of money a priority at the expense of others. I am DISGUSTED at the loose morals of modern society. Why do people often feel too EMBARRASSED to cry at the funerals of their loved ones? I am EXHAUSTED by my struggles and many accomplishments in order to prove I am good enough to most people. I am FRUSTRATED by being the subject of constant scrutiny in the last two places where I've lived. I am HAPPY when I can see my niece and connect with others who understand me without judging and for the sunny weather and the flowers and trees in bloom in downtown New London, at Ocean Beach Park, in Wilcox Park in Westerly and downtown Mystic and the parks in Groton and all around us.

I am HOPEFUL that the second half of my life will be much better than the First Half. I am INTERESTED in so many things: Nature Conservation organizations and various species of birds and birdsongs; the history of art in foreign cultures such as the Far East; the study of the Holy Bible and ancient history; the joy of cooking and wine; vineyards near and far; the theater; movies modern and classic; music (esp jazz, R&B, pop, disco, country and alternative rock...) I admit to being JEALOUS of the success of others, of their good fortune and loving relationships.  I often feel LONELY in a world where success and love have been delayed in my life. It makes me MAD when some people alternately ignore and abandon me, and then return to smother me and dictate to me. In my first job as a bagger at Stop and Shop in Norwich, CT; the store manager, GC, told me: "People make you NERVOUS."

I must be wary of becoming too PROUD of my accomplishments of the past four years. It makes me SAD when I hear of the health problems and trials and tribulations of others around me. I often feel SHOCKED at the value others seem to place on money and personal gain over the lives of other people. I am SURPRISED when people go out of their way to be nice to me. That of which I am most TERRIFIED has already happened to me.

UP NEXT: I plan to put the actual EMOTIONS WORD SEARCH GAME on-line!

("Thanx for listening!")

Denise...Denise Dances...2011)

NLArt Night in New London, CT

NLArt Night in New London, CT