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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Comp Glitch

By some computer glitch, on Wednesday, June 1st, as all 45 of you Readers know by now...something strange happened. In typing HOW MUCH DOES IT COST onto my "Fool's Gold" book blog, something got lost in translation...and HMDIC ended up on "Denise Dances" instead! There was a tornado, it was very humid out there in Ram County yesterday...and that is when the computers act up and last year, when the elevators, esp one of them often got stuck. It's when I took the stairs from the 8th floor down every morning, and the stairs back up to the 8th floor every night, sweating bucket loads and wondering if I were crazy to do this. I am trying to avoid the stairs as much as possible. I have a fear of falling. However, if the elevators do act up; I will opt for the stairs. I know one thing is for sure: The Thousand Eyes will be watching me. (What have THEY got going on that THEY don't want anyone to know about? The more things change, the more they remain the same!)

By the way, HOW did How Much Does It Cost end up on "Denise Dances" instead of "Fool's Gold?" How, you may ask?  My story must be told! Always remember....
By accident? or Design? There are no accidents!!!...* * * :)


Hi, I'm back here in the New London Public Library, an ambrosia of sorts to me during the summer months in the evening when hardly anyone is here at the computers. Quiet, peaceful and cool as I take yet another evening stroll downtown (or uptown these days) and yet another Art Show wraps up: City Hall through TSETSE Gallery. I would like to thank everyone at the TSETSE Gallery and the public officials whom I met at City Hall on Friday, May 6th, the Opening Reception for showcasing my paintings and drawings, BACKYARD SCENES. (As well as my Guardian Angels here on Earth, for everything they do, and...My TWO in Heaven!

 As I process the various emotions of joy and grief, I quiver at what to share with the world. I felt some ups and downs in my apartment this afternoon. In the midst of my sadness of Frank the Cat at the Book Barn who met a tragic fate one early April Sunday evening and Oprah signing off of CBS, of all that has transpired; why do I still worry about what other people think? Joyce Meyer says every morning at 6:30a.m. to stop being a people pleaser.

In the wake of all these unexpected events in my life, I am trying to see the positive and SPIRITUAL aspect above all else. But I realize that not everyone will agree with the way I think and feel.  The closest friend you've had on earth for the time being just passed away -- suddenly and tragically. How can you feel joy on this sad, untimely occasion? OK, so you feel joy because you know he is in Heaven, in good company. Then why are you crying? Because you'll miss him so much and know you'll never have another beachside conversation? But I don't feel we left any stone unturned. No unfinished business. I laugh now to think that my friendship with Russell over the past two years was actually easy, compared to my friendship with Paula! Oh, how we used to argue! How she wanted me to take her everywhere, do all of these fun things and necessary things as well. Fitting how my last conversation with Paula ended in an argument. I guess there is some business that remains to be Heaven.

(By accident? or Design?  There are no accidents!!!...* * * :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Remembering Paula: June 14, 1938 - June 17, 2007

How Much Does It Cost?

How much does it cost? How much will it be to run all of those tests? How long will her hospital stay be? What is the cost of a human life? What is your daughter's life worth to you?

Customers for Electronic Pratt's OilGuard News pay $1,750 a year -- about $300 more than the print version -- plus phone charges. In cases where central mainframe computers of large companies forward the transmission to individual readers, "we save on distribution costs by reaching many users with a single transmission," says Mr. McFadden.

The service is being promoted by direct mail, telephone marketing, telex, fax and personal sales calls. "We hope to regain subscribers who gave up OilGuard News because of late delivery," says Mary Levi, sales manager for Commodity Future Traders Stocks & Bonds Options. Marketing campaigns are targeted to areas of unreliable postal service, such as South America, the Middle East and Far East.

"But we're going also going after customers who never subscribed before," she adds. "There's a new generation of oil company managers who are used to getting their information on computer screens rather than in print." Electronic OilGuard News has been demonstrated at several industry trade shows, including the National Petroleum Refiners Association convention in San Antonio. Exxon has already signed up and other clients have expressed a strong interest, she said.

Electronic Pratt's OilGuard News is not designed as a total replacement for the print version. "We still have a sizable number of customers who want the newsletter in print," states Ms. Levi. "They feel comfortable with that format. It's easy to take with them when traveling, and they can store it in their libraries for future reference.


What is my angle? you may be asking this very question right now, or have asked it many times in the past.

I began my blog on May 23, 2008, here at the Groton Library, home of the rams and the Peacable Kingdom. I began writing as a way to show the negligence I've experienced as an adult diagnosed with depression and treated in the public healthcare system. Or is it The Difference Between the Social Classes?
A Tale of Two Cities: New London and New York?

Far too often, it doesn't make a difference how intelligent or educated or attractive or skilled you are. If you don't have the right connections through your family background, whether middle class or rich or well are you going to survive? This starts with:

(1) Proper healthcare from birth to adulthood.
(2) A loving, nurturing and stable home environment with the proper amount of discipline, of course.
(3) Funds to be used for individual aptitude testing, training and / or education for a job, career or vocation best suited to the unique personality and needs of the child.
(4) The right connections to obtain future employment in a suitable field according to personality, knowledge and training. Not to mention good conditions, pay, benefits and stability.
(5) Housing: A safe and stable place to live in a good neighborhood.

("I am a rock. I am an island." NOT!)

Dysthymia, Diagnosis, 1999.
Major Depression, Dx, 2005.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Dx, 2006.
Diabetes, Type II, Dx, early 2007.

"I think you're a little depressed. There's medication..." (March 1999, Key West, FL).

Healthy Heart: Remembering Paula

How to Have a Healthy Heart! REMEMBERING PAULA.

Fun facts from Women's World magazine, May 2011.

(1) SPEAK UP! Sharing your thoughts and feelings with a loved one -- and encouraging them to do the same (and LISTENING) -- makes you twice as likely to live until age 80 and beyond; compared to folks who don't -- according to a University of Michigan study.

(2) EAT BERRIES! Berries are yummy and in season right now. "Nature's Candy." Berries improve blood flow which lowers risk of high blood pressure which can contribute to Metabolic Syndrome.

(3) AVOID TRANS FATS. Do not rely on labels, but check the ingredients for the word "hydrogenated." Which is a "no-go!"

(4) NO MORE SODA! Switch from both regular and diet soda to FLAVORED WATER, SELTZER, JUICE (only as a treatment for low blood sugar and a small serving if you're diabetic); milk, tea or coffee.

(5) HAVE A GLASS OF WINE. Women who drink a glass of red or white wine at one serving or less per day -- are up to 25 % less likely to develop heart disease. It's important to know your own limits and err on the side of caution. "If you can't have just's better to avoid it or indulge on special occasions with food! (How? Wine increases the levels of good cholestrol, HDL.)

Lowers the risk of atherosclerosis, which can cause a heart attack.
(athero: arteries. Sclero: hardening. Osis: condition of.)

For More Info

For more info on The Hereafter; send a SASE to: SPIRITUAL HORIZONS, 7985 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 109-135, West Hollywood, CA 90046. Or go to:

Or check out: "Talking to Heaven" by James van Praagh. Or "Embraced by the Light," by Grace (Easley?). Available at the Book Barn in downtown Niantic, CT.

Or contact the Smoking Gun Research Agency at:
* the paranormal research center in Orange, CT.
* Or go to:
*  or call: (203)247-0310.

Since His Passing...

(1) Art Show at City Hall, 181 State Street, New London, CT. Sponsored by TSETSE Gallery: Friday, May 6 - Tuesday, May 31, 2011. Featuring BACKYARD SCENES: Wildflowers, Robin in Red Maple, O'Denise (print of a Georgia O'Keefe spin-off); and Seaside.

(2) Invitation to nieee's 1st Communion in mid May 2011.

(3) More Guardian Angels on Earth, coming to my aid. May 2011.

(4) News article in "The Day" provides clues to my environment. (That ain't no accident!)

(5) Summer Solstice Art Exhibit at Groton Library, June 2-30, 2011.

(6) "Ambrosia!"

(On Thursday morning, August 17, 2009, at My Spot by the beach, where the Thames River meets Long Island Sound; I met a gentleman of a certain acquaintance...As the years go by, I will often wonder what would have happened to me if I hadn't accepted a chance conversation with a friend...)

Denise...Denise Dances...2011!


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

After a hot and sweaty walk downtown, I decided to hightail it outta there and head to Ocean Beach. After being shrouded in mysterious fog on Saturday, as I've been most of my life...after harsh realization struck me on Saturday afternoon, heading back from the beach, past 229 Ocean Avenue...On Saturday, May 28 which marks opening day of the Summer Beach Season for me...without Paula...I drove by his small white ranch style house and saw a huge navy blue dump truck, backed into his driveway -- No! it couldn't be. it had to be...I hadn't seen him in about a month. It had to be. Get a grip, get to the store, go home. Have something to eat first! Call the NLPD? Don't call? I had to. It was the only way I'd get a straight answer, right away.

Today, I found myself driving to the beach with a free spirit; a sunny, beautiful day. The day after Memorial Day weekend of not so great weather. Quiet. No humidity. Eighty degrees? Slight breeze. I lay on the beach in the sun, among the dune grass. "Ambrosia." That's what Paula used to say when we swam in the pool at The Residence. "Ambrosia," the sun shone high in the sky, the water just cold enough for swimming. Well, she knew I couldn't take the heat. And Russell learned, after last summer, that I don't hold up well in humidity. I lay on the beach in the sand. I swam in the ocean for Russell. I walked to the Water Park and ran through the fountains. What a way to start the 2011 summer beach season! "Ambrosia," the gift of two loving friends. "Ambrosia." Ya think?

My On-line Guestbook

"My life has been touched by an Angel, here on Earth and now in Heaven, forevermore. I am blessed to have known Russell Cavanaugh, my friend from Ocean Beach, during the last two years of his life, here on Earth. August 17, 2009 - April 2011.

Denise Hickey
New London, CT

The Day - Information sought in fatal accident | News from southeastern Connecticut

The Day - Information sought in fatal accident News from southeastern Connecticut

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

April 16, 2011

After a flood of tears, intermittently through the weekend, upon learning of the passing of my good friend Russell, I remain loyal to Ocean Beach where I met him and resolve to go for a swim every morning in memory of him.

Remembering Russell

Saturday, May 28, 2011 

Our last conversation: It was on Thursday afternoon, April 14, 2011. I had talked to him, brimming with excitement over selling my first painting, "The Hills Are Alive," to benefit the "Alliance for Living," ART FOR LIFE AUCTION to fund services for patients affected by AIDS and HIV. To which he shouted, hoarse and heartily, "Good for you!" I also told him about appearing in "The Big Picture" group photo on Parade Plaza in downtown New London which would be in "The Day" tomorrow. And of course, I told him about the free drink coupon when you purchased a slice of pizza at the new "Captain's Pizza" on the waterfront. That was our last conversation.

He chose police work, he said, because he disliked being stuck indoors. And this is the excuse I gave for not seeing him around since Easter Sunday, April 24th. And before that, I felt that maybe he just didn't want to talk to me anymore. That I had problems that were too much for him to bear. Or that maybe he didn't trust me anymore. Or that someone was jealous. Or that he had gotten busy with yardwork for the Spring instead of walking on the Ocean Beach boardwalk most days.

FRIENDS UNTIL THE END. The truth is, he never abandoned me. He didn't undergo a drastic personality change. He didn't stop liking me. During the humid summer months of 2010, I forgot to count my blessings. Russell showed up at Ocean Beach every morning between 9 and 10 a.m. and always came over to My Spot on the boardwalk to chat for a few minutes after his daily swim.

AUGUST 17, 2009.  One summer morning, he walked over to My Spot, at the end of the Ocean Beach boardwalk, where the Thames River meets Long Island Sound, and started a conversation with me. "Do you bring your lunch every day?" he asked, a stranger in navy blue trunks, fit and alive. "Health is important," he said. "You need money, but health comes first. I'm Russell Cavanaugh, retired Chief of Police."

The last time I saw him was on Saturday, March 12, 2011, during a late afternoon walk with my mother, on the Ocean Beach boardwalk near My Spot. "I'll see you shortly," I said as we parted company in the Ocean Beach parking lot.

We talked about the theater, esp the Granite Theater in Westerly, Rhode Island; where he would often go with his children on Sundays to see a musical or play. We talked about Charlie Sheen's salary on "Two and a Half Men." He was astute; he got things. He got me. He showed compassion and often expressed rage over my plight and the way some people treated me. He didn't take any crap! Once on the boardwalk, I ignored him as he called out to me in Fall 2010. I didn't recognize him in blue jeans, windbreaker and cap. But he persisted in calling out to me. "Glad to see there's nothing wrong with your hearing!" he responded gruffly as I apologized for my mistrust of strangers, my failure to recognize him at first.

From a distance, I could always see his face light up with a smile when he saw me. It was an easy camaraderie, right from the start, that I shared with this kindred spirit.

He lost his wife many years ago, as I once noted a remembrance mass for her at St. Joseph's Church. He never spoke of her, although I sense he loved her and missed her very much. Perhaps loneliness took over and she called out to him from The Hereafter.  Perhaps he heard the call of my best friend Paula, as well.

In the wee hours of the morning as I finish writing my Memoriam to Russell and my friendship with this wonderful person who was like a father figure to me, a feeling of peace washes over me and my quiet apartment. I sense all is well with Russell...and with Paula.

(Once again, I could never have made it this far without you, My Guardian Angels here on Earth...and....My TWO in Heaven!!!...* * * :)